Friday, December 09, 2005

Supa Sister Went Out Like a Punk

Supa Sister + Holiday Party + Promotion Celebration + Jello Shots + Too Many Rounds of Patron = Supa Sister tossin' her cookies and being so sick she had to be driven home by co-workers who assured her she will be clowned big time come Monday morning.

Supa Sister is so. fucking. mortified.

(Note* On the upside - above referenced incident did not take place in front of anyone important, so Supa Sister still has a place of employment)

P.S. - The white girl went unscathed.

Going back to bed with my saltines and 7-Up now....

That is all. Carry on.


"N" Search of Ecstasy said...


Girl, I was on the phone with my sister and I had to read this to her. We died laughing at yo azz!

Girl I'm sorry that you got sick but this is fucking hilarious and totally embarrassing! My was like she'd call in on Monday it it was her, LOL

I just cannot believe it...... Can we say 'just a little too much fun'!!


Ja said...

So you got PUNKED! Not the SS. But was it fun? If so then, there you go.

onecoolhoney said...


umph umph umph

That's all I got to say. *smh*