Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks R.I.P.

Thank you Rosa, for your fine example of activism, determination, and courage. A legacy that will never be forgotten. You are a modern-day heroinne.

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ja said...

In-flipping-credible! This piece speaks to one of the common problems today that is running rampant. No game. Plain and simple.

Brothers listen up! Listen to the word of the supa-sistah. The supa-sistah knows. If you choose not to listen continue down that road. Just know that at the end it may not be yellow bricked. And depending on who is at the end of the road, not only will you not get a heart, not get courage, not find your way back home, you will probably get your azz kicked or at a minimal, get your hat brought to you. So...listen up.

Well written supa-sistah.

ja crunk middlebrooks