Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Boondocks, Part Deux

So last night, Supa Sista got the chance to sit down and watch her Ti-Voed episode of The Boondocks, The R. Kelly Trial. And yeah, okay, it was funny. Supa Sister definitely chuckled. Out loud.

But toward the end of it all, Supa Sister got to wondering…what exactly…was so funny? Little black kids spouting out n*gga n*gga n*gga every other line? The brainwashed, backward-ass, self-loathing black man who had to stop and “thank white folks for the beautiful foliage?” The fact the cartoon depicted how black folk look and act like straight illiterate clowns on TV and in the media…how we’ve been so psychologically damaged by racism in this country that we could actually conjure up an argument for why R. Kelly shouldn’t be charged with pissing on an underage (black) young lady, simply because he’s….a black man?

*sigh * Yeah. A-Mac don’t pull no punches - every sad-ass, ghetto-fied, caricature was put on front street; held up for display and ridicule. It’s satire, I get it. It’s funny but sad social commentary on the state of black folks in 2005. It’s entertainment, not problem-solving. I get it. But Supa Sister had that sick somewhat ashamed feeling in her stomach… the kind you get when you’re out with your friends and making fun of your own brother, who’s slightly retarded, and then when you get home, you realize that you cracked some wack ass jokes for laughs at the expense of your own family.


Maybe Supa Sister turned into Sensitive Sister last night. I’d rather tune into Celebrity Deathmatch to get some clean, guiltless laughs.

That is all. Carry on.

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