Sunday, April 16, 2006

Supa Watches Bad Movies...

So you don't have to! Happy Easter, Blogger Fam. So, while in hard-core Mommy Mode this weekend, Supa let the RR's talk her into seeing this: It was about 1 hr and 20 minutes too long. And quite disgusting, I might add. But yeah, I laughed. Yeah. Moving on....

So Supa has approached a most interesting milestone with RR #2: The Girl (11 yrs old) has expressed that she no longer wishes to have the white crack applied to her hair at monthly intervals. Translation: She doesn't want any more relaxers or press n curls; she wants to wear her hair in its natural state. Even more subtle translation: She's got a headful of authentic black girl hair and she's a chronic Tender Head (I mean, she really does have a highly sensitive scalp and low threshold for anyone yanking on her hair), and she feels that going natural will release her from having to maintain her hair in any fashion.

And yo, big ups to my baby for communicating her desire to evolve toward a more natural state when it comes to her "wig." I was also very careful to express that wearing a natural style doesn't mean maintenance free, and that she should to be ready to commit to the daily and weekly grooming required to maintain her luxurious, healthy, African hair in it's optimal state. At any rate, I made sure to let her know that I would support and assist her in whatever decision she made. An interesting part of the conversation went like this:

The Girl: So, you mean I still have to comb it everyday?

Supa: Well..of course, baby. Unless you want to rock some twists, or some locs. (which I know she would look simply fabulous sporting either) Or if you want to wear a funky 'fro, like Auntie, or cut it close, like Granny use to do. Or, you can make the decision to keep your hair braided, like Mommy.

The Girl: I don't think I want locs.

Supa: Okay.

The Girl: Or twisties.

Supa: Okay...

The Girl: Or an afro...

Supa: Okay...

The Girl: And braids hurt cause you have to make all those parts 'n stuff.

Supa: Yes, sweetie. That's just part of the process...(and I'm hella heavy handed) But we can search for a technician who specializes in styling little girls with tender scalps. It's just a matter of deciding what you want for yourself.

The Girl: So...whatever I do...I'm still going to have to comb my hair.

Supa: Basically....yes, babygirl. Unless it's braided or twisted. And even then, your hair'll need to be taken down, conditioned, and combed before you get the next set..

The Girl: So, I'm still going to have to get my hair combed.

(notice the theme, here?)

Supa: Yes.

The Girl: Is the pressing comb ready yet?

Bless her little thick-haired, tender-headed heart. So it, took most of Sunday morning and afternoon to be gentle enough to wash, deep condition, blow dry, and lightly press The Girl's hair to get it to look like this:

So. This is a situation still very much in progress. At any rate, I am doing my best to cultivate a positive, empowering dialogue with my baby girl about hair and her individual preference.

Meanwhile, I need to buy India's new cd.

"I Am Not My Hair"

Meanwhile, the techno-gadget girl within me is still trying to decide if I should upgrade from this

to this
I mean, I love my Razr...I'm just ready to move on. I be textin' a lot, and the lack of a keyboard is really starting to give a sis the blues. Plus - I get bored easily, and just feel the need for something new... Or - I just wanna SHOP. I'm working on it.

At any rate, I'm bout to roll over to Tam's spot, because I heard there was authentic Chinese food cooked and enjoyed without me...unfortunately I couldn't make it....(I was pre-committed to other non-negotiable RR activities - being chauffer, activities director, money machine, stylist, cook, maid, wish facilitator, conflict resolutionist, etc. You know. Mommy shit. Gotta love it.

And on The Sopranos tip:
Poor pillow-biting Vito! Dude - you about to get whacked.

Hope ya had a great weekend!!!


Me said...

Hey Hey I'm first !

I guess I'm lucky ..I got some indian in my family HAHA... no really though my hair is definetly more puerto rican ish than black because of my mixed back ground ( i really do have indian in my family) but my babygirls hair is definetly kinkier than mine..and seems to be gettin more and more like that as the days go by.

she however loves her hair straight. I cant understand it, her hair looks beautiful naturally curly but no no she wants a blow out.. sigh...

I wear my hair curly...but she doesnt seem to want to follow in my footsteps

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday, Supa! That's so cute...she doesn't want to deal with the mess associated with chemicals, burns and relaxers. Bravo to her for figuring this out so soon in life:)

BTW, she wouldn't have to comb a buzz cut... LOL Her hair looks so thick and's gorgeous!

Supa said...

@ Me: Hey! Yeah, my little one likes her straight look too...she's just doesn't want to pay the price!!

@ CG: Happy Monday, Ms. "On Time!" (inside joke) lol

Sangindiva said...

I love that mami is wanting to be natural-
I don't use chemicals in my hair either-
So tell her that th Diva is PROUD of her.
ANNND Supa if you pay 3.99 for India's single I will
HURT you!! You betta go to I-tunes and cop it for
.99 cents! I love the song I bought it a few months ago
and payin' 99 instead of 3.99 is like geting it for...
(here's my corny joke)
FREE-99!!! HAHAHA! I crack me up!!!
(shut up supa I'm sleepy!)

Supa said...

Ha ha!! Thanks Ms. Diva, will do. And I'm SLEEPY TOO!!! :)

So...Wise...Sista said...

Oh my...I remember long, thick hair like hers! ::sighs::
I'm with The Girl...I want it long and straight, but ain't got the patience for the "white crack" no more. SO cute!

And a big shout out to you Supa Mama for your sensitivity and attention to her concerns. Ya know lots of mothers woulda told her to shut up and been extra rough on her head for even thinking natural!

P said...

I have a couple of comments.

Number one: Can I have little mama? She seems like she is too much, which is right up my alley. Yeah, I know, I'd have to get through her mama, then her brother, Okay, I'm resigned to not having her.

Number Two: I would not recommend getting the Palm Treo. My personal recommendations are the 8125 (Brand STANKIN New), or the new Crackberry. Even though the Treo is aestetically pleasing, it has some software issues that have not fully been reconciled.

I myself text alot and definitely need something with a QWERTY keyboard.

Also, I don't think that the treo is Warranty-able. Don't quote me, but I am SURE that is the case.

I will email you with the links.

P said...


Also, be sure you have the best media plan comparable to the amount of data/texting that you do.

Some people say "I don't mind if I go over a few", but 'tis better to pay the few bucks more a month, than be hit with surprise late fees.

Data is what is hot on the streets right now. I'm going to tell you. Most people communicate via text now; generally, the phone use as a talk device has went down by the way of data. And that's where they get you. It's not more so people going over their minutes now, more than it is data. . .

Supa said...

@ P: I mean, we can work out a "loan" arrangement - The Boy would let her go, no prob. The biggest obstacle you'd have is gettin' past her DADDY. Brotha don't play when it comes to The Girl! lol

Good lookin' on the devices. Bout to look at my data plan. I still hate Cingular. But I love you, P! lol

P said...


Yeah, I didn't mention the daddy because I was afraid to. I had that feelin. So, thanks, Chuck, I'll remain on my own!

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh talking 'bout hair!

I cut all my hair off for the first time when i was 13 behind not wanting to be bothered with the press 'n curl. my mother would be on the phone, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth...and i simply couldn't take it!

Having naturally curly hair has always been a plus for me, because in the years of non combing i could sport a 'fro easily!

Supa said...

lol @ Ms. Ahmad & the press n curl horror stories!!

That Girl Tam said...

HAHAHA...we were JUST having this conversation after dinner on Saturday!!

((raising my hand))

"Hi, my name is Tamra and I'm addicted to creamy crack..."

Gotta love that bi-racial, thick, naturally curly hair - NOT!!! I HATE THAT SHIT!! My sister's hair is even more of a reason for me to hate it (and her shit is curlier than mine - never thought it was possible). I can't stand when my hair gets wavey...I even remember getting lazy when I had cut off all my hair and I wore it natural (curly/wavy with some gel), someone thought I had a jheri curl (ask me how offended I was...) Damn, can someone just have shiney ass, curly, chemical-free hair??

No, I'll take me some straight hair thank you...the kind I can blow dry, slap some water in with NO PROBLEMS! This hair ain't always a blessing...

jameil1922 said...

i love that the kiddo is trying her hand at her identity at 11. that's great. somebody has a good mommy!

dpm said...

I'm at a loss about the hair thing. I gotta feeling that if I had a daughter her hair would be as nappy as possible just because I don't know no different. Than aagin, hopefully her mama would know all about that (Maybe I'm too single-minded at times)...

As far as the Treo, I'm not that impressed with it, but if you own a Palm already, it'll at least combine the Palm and phone together. Palm actually has a really good support site that can hanlde just about anything. I use mine for the calendar, email and texting kinky messages...

young deezy said...

hey Soup,

bout to cut off all my hair and go corporate chump style. I never understood women's hair issues. It always seemed to be one of those 'the grass is greener over there' type things.

your little girl sounds cute (no R.KELLY in my voice, of course)

as far as tech equipment, it is better to look good than to work good and the time for looking good with a RAZR is so OVR.

onecoolhoney said...

I got the treo 600 two xmases ago and have not had nary a problem with it, but I was thinking about upgrading to the 650 or 700. Yeah, you can get a two-year warranty on it. But P, what kind of software issues does the 650 have? Butta just got one a few months ago, but she's a lil' incognito these days. I just put out an APB to see if we can get her to chime in on that. Butta has the info on prices too.

onecoolhoney said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
onecoolhoney said...

Forgot to add that Sprint has the best service plan rates, then T-Mobile, and Cingular's sucks!! With Sprint, unlimited text msging is $5/mo.

Butta said...

Hey y'all! Sorry to be on the late bus. I did get a Treo 650 a couple of months ago and so far so good. I have no complaints. I just switched from Sprint to Verizon, which may or may not have been the best move seeing that Sprint just switched to 7 pm nights, but oh well.

Anywho, back to the Treo...if you plan to use it as a phone, get your text messages on, and PDA functions then you're good. If you add a data plan then you can have internet access with ease, but that's gonna cost extra on top of your service plan. With Verizon they charge you for every bit of data (even sending pic messages, mind you) and since I'm fiscally challenged that's not an option.

As far as any software issues, I haven't had any yet. Regarding the warranty, I have an extra warranty on my phone that I pay for every month. I may or may not keep this feature, but it will replace the phone should anything (loss, theft, etc) happen to it.

One of my coworkers has a Treo for his personal phone and a Crackberry for work and he would take the Treo over the Berry any day.