Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Take Him Away Award: Week of 12/9/05

Supa Sister is apologetically tardy on the Take Him Away award for last week. Oh shut up. I got pissy drunk, then had my purse and car radio stolen. So nah.

And the winners are:

Al Sharpton, for being simply obnoxious, holding on to a bad perm, and this



Dennis Fucking Rodman at his booksigning @ Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. Someone please just take him away and put him out of his fucking misery.


Ja said...

Good choice SS. Looks like the common theme here is bad hair for these two fools.

All I want to know is with the entourage Al has had for years, why is it no one will step up to the plate and tell him how jacked his "do" really is? WTF? Why? Why?

Rodman...um um um...I refuse to even waste brain power on this fool. Can you say his life is "Jackass The Movie."

Serial_Dater said...

For the life of me, I'm trying to figure out when Rodman became gay. I thought he was banging holly-weird starlets. When did he trade teams.

What a fuckin' freak. :o(

onecoolhoney said...

OMG!! WHAT IN THE HELL happened to Dennis Rodman! I missed that too, serial dater!

And Al...now, Ja, you know even if somebody DID tell him his hair looks a hot mess, do you think he'd believe 'em?

Supa said...

C'mon...ya'll trynta tell me you didn't know Rodman was gay, or at least BI? Or maybe he's just a tranny. 'Cause that pic is Anna Nicole trapped in a black male's body!