Monday, October 31, 2005

Movie Review: Layer Cake

I anxiously awaited my Netflix delivery of "Layer Cake", the new English gangsta crime flick. I wanted to check it out because (a) I love a good gangsta crime flick, and (b) I wanted to see if that guy Daniel Craig is really a good choice for the next James Bond, because I'm still kinda salty that my boyfriend Clive Owen wasn't picked for the part. Clive Owen is so freakin' hot.

So - Layer Cake was a disappointment. The visuals and the soundtrack were good, but the script itself tried too hard to to delve into each "layer" of twists, storylines, and plots, and it failed miserably - as many book-to-screen adaptations do. Not enough character development and backstory, storylines were brought up and then dropped with no resolution and/or explanation. I really hate when that happens. I won't get into any spoilers on this one, 'cause it just isn't worth it. Layer Cake is a bootleg Goodfellas or Carlito's Way, with mediocre acting and convoluted storylines. Oh yeah, and I wonder who Daniel Craig screwed to walk away with the Bond role. Just wasn't impressed.

A friend suggested the movie "Croupier", which was along the same lines of Layer Cake, yet much more compelling. Plus, Clive Owen starred in it. And he's hot.

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