Monday, November 14, 2005

Who is Supa Sister?

Okay. So I've been getting lots of emails and inquires wanting to know "Just who is this Supa Sister you speak of?" and all that. And first of all - Shut up. 'Cause whatever Supa Sista tells you, ya'll just 'aint ready. Second: Duh, like didn't you read my profile? Okay. So here's a lil' bit more background. Nosey.


I was brought into existence via a family full of artists, writers, educators, forward-thinkers, and mystics with engaging personalities and bad tempers. Basically, I live to read and write, and all things associated with reading and writing. That’s. About. It.

Oh yes, and I love quotes! Quotes by anyone, about anything. I’m a word fanatic, as well. I’m a big fan of made-up words, and words that make me laugh when I hear or see them, like gaggle, flummoxed, dork, eschew, tomfoolery, and antidisestablishmentarianism.

Aside from all that, I have a wacky way of observing life here on Planet Earth, which means I can conjure up an unabashed, off-the-wall, sarcastic comment about pretty much anything. I am a self-proclaimed Queen of Snark. In addition to being writer, (as if that isn’t difficult enough) I’m also a triple-Gemini - which to my friends mean I have some kind of exhausting, chronic mood disorder. Whatever. I am a part-time movie obsessive and borderline idiot savant, which means I can recall obscure lines and scenes from obscure movies made by obscure actors, yet can’t remember to pay my cellie or cable bill on time.

I am a child of the 80’s (Reaganomics, Latchkey Kid, Saturday morning cartoons, We’re All in the Same Gang, etc.), and am convinced that a major facet of my personality became stunted somewhere around 1985. Basically, I’m just a grown ass kid. That makes me a Gen X’er, and more importantly, a member of the Original Hip-Hop Nation/Generation. I also believe that bling-bling is responsible for all things foul and evil, and in addition to George W. Bush, will cause the ruin of the free world.

Supa Sister is my literary and superheroinne persona; a nontoxic effective way for me to be my most fabulous, overblown, caustic, quirky, and analytical self. Otherwise, I’ll start drinking too much vodka. When Supa Sister goes undercover, her alter-ego is “Ms. Mom.” (as my comical and frustratingly intelligent children like to call me) In turn, I affectionately refer to them as Ruff Ryder #1 (The Boy) and Ruff Ryder # 2 (The Girl). We all share residence with a zany pooch named Sassy.

Aside from writing, reading, watching movies, working, remembering to feed my kids, complaining about Los Angeles traffic and ignoring all 259 of my voicemail messages, I love to travel and am actively studying to enhance my knowledge of politics and my overall world view.
This is my world. Stay on the look out for new rants and blog entries on The World According to Supa Sister page.

Be warned – I’m opinionated to a fault. But that’s just ‘cause I happen to be passionate about some key shit. And if you’re offended by a potty mouth, go away. I curse an awful fucking lot.

That is all. Carry on


Antonio Hicks said...

i was just browsing through the blog world searching for the keyword posters and it brought me to your site. You have a great site however it is not exactly what i was looking for. Good luck on your site. sincerely, antonio.

Anonymous said...

supa sista
you seem like the good kind of crazy. the kind that is a part of all of us. plus, you're very, very funny. someone i can relate to in this wacky world we call life. i look forward to reading more of your rants on all things real. cool site.

i also flow from the same era as you. we are hip hop!

sexy chocolate

Alicia said...

Supa Sister,
I am in envy. I am a 28 yr. old A-A single working mom. I have been stalking your blog for like 3 days and I am already hooked. Girl, I need help! I am almost convinced that i need to start a blog. I would like to model mine after yours. I hope you think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. My thoughts and idea will be my own but, I do like your style. it seems so similar to my own. Anyway, if you have any words of wisdom, hit me up

Supa said...

Hey Alicia,

Hit me up with your email, so I can give you some direction. Thanks!!

lhenry said...

hey supa sista interesting blog


Anonymous said...

my boy in Harlem told me of this blog and I been reading it even thou I am a dude