Friday, December 02, 2005

Supa Sister Loves the Dark Meat

So the question was posed to Supa Sister, that since she seemed so diverse (whatever the fuck that it code for "atypical black girl? whatever. it's still kind of a bullshit statement) had she ever considered dating outside of her race. The questioner then added that if I hadn't, that I probably wanted to, just for the sake of being able to say that 'yeah, I dipped my chocolate in some vanilla once.' So okay, was this dude trying to punk me into fucking a white boy? Strange.

Anyway. The answer is yes, I've considered it, and years ago actually came thisclose to taking it to the next level with a good friend of mine who happened to be white. He was an engineer, cool as fuck, good-looking, intelligent, passionate, madd intense, kinda wild and funny as hell - the Supa Friends and I dubbed him White Tupac 'cause he just off the chizzle like that... and now that I think about it, he was probably some kind of fucking genius combined with an undiagnosed adult ADD or bipolar disorder or something. Poor thing. Anyway. White Tupac was refreshing and lots and lots of fun. Despite/including the fact he was kinda out there. His homies were a bunch of industry crackas, and White Pac was always inviting Supa Sister to some industry party or after-hours joint up in the Hollywood Hills somewhere. (side note* - we joked endlessly about the eerie, striking, sad resemblance White Tupac bore to Ron Goldman. You know- dude O.J. killed)

Anyway. Me and White Pac actually discussed, at length, the pros/cons of us hooking up intimately. We talked about our mutual curiosities, the socio-political aspects of interracial dating, our erogenous zones, alla that. But alas, for a variety of reasons - the main ones being that I later discovered he had a penchant for sleeping with strippers and was also battling an increasing Xtacy habit - we never did it.

And Supa Sister will admit that even though the basic attraction was there - the idea of an aroused naked white male approaching her African imported, melanin-blessed, lovely bronze body conjured up all kinds of visuals that to this day make me throw up in my mouth a little.

Supa Sister doesn't know if it's some deeply ingrained, post-traumatic, psychologically based slave/massa-type fallout or what, but it just 'aint her steez. And just to keep it really real, Supa Sister has seen a pink dick before and she did not find it aesthetically pleasing. Or arousing. At all. Sure I've got that hypothetical list of celebrity white boys that I'd do,('cause some of them are pretty fucking cute, for white boys) but if it ever came down to it, I still haven't thought of the circumstance that would propel me to make such a move. Call me racist, childish, silly, unreasonably squeemish, limiting my options - whatever. Carry on, because Supa Sister is probably alla that. So what.

Supa Sister simply has a personal preference for the fine black male specimen, and don't misunderstand, any other men of color are still on the menu too. Just so long as their shit '


Ja said...

Hmmmmmmm Yeah! Ditto.

The pink shafts just ain't hapn. As attracted as I am to Howie Long, I prefer chocolate thunder.

I'm not saying I can't be converted, I'm just voicing my preference. And believe me I know what I want.


Supa said...

Pink shafts?? Bwaaah!

Howie Long - WTF?

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Yes, Superstar Nic loves the dark meat to!

chase said...

::doin the bump w/ supa::: heyyy....I feel the same damn way an aint to proud to admit it. Since i moved to GA more white boys have approached me than a lil bit. guess they thinking cause i'm light bright and "looK" damn near white that I am....not. I dont play those games. lol

Supa said...

*doin' the bump w/ya back, chase*!

Takeitoutside said...

yes..I feel you SS. Though I find myself attracted to white guys..I don't know if I could follow threw with it.