Saturday, October 29, 2005

Supa Sister, out!

I'm marinating on my next piece, 'Women and Mushiness in the 21st Century.' My girl and I were lunchin' and chatting about how we're all lovey-dovey after a nice time with a nice-enough guy but in about 2 days how quickly that magic begins to wear off and said honey ends up kinda getting on your nerves. How a chick ends up duckin' phone calls and makin' lame excuses 'cause you've got more important projects goin' on and/or basically just don't feel like being bothered...Are we turning into the men we use to blast for being unattentive and self-absorbed?! Or are we in the active process of self-actualizing, investigating and discovering ourselves in this Brand New World in a Brand New Way, and just refuse to be distracted by anything, including good hot sex? Or, maybe a little of both?

Has mushiness in the 21st century gone extinct? Hmm.......

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