Monday, December 12, 2005

Tick-Tock, Tookie

So Supa Sister began a post on Stanley “Tookie” Williams last week, but she quickly abandoned the damn thing. Because Supa Sister realized she really didn’t….care all that much. So he committed some cold-blooded murders, jump started one of the most violent heinous criminal organizations to date, then wrote some books and kinda redeemed himself. Okay…and? So give him his Nobel Peace Prize and put him to sleep already.

Even though Williams claims that he’s innocent of committing the murders which landed him on death row, homie knows he engaged in other forms of mayhem that he never got popped for, so in reality - it’s all a wash. Supa Sister has other criminal justice matters that hit a little closer to home to fret about, like the capital murder trial against Michael Antonio Natson, who killed Supa Sister’s little sister, Ardena Carter, in September 2003.

So. After hearing a brief phone interview that Williams gave to some NPR journalist last week, here are some of the things of minor note that Supa Sister does care to comment on:

1) Supa Sister finds it very difficult to rally behind someone who’s given legal name involves the word TOOKIE

2) Supa Sister likened Tookie’s phone interview to that Miseducation of a Felon skit that Damon Wayan used to do on "In Living Color "

3) Since an incarcerated murderer like Williams’ has written a zillion books over the last fifteen years, Supa Sister looked quietly over her latest manuscript and wondered for the fiftieth time what the fuck her problem was in completing just one.

4) After seeing this picture, Supa Sister wondered if making one's body look like this is a necessity to keep your butt hole untouched in the penn

5) Supa Sister wondered if he went to sleep in the horizontal position, would he suffocate to death like the Elephant Man

6) Though Supa Sister will put forth that, if that Charles Manson can walk around with a swastika on his forehead and get life without parole, then Tookie getting it as well wouldn’t cause her any major sleep-loss.

Oh well. Just saw the news headlines. The Governator said Tookie gotta die.


Ja said...

Well SS, you pretty well summed it up. But I ask you, what will tomorrow be like in L.A.? Will all hell break loose?

If it does will this be Stanley's (since you hate that word that starts with a "T") Poetic Justice of sorts?

Anonymous said...

Hey SS - I honestly don't think I can say anything of relief that you have not heard before. Nonetheless, I pray that peace resides in your heart again one day soon.

Shawn said...

Girl I'm going to have to avoid your site too until I heal. It hurts to laugh. You made a sistah have to pop some Vicodan!

I hear you on all point that. I could care less about Tookie's azz and even more less about saving his azz. There are more causes that we as Blacks can take up. I didn't want to blog about his trifling azz, but I did too.

Shawn said...

Damn SS, I just read about your little sister. I hope that SOB dies a slow terrible death.