Thursday, December 01, 2005

Take Him Away Award

There were plenty of nominations, but this week's 'Someone please take him away' Award goes to:


and oh god please HIM . Again!!!!

Dear God and/or The Powers That Be,

If I ever do become wildly famous and successful for no good reason, please don't let it be because I'm a corny-ass, marginally talented, bad acting, non-rapping, ego-driven buffoon who single-handedly ruined the glorious art of hip-hop and walks around oblivious to the fact that everyone basically believes I'm clinically retarded.

Good lookin' out,

Supa Sister


Ja said...

Woohoo! I say kick both their azzes off the island.

Number damn one, why the hail is MI smiling. Didn't anyone tell him this was not a hall of famer. SS you might want to give his Julian's digits. Looks like MI is about ready for a little nip tuck action.

And Lawd, Lawd, Fiddy, Fiddy, Fiddy. Poor little bucket head baby. Why in the hail does he think his new product is a need or a damn want. Give me a freaking break. Didn't anyone tell him about "the rabbit."

Fuck it SS, take them both away. And thank God for the Take Him Away Award. Let's wait for mid month, our govenor just might be next. SS go ahead, "make his day."


Supa said...

I was kinda trying to figure out why MI was smiling too - WTF?

The Humanity Critic said...

No doubt about that, I agree 100%. The sickening part about Michael Irvin is laste year, how he went on and on about how he would "never play with Randy Moss" This coming from Michael "coke and whores" Irvin?? This latest example of his idiocy just makes it clear that he shouldn't be allowed to pass judgment on anyone, ever.

Takeitoutside said...

I'm sick of the 50 overload as well..they shoulda neva gave that nicca money!

AlwaysSweet said...

lol @ that prayer