Monday, April 10, 2006

Supa: Four Your Information..

Damn you, Butta! And Tia...and SingleMa...and Free...and whoever else tagged my ass over the last few days (weeks, months) Ya'll silly. What, we all enrolled in BlogCity High School, or somethin'??


Nah, really though. I'm glad to partake in this bit of harmless meme fun; helps take my mind off some other goes. (I added some of my own flava to it) :)

Four Nicknames I've Been Given

1. Mally Mal (or just plain Mal)
2. Badness
3. Sunshine
4. Supa

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over (ya'll know I'm a movie fanatic, how you gonna limit me to four??)

1. Claudine/Love Jones
2. Don't Be a Menace To South Central.../Napolean Dynamite
3. Closer/Sideways
4. City of God/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Four Places I Have Lived

1. Columbus, OH
2. Baltimore, MD
3. Silver Springs, MD
4. Inglewood, Cali

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch

1. Best Week Ever
2. Sopranos
3. America's Next Top Model/ Medium (tie)
4. NASA Channel feed

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation

1. Miami, FL
2. New York, NY
3. Montego Bay/Ocho Rios, Jamaica
4. Ensenada, Mexico

Four Jobs I've Had

1. Bank Teller (fucking hated it, had to talk to people)
2. Booking Coordinator for LA County Jail
3. Hard-working Civil Servant (insert LAUGH here)
4. Motherhood

Four People I Could Not Live Without
(for me - this is a *trick question, but)

1. *My Mommy (R.I.P.)
2. The Ruff Ryders
3. M.M.
4. the Supa Friends Collective :)

Four People I Talked to on the Phone/Texted Last

1. Tony
2. Auntie
3. KM
4. Cinque (Big ups to my boy's radio show on WHCR in Harlem, NYC!)

Four Songs I Last Listened To

1. Insomnie, Les Nubians
2. Hard Like A Rock, Daddy Ous
3. Baby (remix) Ashanti w/Crooked I
4. Beautiful Otherness, Bent

Four of My Favorite Foods

1. Tacos (ground turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, & soy cheese)
2. Sugar Cookies
3. Fruit
4. Vodka

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

1. My bed
2. On any caribbean island (specifically Jamaica, Puerto Rico, DR, Cuba, etc)
3. On a safari tour in South Africa
4. Aswan, Egypt

Four People I'm Taggin

1. No
2. Mutha
3. Fucking
4. Body

Happy Monday.


Single Ma said...

LMAO @ who you taggin

And vodka is NOT a food.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, cheese is so not food!

Supa said...

Who said anything about cheese?? Those ingredients were about my taco toppings..)

And VODKA qualifies as FOOD in my life/household....

mrpunchcar said...

the new fda food chart now has vodka in one of the food groups. and if u get a citrus or berry flavored vodka it's considered a fruit.

Supa said...

^Thank you, Skia!! Thass why me and you "here"

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh I would like to go the DR as well, but I would be probably be arrested upon return for smuggling at least one fine man and too much rum!

it's worth a try though!

That Girl Tam said...

LMAO @ Vodka counting towards I LOVE the people you tagged!

African girl, American world said...

sadness on justifying vodka as a fruit and food

oh the tagging and the web it weaves...LOL!!!

why your cousin up on this couch acting like she was a runaway slave captured and dropped on a video set and your Aunty asking questions like 'when did you become a ho?'

Supa said...

Mwabi SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

Is SuperHeadHo actin like a captured runaway slave? Oh girl, you aint RIGHT!

(but you probably are right. So the VideoHo finally made it to Oprah. Maybe now she can go sit her ass down...)

Supa said...

@ Ms. Ahmad - I'm down for the smuggle move!!

P said...


Bank Tellers are Eye Candy. At least you can use this as your claim to fame. . .

African girl, American world said...

girl you know next she gon be at the White House signing a bill to outlaw girls from being in videos or something crazy!!!!

Then after that she gon to to the moon and take a picture with her book there :)


Nichelle said...

LOL @ you tagging no mutha effin body! I think I need to get on that train since I don't even know how to do it properly!

Shawn said...

I agree, Vodka is most def. a food!

Dee said...

sooooooo glad you didn't tag anybody....specially my black ass!!!!

"blog city high school" YOU KILT ME WITH THAT ONE!!!!!


Miss Ahmad said...

Why did Karrine have on two wigs and forget to pro her new porno with Mr. Marcus...and on the New York Times best seller list to boot!

Miz JJ said...

Hmmm..tacos. Now I'm hungry.

Safaris are such an amazing experience. You should definitely try to do it.

Supa said...

@ Glam, Mwabi - Karrine as the H.A.M. of the decade.

onecoolhoney said...


I didn't tag nobody! I just said if you feel froggy, JUMP! See, you just always thinkin' I'm pointin' my pen at you, ain't ya. I don't even have to say it and you know you automatically on my list! hehehehe Psychic ass! Just like at the Cafe when I sent you the "request" to NOT tell them white boys I live in Dallas and you picked right up on it like I said it aloud! lol! fun-t!