Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This Morning's Rant

Is it just me?

Is Supa Sister the only one who gets impossibly fucking frustrated with that dumb-ass "word verification" crap when you go to post on someone's blog? I mean, goddamn! I know it's designed to keep out those evil spammers, but it's just fucking ridiculous. That shit is so mangled and garbled and indecipherable, it takes me at least five tries minimum to get the dang sequence right. Don't they know Supa Sister can't see? I mean, I 'aint tryin' to crack open King Tut's tomb, okay - I just wanna fucking post something on the goddamn internet. Sheesh!


onecoolhoney said...

LOL! Yeah, I hate that mess too, and it's not just on blogger! I get that on Yahoo too just to send a regular e-mail! I'm like damn, I'm logged in, ain't I!? WTF else I gotta verify?

Supa said...

Okay!! Is this part of Bush's Patriot Act or somethin'???


Ja said...

Well Supa Sister the answer is below in your entry. What the hell exactly!

It's got to be tied into the blog sponsors hit count. Maybe for the puposes of marketing and competition. Blah, blah, blah. It slows us down and we don't want to do it. Too bad another rule.We get to blog our heads off right? Suck it up! Don't be a whiner!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

I hate it to but I think I hate the spammers even more! LOL