Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No, I'm Not Ready for the Holidays

According to one of my smart-ass co-workers, this is an accurate visual representation of Supa Sister around the holidays. Ha ha ha! Yeah, but my hair looks nothing like that. And, no way are my arms and legs that skinny. Nor does my mid-section resemble a ring one might find around the planet Saturn. So screw you, Robert H!

Though Supa Sista will admit - she couldn't give a fuck about the holidays. Big yawn. It's all so fake. Just too much pressure. Folks whipping themselves up into the holiday frenzy, foaming at the mouth, running around and clogging all the decent malls so Supa Sister can't impulse shop without being surrounded by all those foaming-at-the-mouth idiots. Sheesh.

Folks keep asking "so, ya ready for the holidays?" and Supa Sister is like, no, you idiot, but I'm real fucking ready for you to stop asking me that same bullshit question every year. Especially when you already know what I'm going to say.

All a chick like me wants to do is eat, chill, sip a Ketel One martini and watch the Twilight Zone marathon.


So please don't ask me again,

Supa Sister the Grouch


onecoolhoney said...

*dap* ya on that, supasis. Damn, and I thought it was just me sippin' on holiday haterade. I hate when folks ask me if I'm ready, or what big plans I have, or if I'm cooking, or if I'm thru shopping. #1, ain't like I'd be buyin' them sh*t. lol #2, they ain't gettin' nothin' to eat even if I did cook. And #3, if I ain't ready, are they going to HELP me get ready?


One Crazy Grouchy Cool Sis

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Ahhhhh come on Super Sista!

I can't help but be happy. I'm just excited that I get to see my family, especially my sisters. Two of them do not live near me and I'll be so glad to see them. Besides that the holidays give me an excuse to shop even more than I already do, LOL

Ja said...

Hey bump the shopping. Color me present and accounted for on the Ketel One Martini Cocktail Party. Oh yeah, date and time please SS.


Kathleen Callon said...

Funny. I love your posts, especially the "take him away" with Bush and 50 Cent. I liked 50 cent until I heard him in an interview. Shouldn't you at least have a quarter of a brain to have a number 1 album? I'd take Michael Franti over him any day.



Supa said...

Don't try to make Supa Sister cheer up, it'll only make her grouch more. :)