Thursday, November 10, 2005

Terry McMillan Made Me Gay!

On a much lighter note today..Supa Sister just so happened to be home early on the much anticipated day that Terry McMillan and her gay! young-lover-now ex-husband were to make their appearance on Oprah. I mean, I had it set to be Ti-voed anyway, but there's something really exciting about watching shit like this go down live.

Now folks, let me just say this. Supa Sister admires Terry McMillan as an artist and writer. Supa Sister has read all of her books, and realizes that good bad or otherwise, Terry is the originator and master of the 'contemporary black woman as protagonist' literary genre. And for that I say - do ya thing, sis. But what I didn't know was Terry's appearance on Oprah would become some of the funniest, saddest, strangest, snark-worthy shit I've seen on TV since Mini-Me peed in the corner.

Ok. First of all, I didn't get the memo that Terry's ass was straight ghetto. Ghet-to! And not in the "never-had-the-opportunity-to-learn-better" kind of way, but the "I-may-be-a-talented-multi-millionaire-but-I'm-just-a-raw-ass-bitch-and-don't-give-a-fuck" kinda way. Sheesh! Sis was dishing out the bug eyes and the neck rolls and the harsh language (heh-look who's talking), I thought she was about to start crip-walkin' and claiming her set. Just. Gangsta. Kinda reminded me of so-and-so's old crazy-ass aunt who finally stopped hitting the pipe, but never quite rid herself of the tics and all the other stubborn miscellaneous crackish mannerisms. And Terry looked good, holding together and alla that, but damn, ole girl was just so mean and hard and ranting and giving Oprah the hand, I was so damned scared she almost turned me gay!

But for real, could you look at this fool and not know he was gay? Not to be stereotypical or anything, but...c'mon. At best, dude is suspect. At any rate, I think the whole thing is sad, because from what I could tell, the two of them had a geniune, loving relationship and marriage..I mean, aside from the whole gay thing. It was good to see the two of them talking, bringing closure to their relationship to a certain degree, and declaring that they still care for one another. That's a positive thing.

Back to Scary Terry! They played some of the voicemail messages she left for Johnathan during the whole divorce scandal, and chick was homicidal. Now, that I do understand. After all, she had been lied to and betrayed and hurt - and when you lie to and betray and hurt a sista - especially a raw-borderline-gangbanging sista - you've got hell on Earth, buddy.

At any rate, Terry will write a book about it and make a million more dollas. Do ya thing, T. And by the way, I still think Terry's best novel is A Day Late, A Dollar Short.

P.S. - I'm still kinda scared.............


Ja said...

As usual Supa Sister has got this situation on lock down. Thanks for the recap Sis!

Yeah, I felt Terry's pain. I was sorry there was no one in her corner to tie her up and hold her hostage so that she would not do that interview. Where the hell is a good intervention when you need one? WTF? And if that was in the interest of money it was a bad call. Bad, bad, bad azz call. And guess what, in the long run it can't possibly be worth it.

As for as her people, humph, someone should have been bobbing when they were weaving. Her image is hurt! I know it's all emotional but that was f---ed up! I think she will be portrayed as pitiful.

I repeat where the hell was her road dog? She should lave just laid low until she had her power reserve back and was strong enough to come out like a warrior. Pain is a bitch. The unfortunate thing is you have to go through pain to get to the other side.

Right now I don't know Jonathan Plummer very much. I have a problem with someone that thinks it's okay to screw with someone else's head, heart and emotions.


onecoolhoney said...

Girl, I ain't scurred of that heffa cuz, uh, she can't take both of us at the same time!! YANNO!! Nah, but I didn't know you'd never met her or seen her in person though! Yeah, she is VERY MUCH 100% pure-D ghetto to the bone, and it's not a cute ghetto like ours. LOL! I PURPOSELY didn't watch cuz I knew it would be fugly, but it looks like ol' Scary Terry was the ONLY one who hadn't the foggiest about her man.

Butta said...

Hey Lady! I found your blog via Tia's page. I'm gonna have to link you too now that I've found you.

At any rate, your assessment of Terry Mac on Oprah was ON POINT! You took the words right outta my head. She was acting hella crazy...deranged. (And I'm CTHU at the thought of her crip walking!!!) Dude was so damn soft--arched eyebrows and all. I was so embarrassed to be Jamaican watching his fruity behind. That was one of the strangest Oprah's I have ever seen. Even Dr. Robin was like "I don't know what the hell to say bout y'all nukkas".