Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Riot Etiquette

So it's like the 13th night of rioting in France. The impoverished African and Arab communities are tired of discrimination, unemployment, shitty housing, and police brutality. Hmmm....sound familiar, boys and girls?

Caught CNN this morning, and it was reported that a group of rioters asked a busload of passengers to exit the bus, waited for them to do so, and then torched it.

Those French rioters sure are polite! I wonder if they helped the little old ladies de-board, and kept a tight perimeter, so as bystanders wouldn't be bothered with all the soot and flames and smoke. I remember the '92 riots out yonder, and gee, what a big difference. Nobody even suggested I close my eyes before a group of angry disenfranchised rioting fools shot that poor dude in the head on Slauson and 7th Ave, right in front of me. That was over 10 years ago, and the memory of what I saw during those 5 deadly days, I'm pretty sure, will stay with me. Forever.

No justice. No peace.

Supa Sister, out.

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