Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Okay, what the fuck? Supa Sister heard about the woman with a cell phone lodged in her throat, but silly she thought it was a joke. Turns out the shit is true! Now...Supa Sister has been sitting here suspiciously eyeing her teeny weeny Motorola Razr cell phone and wondering how a situation like this is physically fucking possible....

The detective was quoted in the article as saying.."I don't know if it was on ring or vibrate, either."

And I 'aint lyin', but when I pulled up the link there was an advertisement for a free flip phone from Cingular.

That 'aint right.

That is all.


"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

It never ceases to amaze me the shit that people do. Now I have had my share of arguments lawd knows, but I would never even think of doing something so damn stupid.

LMFAO @ the detective being quoted in the article as saying.."I don't know if it was on ring or vibrate, either." Girl WTF??? I can’t believe he even said that shit, LOL. Call her number and see if it rings, hahaha.

BTW, I was thinking about getting me a Razr phone this weekend before this sale goes off. Cingular has them for $99. How do you like it? I don’t know anyone else who has one.

Anonymous said...

SupaSister. Greetings from Washington DC. My girlfriends and I have an e-mail circuit that we use to pass the times at our places of employment. We just wanna say thanks for the blog because it just goes to show you that black women everywhere are thinking/doing the same thing.


A Chronically Late Work Arrival.


mrs.tj said...

Ha! When her dude was like shut the fuck up or I will ram this down your throat. Maybe she should have just shut the fuck up!
Too Funny!

Reddy said...

Erry time I think i've heard it all.. something comes up to top it.

supa sister said...

@ Nic - I love my Razr!

@ anon - Thanks so much!! Shout out to DC!

@ tj & reddy - ditto!

That Girl Tam said...

OOooOOOooOOoo I have the SAME PHONE! Don't you just LOVE IT??? Now...I hate to even ask this shit - was she white? HAHAHAHA! Who the fuck would even THINK about doin some stupid shit like that??? You...I'm just sayin...lol

Adaure said...

Yes that was the craziest thing--- but i wasn't surprised to find out it was a domestic violence case. I'm not surprised the cop aske dthat question.. shoot i'ld have asked the same thing too.... maybe if it's on vibrate it would have helped ease the passage through the oesophagous...lol

Supa said...

@ Adure - oooooh, that 'aint right! *smirk*

@ TAM- I LOVE my Razr! But I don't think I'd love it lodged in my throat......