Friday, April 28, 2006

Black Woman Down..

See what happens? The white boy directed his cheese at Supa and got her all sick!! Least, that's my theory...but the fact is, I felt it coming down on me earlier in the week, and that's probably closer to the truth.....I just wasn't trying to claim it. (and it's been going around in the office, too) Anyway!! Me, my sore throat, and achy body are home, chillin' in the bed. Have a great weekend Blogger Fam.

Happy Friday!!!

(PS - ya'll killin' me with the comments to the Dark Meat post!)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Supa Loves the Dark Meat (Remix)

Yesterday's post seems to have brought up inquiries about Supa's feelings re: the "Something News", so P - this is still my answer and I'm sticking to it! (And I'm still in training, and still being tortured...) Hi Tam......


So the question was posed to Supa Sister, that since she seemed so diverse (whatever the fuck that it code for "atypical black girl? whatever. it's still kind of a bullshit statement) had she ever considered dating outside of her race. The questioner then added that if I hadn't, that I probably wanted to, just for the sake of being able to say that 'yeah, I dipped my chocolate in some vanilla once.' So okay, was this dude trying to punk me into fucking a white boy? Strange.

Anyway. The answer is yes, I've considered it, and years ago actually came thisclose to taking it to the next level with a good friend of mine who happened to be white. He was an engineer, cool as fuck, good-looking, intelligent, passionate, madd intense, kinda wild and funny as hell - the Supa Friends and I dubbed him White Tupac 'cause he just off the chizzle like that... and now that I think about it, he was probably some kind of fucking genius combined with an undiagnosed adult ADD or bipolar disorder or something. Anyway. White Tupac was refreshing and lots and lots of fun. Despite/including the fact he was kinda out there. His homies were a bunch of industry crackas, and White Pac was always inviting Supa to some industry party or after-hours joint up in the Hollywood Hills somewhere. (side note* - we joked endlessly about the eerie, striking, sad resemblance White Tupac bore to Ron Goldman. (You know- dude O.J. killed).

Anyway. Me and White Pac actually discussed, at length, the pros/cons of us hooking up intimately. We talked about our mutual curiosities, the socio-political aspects of interracial dating, our erogenous zones, alla that. But alas, for a variety of reasons - the main ones being that I later discovered he had a penchant for sleeping with strippers and was also battling an increasing Xtacy habit - we never did it.

And Supa will admit that even though the basic attraction was there - the idea of an aroused naked white male approaching her African imported, melanin-blessed, lovely bronze body conjured up all kinds of visuals that to this day make me throw up in my mouth a little.

Supa doesn't know if it's some deeply ingrained, post-traumatic, psychologically based slave/massa-type fallout or what, but it just 'aint her steez. And just to keep it really real, Supa Sister has seen a pink dick before and she did not find it aesthetically pleasing. Or arousing. At all. Sure I've got that hypothetical list of celebrity white boys that I'd do,('cause some of them are pretty fucking cute, for white boys) but if it ever came down to it, I still haven't thought of the circumstance that would propel me to make such a move. Call me racist, childish, silly, unreasonably squeemish, limiting my options - whatever. Carry on, because Supa is probably alla that. So what.

Supa simply has a personal preference for the fine black male specimen, and don't misunderstand, any other men of color are still on the menu too. Just so long as their shit '

Feel me?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some Quick Funny Bullshit

Well THAT shit was torture! Good LORD. Supa just 'aint that chick who can stay confined for hours and hours at a time....without definite consequences. It's like, I really need to beat somebody's ass now. Feelin' all pent up. And guess what? The second half of the training is tomorrow. (The fuck?) Something my boss (currently, kicking it on the Caspian Sea in Iran..or Persia. or wherever..) failed to mention.

'Aint that about a bitch? I'm. not. happy. ..

At any rate, here's the quick funny bullshit. At the beginning of training, the instructors wanted us to do that introduce yourself to everybody bullshit, explain your duties within the organization, your experience, blappity bullshit blah. We do. And shit took forever 'cause you know how muthafuckas like to TALK. Lord. It's then I notice that I'm the only sista holdin' it down in there, so I stick with the professional black girl mode and ditch the plan of reading my book & basically acting like the sullen uninterested student in the back of the class. *sigh*

So. At the end of morning break, as I'ze walking back into class with my peppermint tea, this dude from another department (let's call him....Valley Boy) goes: (oh yeah- he's white)

Valley Boy: "Hey! Supa! You just gotta tell me: How do you handle the pressure?"

Supa: (thinking he's referring to the bullshit I spouted earlier regarding my job duties) "OH, it's not so bad. I've got a great team.."

Valley Boy: "Nooooo.... I mean, how do you handle the pressure knowing when you walk back in that room, you'll be the most beautiful woman there. That's gotta be realll haaard...."

(Now, please tell me. Aint that about the cheesiest fucking shit you ever heard in your whole goddamn LIFE?!?!)

Supa: (staring at this muhfucka like he just sprouted sixteen heads.) "That was real cheesy, Valley Boy. Real cheesy."

Valley Boy: "Yeah I know. It was the best I could come up with.., heh heh heh..."

Supa: (not amused. this fool 'aint even worth a polite diss) "Excuse me, class is starting..."

Now granted, me and Valley Boy 'aint strangers: his department and mine come into contact quite often, which also means he's lurked around Supa and her debaucherous co-workers during the social and holiday functions given within our Bureau. And before you ask Cocoa, yes he was there the night I got supa tossed at the fated holiday luncheon. Yeah, I was in a weird space that night, but - so what!? A mutha fucka sees you toss your cookies, and feels like he knows you well enough to bring the cheese, is that it?

The fuck outta here!

Anyway. I made it my business to sit allll the way down and away from his tired corny ass. Sigh. Ya'll pray for a sista tomorrow. Really.

(Dry ass humor brought to you, compliments of Valley Boy aka "Something Cheesy.." )

Gone to yoga!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Supa Snooze.....

Was'gwaan, Blogger Fam? Supa'll be stuck in an all day training session today...something about how to adequately ensure the safety of Angelenos in the event the city gets bombed by Osama bin Laden, or a riot breaks out because gas is like $4 a gallon...or some shit.... Exciting. This city is going to hell. (Thanks, Ahhhhnold and Fuck you, Mr. President) Anyway. Jury duty was the last time Supa was forced to sit trapped amongst a roomful of idiots for hours at a time. Pray for me. Go tell a secret or something. I'm gonna try to smuggle in my laptop. Guess I'll be that chick in the fly ass pantsuit & heels, sending text messages to her peeps while flipping through a trashy tabloid mag & uninterestingly sucking on sunflower seeds in the back of the class. Think I won't? Then like T.I. say, "you don't know me." (lol!) Ahhhh, the Corporate Slave Ship. Fuck 'em. My name 'aint Kizzy. Check ya'll lata....

Stuck in the Matrix,


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Supa Suspense..!

glitter graphics

Will Supa ever ever (as in: ever?) succeed in presenting herself to work on time???

Will the Whiny White Chick at the CSS finally get cussed the fuck out this week???

Will Supa ever buy those doggy stairs so The Pooch won't jump off the bed and crack her back again??

Will Supa ever stop slacking/procrastinating/ruminating (blogging) long enough to make the deadline for her manuscript updates for the re-release of her book scheduled to drop in July??

Now that spring is in the air (and brothas be catchin' the fever), will Supa be forced to create a whole new catalog of polite disses??

Will Supa ever bring herself to watch the last two episodes of Black.White. which are now languishing in her Tivo queue, and have pretty much slipped into oblivion since she's discovered So Notorious and Big Love????

Will Mr. Gobbledygook aka Twisted Genius of Supa's Writing Crew ever bless us with another retarded and insanely hilarious blog post??

Will Supa maintain her love affair with hip-hop, but insist on an open relationship until hip-hop grows up and gets its shit together???

Will Supa EVER check the messages still accumulated on her home phone???

Will Supa finally fire Bloget and hire Feedblitz in order to keep up with the Blogging Joneses like the IT genius chick One Cool Sis recommends??

Will Supa ever stop pondering the wonderful beautiful mess we call life??

Will Supa ever stop laughing when she thinks of the King Pen christening us as the West Coast Blogging Hotties cartel??

Would Supa ever release a big scandalous secret into the blog world????

Can Supa's special supa dupa sista powers rescue a blogging brotha who's On The Verge of Dating White Girls??

Stay tuned, for more on As Supa's World Turns!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Interesting Article re: Duke Rape Case *Updated

Interesting perspective from an op/ed article which appeared in the Harvard Crimson.

In her column “Stripper Ergo…Rape,” (Apr. 12), Ashton Lattimore argues that “when women treat each other in…a cruel and disrespectful manner, it opens the door for men to do the same.” Even though the most fair-minded would concur that agreeing to dance at a party full of drunken, under-aged athletes is a risk probably not worth taking, this is hardly tantamount to giving license for the accuser to be raped. Lattimore also fails to recognize that when men and women call other women “sluts” or “hoes,” it is not due to the failure of women to unite, but the result of a culturally ingrained patriarchal state of mind. The tendency of women to “call out” other women is more a matter of protection than intolerance or misguided self-righteousness. A woman calling another woman a “slut,” is equivalent to proclaiming “I toe the sexual line, therefore, I am safe.”

Whether or not this student was technically raped is still undetermined in the legal sense. That said, from a radical feminist perspective, the accuser in this case was essentially raped the minute the lacrosse team captain made the call to “order” her services. She is raped each time she is called a whore, each time a defense attorney reveals something about her personal life, and each time she is used as political pawn by a “well intentioned” person of authority. The Rev. Jackson announced that his Rainbow Coalition will be paying the tuition of the accuser for the remainder of her education, no matter how the case turned out, “so she will never ... again have to stoop that low to survive.”

While politically astute, this “gesture” shows that he fails to recognize that all women “stoop” every day just to survive.


Also peep: The Usual Suspects: "Sexism and Racism Hover over the Duke Lacrosse Case" (An Op/Ed by Ooh Papi at

If anybody thinks Racism and Sexism are not rampant in America they haven’t been paying attention to the Duke Lacrosse, rape case. For those living in a cave without television the quick recap of the case is that a Black Female college student hired to dance at a party for the Duke Lacrosse team was alleged that she was raped by 3 of players at the party, all of whom are White college students from upper and upper middle class backgrounds. Regardless of whether you believe the claims of the alleged victim, the handling of the Lacrosse players and the alleged rape victim are opposites sides of the spectrum.

Personally I think that something happened, let me state that for the record. They may have the wrong two players but something happened. It's funny that although one of the accused players was on probation for a bias attack this indictment has not affected his probation. In case you did not know Collin Finnerty already had to cop a plea on a gay bias attack. Finnerty agreed to perform community service, pay the victim's medical bills and stay out of trouble for at least six months.

Here’s what happened November 5 (less than 6 months ago out here in the DC area) Finnerty, the rich NY athlete who was one of two Duke Lacrosse players to be charged this week in the rape, Jeff Bloxsom, and another male friend were walking through Georgetown early on Nov. 5 when Finnerty and two pals yelled derogatory anti-gay slurs at them, according to Washington police reports. Bloxsom, whom his attorney said is not gay and has a girlfriend, shouted back, so Finnerty and his friends crossed the street and attacked the two men. Bloxsom suffered a bruised chin and a busted lip, according to a police report filed two hours after the incident. Bloxsom attorney said "It's our expectation that everything is back on the table in terms of how the district attorney in Washington will deal with the accused," but those of us in D.C. should keep our eyes on this because it doesn’t look like they will do anything.

This violent guy is given the benefit of the doubt by media. It’s ironic that the feminist organizations use a past history to jump on an alleged suspect but not much noise from many of them now, especially the most vocal ones and this is from the outset. I think the Reason why is simple -the accused is a struggling black female and the accused are well to do white men. Typically National Organization Women (NOW) show up for black women in high profile cases if the alleged assailant is Black also ex. Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill or Mike Tyson and Desiree Washington. If it's Black and White like Kobe Bryant and Faber forget about it, the loyalties are out on the table, there is never this wait and see approach as with the Duke accuser.

The woman at the center of the rape scandal is a 27-year-old African-American student from a Historically Black College called North Carolina Central University (NCCU). Ironically it is known for its prestigious Law Degree Program. She is also a mother. Since the alleged attack, she has been in seclusion and under a doctor's care. Her cousin, who wants only to be called Jackie, appeared on "Good Morning America" on her behalf. saying "She's exhausted, emotionally and physically, but she's happy that the arrests were made,… Who could stand this much pressure?, It's become this huge media circus.” My cousin is a petite, humble and family-oriented person who was trying her best to raise her two children, ages 6 and 7”. My Cousin did not make up this story but its a “strong possibility" that she could have consumed a drugged drink at the party. Date rape drugs are often associated with parties like the lacrosse team threw.

The only good thing that has happened for the alleged victim is Jesse Jackson has offered to pay her tuition whatever the outcome of the case, so she doesn't have to show up for anymore parties as the entertainment. Granted the absence of DNA evidence is a major blow but it does not prove that none of the team members assaulted her. A large percentage of rape cases have no DNA evidence. Prosecutors can have DNA evidence that matches no alleged assailants and still move forward and get a conviction, as in the Central Park case why anybody should be surprised at this turn of events.

In 1978, Congress passed Rule 412 of the Federal Rules of Evidence; better known as the Rape Shield law. Since then, 49 of the 50 United States have adopted identical or similar laws, which vary in practice from state-to-state.

What rape shield laws do is limit defense lawyers in rape trials as far as bringing the alleged victim’s sexual history into play. The laws are intended to prevent the alleged victim from having their credibility attacked and their reputation sullied with information that supposedly has nothing to do with the case at hand. The pressure that goes along with high profile rape cases is something that victims have to endure, it happens. I am not surprised that the student/mother stripper even considered pulling the plug after the case turned into a racial pressure cooker. While at Duke Campus, hundreds of students are wearing T-shirts emblazoned with "Innocent till proven guilty." At NCCU it seems from media coverage that everybody has been forced into a wait and see attitude. I'm not sure what has happened to student activism on Black College Campuses maybe Universities like Hampton are killing it "At one point, the alleged victim wanted to just drop the charges," said Jackie. "But as a family, we told her to stand her ground.

I do not know happened yet since there has been no trial. However I am disgusted by the media handling of it, they intentionally plant doubt in the Black “alleged victim's story” and always offer media rebuttal to any idea that she is telling the truth.

According to the NY Daily news ”The stripper at the heart of the explosive Duke University rape case has been forced into virtual hiding as photos of her were aired on TV yesterday. Threats from Duke supporters have forced the woman, who is Black, to stay with different friends almost every night after she accused the White lacrosse players of raping her at a wild party. The stakes went up again when a local NBC station aired photos of the woman taken the night of the party, which the Lacrosse players' lawyers say show her possibly drunk. The time-stamped pictures, with her face obscured, were later widely disseminated on the Internet.”

Question for you. How can you conclude somebody is drunk with an obscured face in a still picture and no sound? Answer, you can’t. It’s a racist media tactic to show enough of her image so that those who know her can identify her and cause further humiliation. If you thought that the Rape shield Law makes it illegal to show alleged rape victims in the media , it’s does not. It is simply an agreement by media that to do so is tacky. When you get emailed these photos do me a favor send them back to the person that you got them from and tell them it’s tacky.


Fleeting Facts on the Duke Lacrosse Case laid out by Investigative Journalist Cash Michaels in North Carolina:

The alleged victim is a divorced mother of two, she is a dean list student at NCCU. She had only been a dancer for two months before the alleged rape. At 27 she is a little older than her peers because she spent several years in the military. The alleged rape was suppressed for ten days by officials at Duke before the press got hold of it. The dancers were paid four hundred dollars each to show up to what the Lacrosse team captains told them was a Bachelors party for 5 men and when they called to make arrangements they lied and used fictitious names. The dancers did not know each other and were hired from two different groups. As soon as they arrived both dancers were offered drinks from the players. Kim Roberts declined the drink but the alleged victim took the drink. This all took place on the first day of Duke’s Spring Break. The lacrosse players had been drinking since 2pm that day and decided to call the dancers later that day and called them at 8pm.The dancers wanted to leave because racial insults were spewing forth and one player held up a broom stick and said he was going to use it on a dancer. Many students on both NCCU and Duke have been very supportive of the stripper and a cadre of students have rallied behind her but have been unable to do much without her permission and her seclusion. The Duke Lacrosse player Ryan McFadden who sent the email shortly after the alleged incident stating “after the strippers were killed, they would be skinned while he was "cumming in his duke issue spandex” has had punitive action taken against him but Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and other White, Right-Wing media pundits who have called the victim a “ho and dirtbag” have not had any action taken against them or their sponsors.

Released: April 21st, 2006

The views and opinions expressed herein by the author do not necessarily represent the opinions or position of

Sunday, April 23, 2006


for all of your well wishes in remembrance
Much appreciated Blogger Fam...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday

The truest example of a divine person/woman/Queen that I'll ever know.
Rest in peace, Mommy.
Always always always missing you

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hip-Hop: (Dysfunctional) Love of My Life?

No comments right now. Supa and Hip-Hop are taking a break - to analyze the merits of their life long relationship. Supa 'bout ready to call it quits. Kinda thinking that it's stagnating her growth & evolution....But hip-hop just don't wanna let her go...wants her to stick around, while it tries to prove itself......Stay tuned.. (read on)

BERKELEY, Calif., April 17 /PRNewswire/

Young people who listen to rap and hip-hop music are more likely to have problems with alcohol, drugs and violence than listeners of other types of music, a new study shows. The link to these problems raises serious questions about the alcohol industry's use of rap and hip hop to market products, the study authorsaid. A survey of more than 1,000 community college students found that rap music was consistently associated with alcohol use, potential alcohol use disorder, illicit drug use and aggressive behavior. Alcohol and illicit drug use were also associated with listening to techno and reggae. (damn?!) The results were not affected by the respondents' gender or ethnicity.

"People should be concerned about rap and hip hop being used to market alcoholic beverages, given the alcohol, drug and aggression problems among listeners," said lead author Meng-Jinn Chen, Ph.D., a research scientist atthe Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation's (PIRE) Prevention Research Center. "That's particularly true considering the popularity of rap and hip hop among young people." Rap and hip hop artists and music have been used in advertisements for malt liquor and other alcohol products, while the urban contemporary music radio format, which features rap and hip hop, is regularly used for alcohol advertising. The study, published in the May issue of the Journal of Studies onAlcohol, surveyed over 1,000 students aged 15 to 25. Students were asked about their music listening habits, alcohol use, illicit drug use and aggressive behaviors -- such as getting into fights and attacking or threatening others. Researchers emphasize that the survey results cannot determine whether listening to certain music genres leads to alcohol or illicit drug use or aggressive behavior. But young people with tendencies to use alcohol or illicit drugs or to be aggressive may be drawn to particular music styles... entire article here.

found via Nah Right's blog.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's Going Down

Two 20-Year Old Duke University Lacrosse players indicted by Grand Jury

Pictured: Collin Finnerty, arrested on charges of rape and kidnapping

And here's an interesting tidbit, boys and girls: Collin Finnerty was arrested and charged in Georgetown, D.C., for beating a man after calling him gay, in November 2005. He received 25 hours of community service, and all charges will be dropped upon completion.

Go here for more news: - Third Suspect Sought in Duke Rape Case

Associated Press - Go here if you wanna see a pic of the other white boy charged

And...Faux News has just assigned Mark Fuhrman to analyze the Duke rape case. What the fuh?

Update: ABC's Timeline of the Photos taken at the "party" that night.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Supa Does Not Wish To Hold the Baby (Remix)

Supa was recently conversating with someone, and during which time, stumbled upon the topic of babies..and it reminded her of THIS...

So one of my Supa Friends just brought her baby boy home from the hospital last night. It’s her and her husband’s third little rugrat. His name is Brent, he’s cute as all get out, and he’s happy and healthy. Yay!

But alas...Supa giggled and cooed from afar….she had no discernible desire to hold the little sucker. Nowadays, those miniature humans give her the creeps. Babies, especially the cute ones, are so fucking deceiving it oughta be a crime. Supa has two Ruff Ryders of her own, so she knows of what she speaks.

I mean really, when I think about it, just the idea that at some point you fell in love with some guy and you married him and one night he got on top of you (or vice versa) and shot his genetic material inside you and for almost a freaking year you had this unknown person growing from within like some kind of science fiction shit and then after many excruciating mind-numbing hours you gave painful birth to said little person who then needed every fucking iota of your time brain cells and energy and then the years passed and somewhere in the mix the whole marriage thing kinda bit the dust yet the law says you’re both still required to raise and guide and feed this thing that keeps growing and eating all the Fruit Loops and has all kinds of wants and demands like Blackberry’s and the latest Jordans and X-boxes and new cars and shit and that this little seemingly harmless thing eventually grew into a spoiled know-it-all teenager who says mom can you give me a hundred bucks or mom can you please get out of my room, well, the whole idea just grosses Supa out a little.

That is all. Carry on.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Supa Watches Bad Movies...

So you don't have to! Happy Easter, Blogger Fam. So, while in hard-core Mommy Mode this weekend, Supa let the RR's talk her into seeing this: It was about 1 hr and 20 minutes too long. And quite disgusting, I might add. But yeah, I laughed. Yeah. Moving on....

So Supa has approached a most interesting milestone with RR #2: The Girl (11 yrs old) has expressed that she no longer wishes to have the white crack applied to her hair at monthly intervals. Translation: She doesn't want any more relaxers or press n curls; she wants to wear her hair in its natural state. Even more subtle translation: She's got a headful of authentic black girl hair and she's a chronic Tender Head (I mean, she really does have a highly sensitive scalp and low threshold for anyone yanking on her hair), and she feels that going natural will release her from having to maintain her hair in any fashion.

And yo, big ups to my baby for communicating her desire to evolve toward a more natural state when it comes to her "wig." I was also very careful to express that wearing a natural style doesn't mean maintenance free, and that she should to be ready to commit to the daily and weekly grooming required to maintain her luxurious, healthy, African hair in it's optimal state. At any rate, I made sure to let her know that I would support and assist her in whatever decision she made. An interesting part of the conversation went like this:

The Girl: So, you mean I still have to comb it everyday?

Supa: Well..of course, baby. Unless you want to rock some twists, or some locs. (which I know she would look simply fabulous sporting either) Or if you want to wear a funky 'fro, like Auntie, or cut it close, like Granny use to do. Or, you can make the decision to keep your hair braided, like Mommy.

The Girl: I don't think I want locs.

Supa: Okay.

The Girl: Or twisties.

Supa: Okay...

The Girl: Or an afro...

Supa: Okay...

The Girl: And braids hurt cause you have to make all those parts 'n stuff.

Supa: Yes, sweetie. That's just part of the process...(and I'm hella heavy handed) But we can search for a technician who specializes in styling little girls with tender scalps. It's just a matter of deciding what you want for yourself.

The Girl: So...whatever I do...I'm still going to have to comb my hair.

Supa: Basically....yes, babygirl. Unless it's braided or twisted. And even then, your hair'll need to be taken down, conditioned, and combed before you get the next set..

The Girl: So, I'm still going to have to get my hair combed.

(notice the theme, here?)

Supa: Yes.

The Girl: Is the pressing comb ready yet?

Bless her little thick-haired, tender-headed heart. So it, took most of Sunday morning and afternoon to be gentle enough to wash, deep condition, blow dry, and lightly press The Girl's hair to get it to look like this:

So. This is a situation still very much in progress. At any rate, I am doing my best to cultivate a positive, empowering dialogue with my baby girl about hair and her individual preference.

Meanwhile, I need to buy India's new cd.

"I Am Not My Hair"

Meanwhile, the techno-gadget girl within me is still trying to decide if I should upgrade from this

to this
I mean, I love my Razr...I'm just ready to move on. I be textin' a lot, and the lack of a keyboard is really starting to give a sis the blues. Plus - I get bored easily, and just feel the need for something new... Or - I just wanna SHOP. I'm working on it.

At any rate, I'm bout to roll over to Tam's spot, because I heard there was authentic Chinese food cooked and enjoyed without me...unfortunately I couldn't make it....(I was pre-committed to other non-negotiable RR activities - being chauffer, activities director, money machine, stylist, cook, maid, wish facilitator, conflict resolutionist, etc. You know. Mommy shit. Gotta love it.

And on The Sopranos tip:
Poor pillow-biting Vito! Dude - you about to get whacked.

Hope ya had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This Just In...

A little black boy's life is worth 1.5 million dollars when slaughtered by the LAPD.

South Central by any other name - is still the same.


What's crackin', Blogger Fam? Right, right! Well, Supa has absolutely nothing for ya today. Bupkus. Naan. Nathan. Just ova here trying to maintain my mental, keep from cussin' out the WWC (Whiny White Chick) here at the C.S.S. (Corporate Slave Ship), and lay in the cut 'till tomorrow 'cause Supa's taking the day off, bitches!! (directed toward work folks, not ya'll...)

Anyhow. Sassy is still chillin' at the Supa Pad, healing in the lap of luxury as you can witness here:
(Why does that crazy Pooch like to climb on top of the couch??)

Oh, and big shout out to Dallas Penn, who sent me a cool ass postcard that had apparently been sitting in my mailbox for weeks: (don't hate!)

Note to self: Sometimes there's good shit waiting for you, when you're ignoring your goddamn mail...

Ruff Ryder #2 is still a diva:

Oh, excuse me. She's fierce. She's out on Spring Break and receiving the Princess Treatment over at the Supa Ex's crib and all the while harrassing me to get her new head shots for this imaginary modeling career she imagines herself one day having....And if she calls my cellie one mo' time, I'm going into screen mode..

Mommy loves you, sweetie.....always remember that. Now, go away. (I mean, just for like, 5 minutes??) Ha. I love that girl. (Of course I love the Boy too, even though he's been a tad bit smelly as of late. Gotta fight bro to take a shower! Teenagers.) But the Girl - She got game. More game than I had when I was a shorty....


Yeah. That's ya girl as a Supa Shorty. Look how sweet and innocent and obedient I looked. ..

What the hell happened?

I know. Me and the Girl look eerily...the same.

And whiles I was cruising through some of my Jamaica pics (it's become a daily practice now, God I'm so ready for a vacay) I noticed something...Why do those Carribean honey's have such magnificent muthafuckin' teeth????

(that was my scuba instructor....umm, yeah!)

And peep these Haitian cats:

(these are the dudes that got gully and overthrew Aristide's guvment awhile back...I had a mad crush on all these revolutionary fools. Fuck all ya'll rappin' manbitches (uhhh: FIDDY) - Now THEY some gangstas - Isn't this a beautiful fuckin' picture?)

Oh yeah. But back on topic....I mean, beautiful smiles for days. No silver fillings or fucked up grills. None a that shit! They got some special kind of flouride in their water or somethin'? Their countries poor as shit, but them mouffs lookin' kinda right. Did they get kicked down with them AK's AND some porcelain laminates, or what'? Lemme find out..

And speaking of Haiti, what the fuck is going on over there? I 'aint heard no news. Perhaps I 'aint been diggin' hard enough. That shit still saddens me.

Okay. That is all. Supa, out.

Carry on!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Supa Flirt!

You Are a Super Flirt

You love to flirt, so much so that it gets you in trouble.
In almost any situation, you find yourself flirting - even when it's inappropriate.
You tend to embrace all flirting styles too.. from coy to sexy to playful to serious.
And if someone flirts back, you'll crank it up even more!

Something silly and fun today! These are my results. I'm not a playa, I just flirt a lot. (Shut up, Ms. Southern Comfort....) Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Supa On Flics: Most Depressing Movies List

Wass gwaan, Blogger Fam? Hope all is well in your worlds! You know ya girl's been a lil' down (okay, a lot) over the last week, so thanks for understanding in advance if my posting/commenting might be a bit erratic whiles I get my head/soul together. (And don't worry, the Fuck Lola's campaign is coming up shortly)

SO! This got me thinking about what movies I could watch to help bring me a little cheer, and which movies I should avoid like my fucking life depended on, I've come up with Supa's Most Depressing Movies Ever these aren't regular "tear jerkers" (i.e. The Color Purple, Hotel Rwanda, Set it Off, The Notebook, or Ghost) that have sadness mixed in with an otherwise redeeming storyline, but movies that have the potential to leave you quivering on the floor in a fetal position with a butter knife to your wrist after viewing. (Movies where there's no cure, everybody dies, nobody ends up happy, bad things happen to good people, etc.) Shout out to Doc Holiday who did a similar post awhile back.

Supa's Most Depressing Movies Ever List:

(Feel free to add. Not that I'll watch 'em, just so I know which ones to avoid like fucking my life depended on it)

1. House of Sand and Fog
2. Requiem for a Dream
3. Million Dollar Baby
4. 21 Grams
5. Happiness
6. Leaving Las Vegas
7. Amores Perros
8. Monster's Ball
9. The Green Mile*
10. Elephant Man
11. Mystic River

Honorable Mentions:

The Hours
Grave of the Fireflies*
Schindler's List
Brokeback Mountain
American History X*

*movies I haven't seen & won't see 'cause I've been told they're too fucking depressing

Monday, April 10, 2006

Supa: Four Your Information..

Damn you, Butta! And Tia...and SingleMa...and Free...and whoever else tagged my ass over the last few days (weeks, months) Ya'll silly. What, we all enrolled in BlogCity High School, or somethin'??


Nah, really though. I'm glad to partake in this bit of harmless meme fun; helps take my mind off some other goes. (I added some of my own flava to it) :)

Four Nicknames I've Been Given

1. Mally Mal (or just plain Mal)
2. Badness
3. Sunshine
4. Supa

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over (ya'll know I'm a movie fanatic, how you gonna limit me to four??)

1. Claudine/Love Jones
2. Don't Be a Menace To South Central.../Napolean Dynamite
3. Closer/Sideways
4. City of God/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Four Places I Have Lived

1. Columbus, OH
2. Baltimore, MD
3. Silver Springs, MD
4. Inglewood, Cali

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch

1. Best Week Ever
2. Sopranos
3. America's Next Top Model/ Medium (tie)
4. NASA Channel feed

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation

1. Miami, FL
2. New York, NY
3. Montego Bay/Ocho Rios, Jamaica
4. Ensenada, Mexico

Four Jobs I've Had

1. Bank Teller (fucking hated it, had to talk to people)
2. Booking Coordinator for LA County Jail
3. Hard-working Civil Servant (insert LAUGH here)
4. Motherhood

Four People I Could Not Live Without
(for me - this is a *trick question, but)

1. *My Mommy (R.I.P.)
2. The Ruff Ryders
3. M.M.
4. the Supa Friends Collective :)

Four People I Talked to on the Phone/Texted Last

1. Tony
2. Auntie
3. KM
4. Cinque (Big ups to my boy's radio show on WHCR in Harlem, NYC!)

Four Songs I Last Listened To

1. Insomnie, Les Nubians
2. Hard Like A Rock, Daddy Ous
3. Baby (remix) Ashanti w/Crooked I
4. Beautiful Otherness, Bent

Four of My Favorite Foods

1. Tacos (ground turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, & soy cheese)
2. Sugar Cookies
3. Fruit
4. Vodka

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

1. My bed
2. On any caribbean island (specifically Jamaica, Puerto Rico, DR, Cuba, etc)
3. On a safari tour in South Africa
4. Aswan, Egypt

Four People I'm Taggin

1. No
2. Mutha
3. Fucking
4. Body

Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thoughts and Prayers (Rough weekend, ya'll)

Rest in peace, Miss K. You will be missed.
Thank you, for everyone who sent out prayers & kind words
for Karen and her family and friends.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Black & Bloggerful...Continued!

(...thanks for blessing us with the name, Butta!)
glitter graphics

Get caught up on the WCBH Saga...

Part I: "This Is How It All Went Down..."at Supa's spot..

PartII: "Tell Him I Said 'Fuck You'".... at Tam's spot!

Part III: "I Wasn't Born A Geisha..."at Glam's spot!

Part IV: "I Wish I Could Start You" Tia's spot!

Aren't you anxiously awaiting Part V?....

P.S. Hey Renee (& the rest of Tia's fam-bam): So good to meet & hang with you too!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Part I: And This Is How It All Went Down...

Intro to the W(est) C(oast) H(otties) Blog Fest...

Bloggers in Crime:
That Girl Tam, Supa, Diva Dee, One Cool Sis, and Glam!

The plan: The West Coast Bloggin' Hotties were to meet, conversate, dine, cocktail, and celebrate their general fabulousness on Saturday night at a spot in Hollywood called Lola's. (remember this for later, boys and girls...)

So Supa was very much looking forward to seeing her girl Tia-style coming in fresh from The D (Dallas), and simply basking in the glow of being alive and having a fun evening with these fabulous blogging chicas; especially since my mood/spirit was still struggling with this. So come Saturday eve, after the standard "gettin' ready for the weekend" to-do list (housecleaning, groceries, errands, miscellaneous shopping, coiffing, etc.), Supa was posted up at the pad, awaiting the arrival of Tia, Tam, and Dee......

(the Supa Pad, post rennovations) And um yes of course, there's pre-drama drama to report. Like to hear it? Hear it go: First, Tia's cousin jetted out on her at the exact precise time she was supposed to be dropping her off at my pad (did she swoop back to the Slauson Swapmeet?!?). Next, Tam and Dee had to wait around for Tam's sitter to show, and therefore, got a lil' off schedule. PLUS, Dee drove up from Daygo (San Diego - big ups to Dee!), and I think she was gettin' kinda hungry...By this time it's around 7-ish, and we were due to appear at Lola's 'round 7:30... (we were striving for OPT vs. CPT). SO, Supa's waiting around, while texting Tia, while calling Tam, while debating on whether to order MORE pizza for those hungry-ass boys in my house (RR#1 and his pal), while worrying about our designated 7:30 meeting time at the jump off spot...

Then: Tia arrives!!! Yaaaayyyyy! We hadn't seen each other since Dallas (4 years??), and we just CANNOT let that much time pass again, okay, T? Okay. So here we are skinnin' and grinnin'. (not so bad, considering we were doing that "stretch the arm so we can take our own picture" move!) See? 'Aint she purty! And she's hella smart - she's a bona fide computer genius/IT whiz/editor/consultant/writer/all-around fly momma (yeah, she's supa) and she's funny, too! With her country-talkin' ass. Uh, I'ma need you to reclaim your rightful Cali accent. Stat!

Oh, and she brought me a present, too:

Some batteries. Thanks, Ms. Smartass!

So we get to chattin', while Supa's showing her around the pad. You know, talking design ideas and color schemes and what not. The Pooch, with her nosey self, wants to be all up in the mix, following us all around the house, so she and Tia stop and pose for this shot right here. Lovely.

So, okay - like, where the hell are Tam and Dee? We hear a car pull up, but then realize it's just a guest headed over to my ghetto ass neighbors' house. (yes, Latinos & their loud-ass backyard "parties" DO fall under the "ghetto" umbrella) Then anotha car pulls up, but that's just one of the Supa Friends (Green Eyed Bandit) rollin' through, stoppin' to holla real fast, along with his cutie pie of a son. (Tia - he said he hopes you had big fun.)

FINALLY - That girl Tam hits me on the cellie, talkin' 'bout: "I'm on such-and-such boulevard, now which way do I go..."

Okay, and first of all, our girl was sounding majorly raspy - she was out hollering at the Black Eyed Peas concert the night before, and lost her voice, or something like that. Yeah, I'll ask MACK when all the hollering really took place, but whateva. Ya'll grown. So anyway, she's just a talking, sounding all froggy, and I was half-listening while giggling about it with Tia, and next thing I know Tam's going: (trynta whisper all loud n shit)

"Damn n*gga, which way do I turn, don't you know the directions to ya own goddamn house?!" Okay? She went straight South Central on me. Now that's my kinda chick! So of course, the proper response was: "Look trick, the two damn streets you just rattled off run PARALLEL, but I couldn't tell you that 'cause I was too busy clownin' your strep throat-ed ass!"

Ha! Ha ha. So, after a few moments and manuevers on their behalf: Tam and Dee are here!!
(Tam's crazy ass taking a picture of me and T while I was taking a picture of her and Dee..)

It's 'bout to be a party, ya'll! Let's roll......

SO! After Supa walks Dee and Tam through the pad, then introduces and gives instructions to RR#1 (call me in an hour, betta pick up the phone when I call, NO ya'll can't get on the bus and go to the movies, stay ya'lls asses inside this house, etc.) - That Girl Tam, One Cool Sis, Diva Dee, and Supa have a mini-jam session in the middle of her living room when Kool Moe Dee came on the Dish satellite old-school jams radio station. Party ova here, party ova there, okay ya'll, let's bounce!

Hop in the whip, Hollywood-bound!! Glam and a few others are to meet us at Lola's; Tia's cousins and a few friends of mine are planning to meet there as well. We're blastin' the sounds, laughing and chattin' while rollin' down Fairfax Boulevard into West LA, through Little Ethiopia, past The Grove, heading into West Hollywood. It was all lovely, felt reminiscent of the high school daze (days) when you and ya girls was out and about, just having a great time.

Get to Lola's, valet, step out the whip like "yeah, yeah, we here, we here!" I'm thinking: Can't wait to get inside and order a bomb martini....

Wanna hear the rest of the hotness?? (you know you do)

Bounce to Tam's blog to read Part II of WCBH Saturday Saga....."Tell Him I Said "Fuck You!"

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Monday, April 03, 2006