Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Supa On Flics: Most Depressing Movies List

Wass gwaan, Blogger Fam? Hope all is well in your worlds! You know ya girl's been a lil' down (okay, a lot) over the last week, so thanks for understanding in advance if my posting/commenting might be a bit erratic whiles I get my head/soul together. (And don't worry, the Fuck Lola's campaign is coming up shortly)

SO! This got me thinking about what movies I could watch to help bring me a little cheer, and which movies I should avoid like my fucking life depended on it....so, I've come up with Supa's Most Depressing Movies Ever list...now these aren't regular "tear jerkers" (i.e. The Color Purple, Hotel Rwanda, Set it Off, The Notebook, or Ghost) that have sadness mixed in with an otherwise redeeming storyline, but movies that have the potential to leave you quivering on the floor in a fetal position with a butter knife to your wrist after viewing. (Movies where there's no cure, everybody dies, nobody ends up happy, bad things happen to good people, etc.) Shout out to Doc Holiday who did a similar post awhile back.

Supa's Most Depressing Movies Ever List:

(Feel free to add. Not that I'll watch 'em, just so I know which ones to avoid like fucking my life depended on it)

1. House of Sand and Fog
2. Requiem for a Dream
3. Million Dollar Baby
4. 21 Grams
5. Happiness
6. Leaving Las Vegas
7. Amores Perros
8. Monster's Ball
9. The Green Mile*
10. Elephant Man
11. Mystic River

Honorable Mentions:

The Hours
Grave of the Fireflies*
Schindler's List
Brokeback Mountain
American History X*

*movies I haven't seen & won't see 'cause I've been told they're too fucking depressing


Anonymous said...

OMG, you never seen Rosewood. Yeah it is depressing. Make you wanna go out and cut a mofo.

The Green Mile is a very good movie.

Miss Ahmad said...

Terms of Endearment
Cold Mountain

That Girl Tam said...

Girl don't sleep on American History X...that shit is OFF THE HOOK!!! I LOVED THAT FLICK!!! Check ya email mama...get back @ me....

Anonymous said...

Omgosh!!!! I watched the House of Sand and Fog on Christmas Day. And was straight up blown.

My mom kept talking about 'I told you that you didn't want to watch that.'

Another terribly, terribly, terribly depressing movie was s subtitle flick that came on HBO about a little Chinese girl hauled off far away to work in the fields. She is constantly told that she will make it home and even resorts to whoring herself in hopes of seeing that promise. In the end, her caretaker sees how dead she is in her soul and kills her in efforts to put her out of her misery.

Damn depressing. AND it's a sub-title flick, so the depression mounts...

mrpunchcar said...

"set it off" was a tear-jerker? cha! blood-clot!

at this time in your life, you need to avoid any movie with robby (or bobby) benson, trust me on that. if u remember, he was in like every movie from the 70s, and in every movie he's either about to die, will find out he has some fatal illness, commits suicide, or gets killed. it was just a matter of when he'd die.

dave came by my house one day, depressed as hell, so i showed him requiem for a dream! lol!!! he left like "thanks". that's what i'm here for, man.

Supa said...

Cocoa: I had to call in sick to work the next day after watching House of Sand and Fog. NO LIE. I had NO clue what it was about (had heard it was a book first), and the preview guide gave some general synposis...I was completely unprepared. I mean, that movie annihilated me.

Thank you, I will not be seeing the little girl Chinese flic. What's the name???

African girl, American world said...

*but movies that have the potential to leave you quivering on the floor in a fetal position with a butter knife to your wrist after viewing. *

damn J! I cosign with Glam on Terms of Endearment...and Rosewood? Damn, a whole damn city just stole.

Add Sometimes in April to that list and what's the one with Don Cheadle playing a drug addict after he gets drafted? Goat?

A Time to Kill and we laugh about 'sing the song Anna Mae' but that movie with Ike & Tina depresses me.

obifromsouthlondon said...

damn kid. let's light a phat blizzle and watch "Friday" or something. depressing movie list and a half :(

saw 21 grams (by accident). give me a straight tear jerker any day (why do tear jerkers make me laugh? when did i get so cynical?)

take care of yourself. the new site's looking good (never seen it b4)

bunny said...

Ok Supa I don't usually watch sad/depressing movies cause I can't handle it on a good day. Add in emotional life stress AND a sad movie, put a fork in me I'm done.

My all time tear jerker, get out the damn kleenex and get this lump out of my throat is Beaches. Messes my shit up everytime!

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh beaches always does me in!

and i'm soo damn sentimental and sensitive that we can add to that list...
Charley Brown's Christmas
and Mississippi Burning!

but when i'm as hormonal as i've been just about anything can make me cry.

But I must say that greif and depression are not the same, although they mimic the same symptoms! you are grieving!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Girl, believe it or not I haven’t seen any of these movies except the Green Mile which I loved!

Genesis said...

i co-sign greenmile and rosewood. that shit will make u hate white people for real.

Genesis said...

i 4got sometimes in april...that shit was real.

and there is the documentary called "children of beslan"...that shit was real. i didnt cry...but that shit was still real.

Nichelle said...

Oh my, I'm gonna have to co-sign on the House of Sand and Fog. I caught it one afternoon completely unprepared and I couldn't believe it.

Rosewood - I confess that I haven't seen the movie because I read the book it was based on first. That was enough for me. I'm still not really prepared to see it on screen.

That Girl Tam said...

Ok, am I the only one that cried when Frosty the Snowman melted?

For the cultural and relationship parallels to my own life, The Joy Luck Club fucks me up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

P said...

Yeah. Some stuff is way too traumatizing for me. I can't get over them.

One is a lifetime TV movie - Bastard Out of Carolina. If you see it once, You WILL NOT see it again. TRUST!

Then - Message in a Bottle w/Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn. . .the ending is NOTHING like what you expected, and you are left there, dangling with a sense of "This should NOT have happened this way"

Mississippi Burning: I don't know if it is more sadness than rage, but I tell you what, seeing that movie makes you hotter than fish grease.

There is this docu-drama that came on HBO - Letters from Iraq. Shows a picture of the person, and when they died. And one of their loved ones reads the letter while they show pictures and talks about them and then talks about when the military people came to their door. Most of the time, the last letters were received a week or so AFTER they found out they were dead.

I bawled the whole way through it.

Anonymous said...

I will add "The Champ" to your list - staring Jon Voight

Anonymous said...

You need to see American History X

Anonymous said...

check out 'the notebook'

Trent Jackson said...


But ROSEWOOD, will make you wanna spit on every white person you see and not feel bad about doing it. So if you're having an angry black woman moment watch it. But go to Leimert Park afterwards