Friday, February 24, 2006

I Love You, Black Love! *Updated*

Say it with me, Blogger Fam: Happy Fucking Friday!

And it's my day off, so I'm feeling kinda's hoping that those of you on the C.S.S. can get to the weekend without any drama! We all know about those zany co-workers...

There was a hot discussion over on DPM's blog this week, head on over if you wanna check it out. The main thing I must acknowledge is - it's truly a beautiful thing that technology allows us (especially black folk) a platform to voice our opinions, feelings, and ideas; to share and receive knowledge and information, and gives the opportunity to dialogue & feedback with people (and personalities!) on such an immediate and far-reaching level. And man - there are so many intelligent, diverse, talented, interesting, witty, focused, enlightening, thought-provoking black bloggers out there, I mean it's truly stimulating, affirming, and liberating. And even if/when we agree to disagree, it's all love...

Anyway (back to the blog convo), there was a line that was written which said: "I love love...and especially Black love.." and I couldn't agree more. I love to see black couples, black people being loving and positive with each other (and themselves), I love seeing black families, shit, I just love black people. And look, I don't say that to down or diss anyone or anybody else. That's just me. We are constantly bombarded with so much negativity and bullshit images in the media and challenges within our communities, and dis-unity within our inter-personal relationships, that I just love to witness any and everything that reinforces the positive..

And yeah, I know nowadays we're encouraged to try "Something New," but Supa loves the brothas like nobody's business. Let "them" tell it, only a fool would love a black man as tough and true as I (and most sistas) do. Yeah, sometimes we have problems & issues, yeah we've got some definite shyt to work out, but whatever, man. I accept. Loving a black man is like lovin' myself. And I sure do loves myself... (lol)

And on that note, I wanted to compile
Supa's Top Ten Black Love Flicks.
Criteria being: basically any movie where a black couple gets and/or tries to stay together. And I'll be damned, this one took some time. We need more positive, human love stories that feature black folks. (NOT that Baby Boy bullshit!)

Here's my list: (in no particular order. Except the first one!)

1. Claudine
2. Jason's Lyric
3. Love Jones
4. Mo' Betta Blues
5. Best Man
6. Jungle Fever
7. Love and Basketball
8. Soul Food
9. Mahogany
10. Love Come Down

Honorable Mentions:

A Rage in Harlem
2 Can Play That Game (hated it, then loved it. So shoot me)
Out of Time (purely for the "intimate" scene w/Denzel)
Devil In a Blue Dress (same as above)

What have I forgotten?? Because now I want to build my "Black Love" DVD Library...holla

Update: Here are the updates to the Black Love Flic list:
Brown Sugar (Thanks, P)
Five Heartbeats (okay, Furious, P, Cocoa, Miss Ahmad - My "negro" card is suspended until viewed)
Deep Cover (DPM's pick)
Their Eyes Were Watching God (Ms. Ahmad)
Black Orpheus (Ms. Ahmad, Satisfied Sistah)
Crooklyn (SPD)
Carmen Jones (Satisfied Sistah)
Stormy Weather (Furious)
Disappearing Acts (Mwabi)
Roots (P)
Poetic Justice (SingleMom)


Furious Styles said...

The Wood is one of my favorites and it parallel's my life in Jr. High and High School during the 80's.

Miss Ahmad said...

I'm gonna have to add to that list you got going!

Sankofa-makes me cry each and every time

The Wiz-When MJ was still black and widely accepted

Black Orpheus-Brazilian but still black and beautiful

Sparkle-A movie that i've probably seen one thousand times and never tire of!

The Five Heart Beats-A movie which had stone cold thugs crying in the theater! said...

Black love is beautiful.
I might have to have a movie night with some of those black love movie titles.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for some reason I at first thought Love Jones was boring. Luckily, I later learned to abandon the pipe.

onecoolhoney said...

Well, dang, just go on and talk me right out of hookin' up with this foine ass white boy I met last ni...Aw hell, I can't even do it. I'm just pullin' ya leg! LOL! I ain't seen no parts of no fineness on a white boy 'round here, and even if I had, I don't do vanilla.

Interesting post, sensei. If you aren't falling in love with somebody, you make a damn good posterchild for it! :)

Tight list!!!

jameil1922 said...

helllloooo! brown sugar! i watch that movie allll the time. sigh. damn you supa sista. i read that and i'm tryin to be all mean and mad to the b.f. b/c he hurt my feelings yesterday and now i can't do it. grrrr.. i do love to hold a grudge, but i read that and i couldn't stop mentally smiling (while physically pouting). poo.

jameil1922 said...

girrrrrrrrrrrrrl! no you didn't! i just read your black man poem over there!!!!!! i LOVE IT!!! LIKE LOVE LOVE LOVE it and i'm tooo picky w/stuff i read. get it. do the damn THING!!

DPM said...

Word to the realist SupaDupa! Thanks for the shout out. I'm with you. I love Black women and Black men together. The last girl I was diggin was of the lighter hue and when I pointed her out to a couple of my friends they were like, "DPM? You and light skinned woman?" I guess they know me well. Needless to say, it didn'twork..

And you know I gotta add Deep Cover to the Black Love Flick List. I love that movie. That's the only flick where a brotha got the cash, the girl, and he punched the white man in the stomach in the end. I lovedidit.

Furious Styles said...

DPM - Deep Cover was a great movie for all the reasons you stated

Miss Ahmad - The 5 Heartbeats is one of my all-time, favorite movies ever. I still cry to this day when I watch it. The joys, sorrows, high, and lows are too great in that movie. And when Eddie Kane Jr. sings "Feel Like Going Home" at the church in the end, .... well I'm getting misty just thinking about it.

Supa said...

Hey wassup peeps!

@ Jamiel - How in the WORLD could I forget BROWN SUGAR???? (the flic my friends got mad at me for, cause I had a similiar storyline in one of my fiction projects...) ANYHOW - Love and Hip-Hop. :) Charge that one to my head, not my heart.

@ Ms. Ahmad - PLEASE tell me if you know where I can get SANKOFA. I've searched hi and low on these internets. I heard the original reels were damaged in a house fire...

Supa said...

@ Furious - I love "The Wood" too. Is that coming of age or love story??? Guess both.

@ CG - LOL! And two finger snaps.

@ One Cool Sis - you know I'm a free agent. And lovin' it. I'ma hit u up off-blog, lata. :)

@ DPM - Love some "Deep Cover" as well. Forgot about that one!

Thanks ya'll!

That Girl Tam said...


I responded to DPM's blog on this subject this morning...great post!

Supa said...

OK. I've never seen Five Heartbeats.


That one got by me. I know it's a classic! Going over to Netflix now...

African girl, American world said...

gurl seen them all cept Claudine and it is on my queue at Netflix.

Yes to Brown Sugar & I know u hated it but I loved Disappearing Acts....and Mississippi Masala

gurl I can recite Jason's Lyric.....first date with my ex. He deserves a post!

u MUST see 5 heartbeats!!!

Supa said...

Thanks Ms. Ahmad, Black Orpheus is now in my queue. That's anotha one the got by me. :)

And I forgot about BOOMERANG for the list.

Miss Ahmad said...

girl five heat beats is really really important! i can remember that movie and the guy i saw it with like it was yesterday!

keep your tissue close cuz eddy kane will make cry!

Anonymous said...


I think we need to phone the Negro Fraud Hotline...

African girl, American world said...

LOL @ Negro Fraud Hotline :)

obifromsouthlondon said...

"Devil in a blue dress catching heat/while i'm doing donuts in the middle of the street"

dont even ask where that came from. your movie list triggered it in my head. No "Bamboozled"? what part of the game is this? no matter I'll bring over some popcorn and wine and we can watch em all. and spark some lah.

Loved you response in that blog. supa is mos def reppin' the Wood!!!

Like chris rock says -

"I love black people just hate niggas"

P said...

Supa: My black nubian LA version of Nikki Giovanni Morrison Walker Hansberry Sister:

PUHLEEZE get the five hearbeats! Classic Negro MustSeeTV!

By the way. Who needs Oprah to promote Arsty Fartsy when we have the #1 Stunna black author in Greater Los Angeles bringing the noise. . .

My contribution to the Black Love:

Sounder: That's some old school depression era Thug Passion

Malcolm X: Devotion at it's best.

Crooklyn: 70's Stand by your man sheeat.

Jason's Lyrics: Makes you wanna say "Aah, Aveeno!"

Roots: Chicken George and his undying devotion to his wife. Yeah, I know I went way back with that one but might as well start there!

Finally. You can't beat Claudine for the number one spot on your list. Excellent choice. Classic Soundtrack, Classic frame by frame scenes (who can forget the 'social worker', 'Rube getting his wages garnished' 'Claudine holding a party for him and he never showed up), and many, many more!

P said...

I can't believe somebody is blogging under the name Furious Styles. That is the best!

Sangindiva said...

Damn! I'm all late to the game!!
All the good movies are taken :(
and here's my little secret- I haven't seen HALF of
the ones on the list :( I kinda grew up in a home
where movies were the devil's work and EVIL...
But being the HEATHEN (sp?) that I am-
(according to my mother) I have a lot of movies to watch!
daaang Supa-even I saw the 5 heartbeats!!! :)

@Obi- um... can I come to the party?
we can mix our puff n' stuff :)

Single Ma said...

"Loving a black man is like lovin' myself. And I sure do loves myself..."

I agree 100% To me, that's the only time pink and brown don't match. LOL

What about Poetic Justice? And maybe it's just me, but Tyler Perry's movies are helping to re-establish my faith in Black Love and the Black family. Anybody see Family Reunion this weekend? One relationship made me mad and the other made me cry (tears of joy). It's a must see!

sexy petite diva said...

Wow Supa! You hit them all. I would add Crooklyn because it's not just about love btw a man and's about the importance of family love!!! I know that sounds sappy but hey, i'm sappy!

Anonymous said...

Black Orpheus has to be one of the best black movies ever made. Made in Rio in the 50s. A take off of the Greek play. I saw this when I was very young, mesmerizing. Also Anna Lucasta with Eartha Kit, never gets any play on TNT but I wish they would, lets add Carmen Jones with Dorothy Dandridge. All great movies.


Miss Ahmad said...

Ok ladies and gents have we forgotten Mahogany, when Diana goes back in her fabulous fur to get her man back!!!

and although Oprah butchered it, I find it still to be the quintessential love story of our time

Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Tea Cake makes me love black men over and over again, and I wasn't mad about Michael Ealy's blue eyed self either!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you add the Tyler Perry movies. You basically hit all the ones I would hit

Supa said...

lmao @ "Negro Fraud Alert." Ya'll crazy.

Okay! Five Heartbeats is NOW in my Netflix Queue!

I'm lovin' all the new movie list additions. Thx.

Furious Styles said...

Hi P, It's Furious Styles here. :~)

Brown Sugar is dope. I love the analogy with Hip Hop going on, The Love of My Life.

I surprised no one mentioned Boomerang. Was Halle Barry really playing the homely girl?

And what about a super, old Negro flashback like Stormy Weather. I love me some Lena Horne.

btw, I must've went to see 5 Heartbeats like 5 or 6 times in the theater when it was first run. I just bought the soundtrack recently. All you fans have to get it.