Monday, November 21, 2005

Supa Sister on Beats: Welcome to Jamrock

Since Supa Sister loves all things associated with reggae and/or the beautiful island of Jamaica, it's only logical that she had to add Damian Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock" to her collection.

Confession: I almost didn't buy the CD, because, well, on my last trip to JA I was blessed with a gang of mixtapes (CD's) by a cute-ass dreamy-eyed Jamaican named George and they included "Jamrock" and many other hot dancehall tracks, so Supa Sista was straight. Another confession: The first time I heard the "Jamrock" single I became completely and illogically obsessed with it...The
Ruff Ryders would roll their collective eyes in disgust at Supa Sister/Ms. Mom as she did her best Patra impression while chanting along in her laughable Jamaican accent...

Also, because I'd heard that the Jamaican Tourist Board was pissed at Damian, because his song is basically a politically conscious rant about the poverty and crime prevalent in Jamaica, and the JTB thought it would give tourists a "negative view" of the island. Whatever. Not that they cared enough to address the truth of his statements- they just didn't want to fuck with that tourist money. So, Supa Sister became increasingly obsessed with deciphering the lyrics, which is more than a notion if Jamaican patois 'aint your second language. Or, dialect. Or whatever. And even though my Jamaican George (heeey George) tried to explain what Damian was spittin', it's kinda hard when the breakdown of the lyrics is comin' atcha though a gigantic weed cloud via a dreamy-eyed West Indian cutie-pie.

So. Supa Sista purchased the CD so she could get to the lyrics. Which Damian was nice enough to have his label print up. In patois. Yeah. But yo, I'm grateful. Big ups, Junior Gong.

The CD is hot. I'm especially feeling "Beautiful" featuring Bobby Brown (yes, crackhead Bobby Brown), and "Pimpa's Paradise" featuring Black Thought. There's more good stuff to be heard, but I've got the "Jamrock" cut on repeat, so I'll holla back with the rest of the review at a later date. Yeah mon.

P.S. - Damian really does sound just like his daddy. Matta fact, all them Marley boys do. All 67 of 'em.

P.P.S. - Supa Sista was granted her unofficial "Jamerican" status on this last shout out to all my Jamaican friends and peeps. Hey Butta! I fucking love that island. It's my place of serenity and refuge. I have truly come to appreciate Jamaican culture, and the Jamaican people are among some of the most beautiful, hard-working, embracing, gracious, realest folks I've ever met.

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