Friday, December 16, 2005

This week's award..

Word has it that Flava Flav will star in his own "The Bachelor" type reality show (disgustingly titled The Flava of Love), where he will weed through twenty (famewhoring) women in order to find his true love.

Now ladies, is there any way on earth
you would get with this

for all the muthafuckin' money in the world?

That's right! Take him away!!!!!

P.S. Simply imagining Flava Flav coming anywhere near the vicinity of Supa Sister's personal space just made her throw up in her mouth a little.

That is all. Carry on.


Ja said...

Okay so...basically what I want to know is what the hell is he going to do when NO ONE...I repeat NO ONE... shows up to play?

That Girl Tam said...

LMAO...yes I second that motion...take that dusty mutha fucka AWAY...FAAAAAAAAAR away!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll laugh a ton of chicks show up for their 15 minutes of fame, crack pipe and clear stripper heels in tow. Because the only women whom I could imagine showing up to meet dude would be a crackhead or a stripper.

Crazy sh!t.

Shawn said...

Flava looks like he stank! Aint no way!!!

onecoolhoney said...

that nig cant even define sex appeal.

African girl, American world said...

When I saw the promo for the show last week - I sat there with my mouth wide open for a LOONNGGG time!


Sadly my ass will watch just like I did that damn Strange Love :(

The Humanity Critic said...

I feel you on this. I mean, I don't know if it's because I'm a chubby undersexed blogger who is simply jealous, but when the door opens and it reveals Flava Flav, the over-excited women(most beautiful)made me roll my eyes until my head hurt.

Supa said...

Just. Gross.

That is all!!