Thursday, April 13, 2006


What's crackin', Blogger Fam? Right, right! Well, Supa has absolutely nothing for ya today. Bupkus. Naan. Nathan. Just ova here trying to maintain my mental, keep from cussin' out the WWC (Whiny White Chick) here at the C.S.S. (Corporate Slave Ship), and lay in the cut 'till tomorrow 'cause Supa's taking the day off, bitches!! (directed toward work folks, not ya'll...)

Anyhow. Sassy is still chillin' at the Supa Pad, healing in the lap of luxury as you can witness here:
(Why does that crazy Pooch like to climb on top of the couch??)

Oh, and big shout out to Dallas Penn, who sent me a cool ass postcard that had apparently been sitting in my mailbox for weeks: (don't hate!)

Note to self: Sometimes there's good shit waiting for you, when you're ignoring your goddamn mail...

Ruff Ryder #2 is still a diva:

Oh, excuse me. She's fierce. She's out on Spring Break and receiving the Princess Treatment over at the Supa Ex's crib and all the while harrassing me to get her new head shots for this imaginary modeling career she imagines herself one day having....And if she calls my cellie one mo' time, I'm going into screen mode..

Mommy loves you, sweetie.....always remember that. Now, go away. (I mean, just for like, 5 minutes??) Ha. I love that girl. (Of course I love the Boy too, even though he's been a tad bit smelly as of late. Gotta fight bro to take a shower! Teenagers.) But the Girl - She got game. More game than I had when I was a shorty....


Yeah. That's ya girl as a Supa Shorty. Look how sweet and innocent and obedient I looked. ..

What the hell happened?

I know. Me and the Girl look eerily...the same.

And whiles I was cruising through some of my Jamaica pics (it's become a daily practice now, God I'm so ready for a vacay) I noticed something...Why do those Carribean honey's have such magnificent muthafuckin' teeth????

(that was my scuba instructor....umm, yeah!)

And peep these Haitian cats:

(these are the dudes that got gully and overthrew Aristide's guvment awhile back...I had a mad crush on all these revolutionary fools. Fuck all ya'll rappin' manbitches (uhhh: FIDDY) - Now THEY some gangstas - Isn't this a beautiful fuckin' picture?)

Oh yeah. But back on topic....I mean, beautiful smiles for days. No silver fillings or fucked up grills. None a that shit! They got some special kind of flouride in their water or somethin'? Their countries poor as shit, but them mouffs lookin' kinda right. Did they get kicked down with them AK's AND some porcelain laminates, or what'? Lemme find out..

And speaking of Haiti, what the fuck is going on over there? I 'aint heard no news. Perhaps I 'aint been diggin' hard enough. That shit still saddens me.

Okay. That is all. Supa, out.

Carry on!


P said...

You look sooo cute, in your picture.

You look the same. . .

I remember those scenic pictures. Everyone had the same background. I remember my fourth grade picture, there was this background of the woods and I had to lay my hands on this fake a$$ wood.

Now, how THAT look me in a country setting and I had on a sailor dress?


P said...


You thought you were cute because you got to wear your hair down on picture day?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz!
I can't believe you put that pic up of you as a shorty! That was the year we was together in Crofton, MD. I noticed you didn't cop to living there! Send me a note.

onecoolhoney said...

Oh My Dayum. #1. LOOK AT YOU with yo adorable self!!! OMG! I love it!! And speaking of adorable, Oh My DAYUM!!! Now those are some bee-yo-tiful chocolate specimens! Where you say they at? Hang on, lemme enlarge the font on this muhfucca cuz I couldn't see the small print. Anyway, that's where we need to be going on vacation! YUP! I don't even have to touch. I just wanna see see see what I can see see see (why is that song "Oh sailor, can you see see see.." playing in my head?).

onecoolhoney said...

Ahh, okay, I see now. Jamaica again, huh?! I guess I need to be going there too esp. since my Bahamas trip ain't gon' happen since a certain someone HAD to be officially kicked to the everlasting CURB! *dap*

Hey, so you still changing up and going someplace else with the fam instead of Jamaica?

Supa said...

@ P: No u didn't have on a sailor dress! And no, I didn't think I was CUTE (I hated wearing my hair down. Can u imagine the DRAMA involved in pressing all that mess out???)

@ Cuz: Hey Cuz! Yeah, those were from the Crofton days!!

@ OCS: Beautiful chocolate specimens is RIGHT! Yeah, I think it's JA again this year..(we get that family discount...) Where you trying to go!!?

Zlogical said...

Supa you're doing some serious rants from you as a shortie, previous vacation to Haiti etc. I think you do need a vacation huhn? The only thing I heard lately about Haiti was that women found with the skull in her suitcase. The Haitian president visited Cuba, and a poverty study leads to fund raising for Haitian schools. Maybe when I finish my degree I could look into that a little bit more as far as how to influence a little more involvement from Black folks here in America. That's too complex to get into right now why we can't seem to form a Pan-Africanistic thinking without warring.

Supa said...

Brotha Z: I've never been to Haiti. I 'aint THAT gangsta!!! :) But good look on the diaspora tip.

Single Ma said...

Ha! I always love the Sassy pics. Why does Precious lounge on the couch in the EXACT same way? If you try to make her move, she'll look at you like "what bytch!" LOL

Your baby girl is a cutie...lil Supa in training. ;-)

African girl, American world said...

did you really say you had notihng today.....

everytime I see the picture of the girl and that! And that school pic of you is beautiful! I look at my babies and think the same thing, I was never that carefree!

girl, about the teeth, is it sugar? I swear folk I know back home ain't seen a dentist in their lives and have beautiful teeth too!


Supa said...

@ Mwabs: Girl! The teeth! Just beeeyouuutiful! :)

dp said...

you ain't never stopped smiling since you was a baby

Supa said...

Awww, DP. Probably true. I get that from my Supa Mom.....she smiled even when she was sad.

One love!

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh all the smiles are just what I needed especially since my dentist is trying to outright rob me to keep my smile intact!!

say cheese!

Supa said...

@ Ms. Ahmad: Girl. Before I started getting my "grown up" dental work - I never understood why people walked around with fucked up grills. Now I know...that shit is hella expensive!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sup, Supa Dupe. A nig got out of work early and missed all the hot shyt.

We're off tomorrow too...yeah!

BTW, your daughter is fabulous! Those boots are killer (are those hers????), and the pose would put me to shame. And I'm one fly honey...;-)

Happy Friday!

MzNewAgenda said...

girl I think that "climbing on the top of the couch" Is a little dog toy poodle likes to SLEEP on the top of the couch like that....LOL

jameil1922 said...

i'ma need you to check your mail!!! lolol. LOVE ALVIN AILEY!! the rugrat is TRES ADORABLE! but don't tell her i said that she already know! lololol that's hilarious.

That Girl Tam said...

All late...I got one of them crazy postcards from Dallas too!!! With a color picture on a label on the back...a straight fool!!! But I loved it!!! Me thinkin he's got a whole stack of them Alvin Ailey postcards!!! HAHAHAHAHA