Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's Going Down

Two 20-Year Old Duke University Lacrosse players indicted by Grand Jury

Pictured: Collin Finnerty, arrested on charges of rape and kidnapping

And here's an interesting tidbit, boys and girls: Collin Finnerty was arrested and charged in Georgetown, D.C., for beating a man after calling him gay, in November 2005. He received 25 hours of community service, and all charges will be dropped upon completion.

Go here for more news:


CNN.com - Third Suspect Sought in Duke Rape Case

Associated Press - Go here if you wanna see a pic of the other white boy charged

And...Faux News has just assigned Mark Fuhrman to analyze the Duke rape case. What the fuh?

Update: ABC's Timeline of the Photos taken at the "party" that night.

Happy Tuesday!!!


dpm said...


He look guilty!

P said...

The racial dynamics of this case permeate the nostrils of funk for every person (of color AND not of color), who recognize that there are overtones about this that are disquieting.

- Racial Slurs
- Gang Rape
- Two Black Strippers for All White Meat
- No rush for arrest
- Schools giving 'No Comment'
- No NOW/Gloria Allred squalling

Articles more about "Can Duke Survive", versus "What the Hell Happened Here?"

Things that make you go hmm. . .

(P.S. We all know what would have happened if Chez Whitey would have been raped by three black men)

Strange Fruit Hanging from the Poplar Tree.

Supa said...

This is about to get REAL interesting.

Miss Ahmad said...

it's the OJ Rape case of who donnit...

onecoolhoney said...

While the other alleged rapist wasn't even in the house when ol' girl claim she was raped. Says he's got cell phone and credit card records to prove it!! And I STILL do not believe ol' girl's cockamamie story.

P said...

Ditto with Supa. . .

'Tis about to get REAL interesting. Those mug shots make those boys look dazed and confused. Well, I do know one thing.

They are either:

- Predators, or
- Poor boys whose lives have been irreparably damaged from the mouth of a babe.

I just hope that the evidence comes out to substantiate what really happened, yanno?

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

well. he does *look* gay.