Monday, November 21, 2005

Supa Sister Says: Snatch them Fools

Okay, so according to Yahoo news, spanking a child is not good.

Supa Sister says - Parents, keep their lil' asses in check. Fucking word. There's a reason why we have various colorful cultural sayings that go "I brought you into this world, and I'll take your ass out" and "beat you like you stole somethin." Get it?

I bet you those Columbine kids, and that crazy boy who killed his girlfriend's parents last week were of the "time-out" generation. Fuck all that. I 'aint saying The Ruff Ryders might not do something monumentally stupid at some point in time, but rest assured, after they do it, they're gettin' that ass whupped.

So, uh, yeah. American psychologists say we shouldn't spank kids. And then those lil' non-spanked muthafuckas grow up and do some stupid shit like this. Now Supa Sister doesn't know if ole' girl Lindy ever got spanked at home or not....But somebody seriously needs to whump that trick. And all this may be apples and oranges, but shut up. Supa Sister just felt like comparing the two.


Ja said...

Hey I'm a Boomer and when I was raised you got snatched up so quick you didn't know what hit your ass. Those quick ass whippings are the most effective ones. Why waste words. Use the snatch and grab technique and their ass is dusted before they know whatever hit them. Now if you have a big ass kid, you are definitely going to have to come up with a different game plan. Do you have a broom?

As far as Linday well old girls looks confused as hell anyway. I am willing to bet old boy had tht same collar around her neck. But...Supa Sister that's another posting. Right?

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

I'll be damned.....If my kids act up, they will get an ass whooping its as simple as that!

My mom whipped me and my sisters and all of her kids got at least two degrees, so I say "Whoop dat ass"!

LOL, but for real, I think that it is okay to discipline children, so long as its not to the point of abuse or anything. Its helps to build character and respect.