Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Supa Suspense..!

glitter graphics

Will Supa ever ever (as in: ever?) succeed in presenting herself to work on time???

Will the Whiny White Chick at the CSS finally get cussed the fuck out this week???

Will Supa ever buy those doggy stairs so The Pooch won't jump off the bed and crack her back again??

Will Supa ever stop slacking/procrastinating/ruminating (blogging) long enough to make the deadline for her manuscript updates for the re-release of her book scheduled to drop in July??

Now that spring is in the air (and brothas be catchin' the fever), will Supa be forced to create a whole new catalog of polite disses??

Will Supa ever bring herself to watch the last two episodes of Black.White. which are now languishing in her Tivo queue, and have pretty much slipped into oblivion since she's discovered So Notorious and Big Love????

Will Mr. Gobbledygook aka Twisted Genius of Supa's Writing Crew ever bless us with another retarded and insanely hilarious blog post??

Will Supa maintain her love affair with hip-hop, but insist on an open relationship until hip-hop grows up and gets its shit together???

Will Supa EVER check the messages still accumulated on her home phone???

Will Supa finally fire Bloget and hire Feedblitz in order to keep up with the Blogging Joneses like the IT genius chick One Cool Sis recommends??

Will Supa ever stop pondering the wonderful beautiful mess we call life??

Will Supa ever stop laughing when she thinks of the King Pen DP.com christening us as the West Coast Blogging Hotties cartel??

Would Supa ever release a big scandalous secret into the blog world????

Can Supa's special supa dupa sista powers rescue a blogging brotha who's On The Verge of Dating White Girls??

Stay tuned, for more on As Supa's World Turns!


Anonymous said...

I love it! The drama, the suspense, the action, the photo of DP...LOL!


That Girl Tam said...

((rollin my eyes)) I haven't even read the shit...and YOU know what I'm talkin about... ((rollin my eyes)) brb...going to read...

Supa said...


That Girl Tam said...

Mm...whateva! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA...dang, why we gotta be a CARTEL???

Miz JJ said...

Big Love is a great show. It's so interesting.

I will be staying tuned to find out what happens next.

Dee said...

I'm hooked on big love!!!!! I don't wanna share my husband for the naked stuff but i do need help with theese chillen and cooking and cleaning and stuff!!!!! i would have 2 be the #1 wifey for sho!!!!!

please get the doggy stairs!!!!! My gurl has been promising her dog chi-chi stairs for a year now!!!! it's dog abuse I tell you!!!!

Supa said...

DEE: I'm saying! I've always pondered the idea of having a "sister-wife" (lol - that shit sound CRAZY) cause a sista be needin' help n shit. Or at least some time off. Especially on nights I don't feel like screwing or cooking or ironing or cleaning or some other boring domestic shit. Namean?! lol

Re:the show - It's funny as HELL the wives arrange their fucking schedules.

The character development/interactions are very interesting & complex...

dpm said...

I'm still on "the Verge" sipping a Milkshake in a SnowStorm.

Anonymous said...

I'm hook on Big Love.

I'm about tired of blogger myself. It acts up too damn much.

P said...

On the Verge of a Supa Couple?

Has a good ring to it, ya think?

P said...

J: Re: Scandalous secret. . .

I'll tell if you tell.

Supa said...

P: Didn't you already release yours?

That shyt is straight scandalous up in there!!!

*clutch the pearls*

African girl, American world said...

oooh sookie sookie now.....that pic could be a poster for something special :) I'm cheesing right along with y'all.

Now we must discuss So Notorious.....the Whoopi Goldberg episode, was that hee-lay-ree-ous or what?! True but hilarious!

Supa said...

"So Notorious" is a fucking riot. That ugly white bitch is FUNNY.

"oooh sookie sookie now.....that pic could be a poster for something special :)"

Heey...Something Special vs. Something New. Whatcha think??!?!

Dee-licious said...

speaking of laughing... I always smile when I see your photos. Your smile is extra in a good way.

Get back on your grind with that manuscripp shawty, this blog ish will always be here f'real it will. You and Miss A need to get back into your projects something serious(as he looks away from his noteboks on several writing projects).

If you must blog then show us one of your newest open toe summer wedge acquisitions. I know that you aint gonna let Miss A have the last word on that ish-shoe.

she did get kind of fierce on y'all with a delivery boy too.

Supa said...

Big Brother Almighty DP:

re: manuscript: I hear you. No really. I'ma get crackin' 'cause a sista 'aint trying to slip. Thx for pullin' a sistas coat. Bloggin is the new crack!

re: some fly kicks - Don't be comin' up in heah startin' stuff! Glam got her shoes delivered cause she got it like that!!

But, yeah. I'm floss some new wedgies. Stay tuned, boo.

Big ups!

PS - I'ma dedicate a post to the CD's you blessed me with...thx.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

What's up Supa!

LOL @ Will Supa ever succeed in presenting herself to work on time. Do you know that I'm back to my old tricks of being late all the time to work. I guess now that I've reached the 4 month mark, I feel that it is okay or something.

Thanks for the shout out to! Have you seen how many comments I have now? I never thought so many people would be willing to share their secrets!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Oh yeah, come on back over and share your secret!!! I have 2 (and counting) on there :-)

mrpunchcar said...

i'm bloggin' babe, i'm bloggin'! lol. u crazed. what up with egypt, man? u know my mom's not gonna let me go if she hears all about the "terrorism" n shit. she barely let me play on my sled because it was snowing. what's up with the nile river cruise? maybe we'll just have to import a pyramid. vegas? :)

African girl, American world said...

Re: Something Special vs Something New.....SOMETHING SPECIAL ALWAYS!!!!!

And my girl would straight out come and say the ugly white bitch...*only you* LOL!

I desperately wanted to be annoyed at the Mamie like mama/rescuer/housekeeper but couldn't do it and my new saying is...SANTERIA IS LIKE VODOO, ONLY IN SPANISH! Bwaa haa haa!!!

Supa said...

SKIA: Your mommy won't let you go out and play in Egypt? lol. Ai'ight. We can't be stressin' her.

But Vegas is out.

Sangindiva said...

Girl I gotta come back and get deep into the Supa Soap opera!! I'll be black... I mean BACK! :)

So...Wise...Sista said...

"Will Supa maintain her love affair with hip-hop, but insist on an open relationship until hip-hop grows up and gets its shit together???"

I'm bout ready to quit the bitch! lol