Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is it Just ME?

Sometimes, I crack my own shit up. Ever do that? I mean, like really, some of the most random stupid silliness pops into my mind, when there's just no cause. No logical reason for it. None. None at all.

Like the other night, I was chillin' underneath my electric blanket bouncing text messages back and forth with some of my peeps and channel surfin in hopes these mundane activities would actually help me fall asleep, and I ran across a show the E! Channel was airing about delving into the minds of the most infamous serial killers. And really, that stuff is so interesting to me. I considered majoring in criminal psych in college, but then, I dropped out.

So, it was finally Jeffrey Dahmer's turn to get some airtime, and they went on to discuss all the absolutely heinous and gruesome things good ole Jeff did to those guys in his apartment. Drilling holes in skulls, cooking and boiling skin, sawing up folks on the floor....

And aside from all this information almost causing me to vomit, at the same time, I was all like..."damn, his carpet must have been FUCKED. Wonder if his landlord gave him back the security deposit...."

Just me?

There must be a name for twisted, totally inappropriate humor such as that. And don't say Tourette's, because I merely managed to think it, and not yell it out loud.

Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, just me.

That is all, carry on.


onecoolhoney said...

Yeah, girl. Methinks you're "THROWED" like the rest of us. lol

Cosa Chula said...

People say Im crazy. Im perfectly sane. Im just real.So are you. Not afraid to speak what you think.