Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Christmas Vacation

So Supa Sister had a delightful holiday “vacation,” as far as “vacations at home with the kids and not relaxing on the island of Jamaica” go…which means for the last seven or so days, Supa Sister has caught up on every lost episode of Spongebob, Punk’d, and That’s So Raven; completed all last minute holiday shopping, gift wrapping, card mailing, visiting, and phone calling; went grocery shopping every other day to keep the Ruff Ryder’s and their greedy pals fed and content; nursed my schizophrenic pooch through a severe case of the holiday bubble guts; finally watched my Netflix dvd’s; did 1,569 loads of laundry; whipped up a batch of my infamous fried chicken wings at 11pm on a Sunday night at the Ruff Ryder’s request; basked in maternal pride as the RR’s presented me with the I Love the ‘80’s board game as a Xmas gift (awwww!); played endless games of Scrabble, Hangman, Hide-n-go-Seek, Hot Hands, Ms. Pac Man, Monopoly, and The Sims; turned down a sweet but implausible marriage proposal; thought about watering my lawn; fed every insane food craving I had within every 24 hour period; pondered the meaning of my entire fucking life; cleaned out my closet, my room, the RR’s rooms, garage, spare room, linen closet, and beneath the kitchen sink in some sort of PMS obsessive-compulsive attack; took down half my plaits; gushed over RR #2’s drawing skills

and helped her perfect her runway model walk, and assured RR # 1 that showering every day in no way makes him any less cool. So Supa Sister is happy to report that she was very much looking forward to her one day back at the office, so she could come to work and get some fucking rest.

Happy Chrismahannakwanzaa!

PS - Thanks for the love, One Cool Sis.


Me said...

hey sis - i'm definetly adding you to my "blogs I love" list - ur life is crazy ! and I thought i was busy ..lol

love the site !

Anonymous said...

You're insane...LOL With luv, of course!

mrs.tj said...

Sounds mad FUN!
Hope you had a great one.

Shawn said...

Sounds like your holiday was perfect!!!

Supa said...

@ Cocoa Girl - Takes one ta know one. :)
@ MRS.tj & Shawn - thanks!! Hope ya'll was cool, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look Supa Sister. Your vacation encompassed a lot in a few days. Things get better when the kids hit college age -- they provide their own entertainment but their gift requests get more expensive.

Enjoy the rest of the time off.


onecoolhoney said...

You know I got your back like a bra snap, supa sis. Love you like a play cuzzin with the same mama. lol (yes that makes sense! lmao)

And yes I'm on the late bus and tryna get caught up on my favorite blog, but here I'm IZ!!

Gotdayum @ 1,569 loads of laundry. lol Cleaned the closet!? WTF? whoa!

And while you was making fried chicken at 11 pm you shoulda went on and made some waffles too, homie. hahaha

wait wait backdafuckup...Marriage proposal? I needz mo' info! Anybody I know???? ... of ??

And I'm mad that you said RR#2's runway walk skills weren't "perfected" yet she been a BEAUTY QUEEN for, what, 2 years now?!! That gurl ain't no joke!!

Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation with your mini-me's--the kind you will look back on in 10 years and wonder where the time went for the millionth time.

Okay, gotta go dismantle the bunkbeds before I lay it down for my LAST night in THIS joint! I'm tossin' those bunkbeds out too, girl. Movers ain't gon have nothin to move but my appliances and my books! And WHY do I have 34 boxes of books????? *smh*