Friday, November 25, 2005

Who are the Ruff Ryders?

Question: So, many of you have asked - Supa Sister, who are these Ruff Ryders you speak of?

Answer: The Ruff Ryders are Supa Sister's lovely spawn. From very early on, it proved difficult for Supa Sister to remember their names, so they are simply identified as:

The Boy (Ruff Ryder #1) Quick Bio: aka THE SCHOLAR. Computer whiz. Loves to read, eat, live in a nasty unkempt room, and annoy Ruff Ryder #2. Doesn't do photos.

The Girl (Ruff Ryder #2). Quick Bio: aka THE ARTIST. Master storyteller. Suffers from chronic princess complex. Loves to incessantly: talk, shop, cook, raid Supa Sister's closet, and obsess about becoming America's Next Top (Junior) Model. Because she's fierce.

These are two very important factors in Supa Sister's sometimes severe Vodka consumption. Nevertheless, Supa Sister loves these little suckers to no end.


Mempheus said...

Supa sister,

Glad you survived Turkey Day and the day after. Your blog looks great and you've found a good way to relieve some of that pent up stress and energy that's just busting to get out. Now, some of those knuckleheads that irritate the helloutofya may avoid just one less verbal beat down.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Just stopping by to say what's up?

Supa said...

Ya heard?! Hey Mempheus!