Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supa, Queen of Screen

Supa's infamous moodiness tends to play itself out in a variety of ways, primary one being - the hardcore habit of not answering her phone.

Direct your attention to Exhibit A:

That's right, boys and girls. What you are witnessing is Supa's home phone, with approximately 45 messages anxiously awaiting her review.

Last time I checked my messages was, umm, hell if I know! Won't be sure until I hit the playback. If Cingular is calling to harrass me about my non-payment of February's bill, then it's safe to say this is an accumulation of a few weeks. But..who cares. I might just hit "erase" and start all over. That's always fun.

So Supa, why all the screening, you ask? Besides the fact that I'm a moody loner writer chick and sometimes just don't feel like fucking talking, you mean? Well, truth is, I also screen out of pure laziness and indifference. It's that simple.

I'm just too damn lazy to buy a replacement for my cheap ass Bell South cordless phone with the faulty Caller ID function, which is another reason why I don't randomly pick up the phone, because I can't decipher who the fuck's calling me wantin' to chat. (What in the hell did we ever do before Caller ID?!!) My true and important peeps have my cell digits, and hardly bother ringing me at the tilt anyway.

Besides, when I'm at chillin' at the Supa Pad, I'm usually doing something infinitely more exciting than trying to answer my phone, like mixing up a double martini, advising the Ruff Ryders that YES IT'S PIZZA HUT for dinner AGAIN, spying on my ghetto-ass next door neighbors, playing the Dog Whisperer with Sassy, or simply re-organizing my TiVo shows for the week. You know. Important shit.

I mean hey, between us having home and cell phones, email addresses, Instant Message, textin', Blackberry's and Treo's and all that, whatever happened to the good ole days of being inaccessible?!?! Sometimes we're some communicating fools, and still 'aint sayin' SHIT!

Supa, out!

And yo, don't forget to call me!!


Shawn said...

OMG! I'm the same way when it comes to the phone. I get moody and I will not answer for days! I have caller ID on my work phone too and I won't answer that either. I'll let my cell phone stay dead for days before I charge it. If someone really wants to catch up with me they'll email me....LOL.

Supa said...

Yay, Shawn!! Another fellow screener/non-answer-er! :) But you know what's funny - If I can't get a hold of someone when I CALL - oh there's hell to pay.


Miss Ahmad said...

OMG my writer tribe in effect. i will look at the phone like it's a rabid dog when it rings and when folks get on my shit for answering i reply...phones are for outgoing calls not incoming!

Supa said...

I'm givin' you dap, Ms.Ahmad!
*dap dap*

Might have to use your motto!

I think writers or artists can relate to the intrusion the phone can be. But even when I'm having "down time", I don't like to answer the phone!

lmao @ "stare at the phone like a rabid dog"

African girl, American world said...

certified mess!!! LOL

Sexy Petite Diva said...

I screen big time! I like the picture above "about me". Looks like you. I picked up one for myself! Thanks for your email today.

DPM said...

I knew it! I knew it! Ya'll be sreenin'!

obifromsouthlondon said...

you know the hardest bit? going through 25 messages because you might be missing some *cuff cuff* opportunity.

"obi it's mum did you ..." #3 (delete)
"obi why are you not ..." #3
"hey sexy comming around tonight?" #2 (save)
"obi it's mum why are you not ..." #3

Genesis said...

i screen too...i know that n e one that has the # 2 my house has the # 2 my cell...and if the house phone rings i aint answering it...i dont have caller id...sooo....they shit outta luck. i just wait 2 c if my cell is going 2 ring. if it doesnt oh well. it wasnt important.

i screen on my cell...it better say 212, 718, 917 or i aint answering shit...if its important leave a message sometimes i just dont want 2 me talking 2 motherfuckers.

mrpunchcar said...

what's this "phone" thing u speak of?

So...Wise...Sista said...

"F that! I don't like people playing on my phone!"...Just another example of when keeping it real goes wrong.
~RIP Chappelle's Show

Single Ma said...

This post is hella funny! And I thought I was the master of screening. The phone is a given, but what about the door? LOL

I can't wait to move into my house so I can park in the garage. I can't stand when folks be "in the neighborhood" and decide to stop by cuz they see ur car. DAMN! I'm tired of tellin my daughter to stop, drop, and roll everytime the door bell rings.

Anonymous said...

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do I SO agree with you. I always get annoyed when my home phone rings (my, you, I'm at home to hear it ring, but that's another post).

I turned off my home answering machine a few weeks back and don't regret it.

I cannot for the life of me think why people would want to spare my cell phone minutes (read dollars) by calling me at home during my non-free hours!?!?!

I mean, who does goes around thinking about other people's finances first??? Flipping weirdos...


Anonymous said...

BTW, why did I just check out Miss Sassy - she is so F%CKING cute!

Pls excuse the cuss word...I just love animals!

Knockout Zed said...

The phone is pretty much my enemy these days. I don't know what I did without e-mail. My relationship with my peoples has never been better!

It's like "Yes, I'm still alive. No, I don't have to talk to you to confirm it." That shit is great.


Me said...

yeah what eva happened to talking in person

onecoolhoney said...

I tried to get SBC/AT&T to just remove the voicemail from my phone and they said it would cost more cuz right now it's part of a discounted package. Ain't that some shit. lol

Most of the time when the phone rings, I don't even move. Sugar Bear has taken to snatching the cordless off the hook in the kitchen and running into my bedroom with it yelling, "MOM, THE PHONE IS RINGING!!!"

Oh, and what about ya man calls your home phone and when you don't answer, he calls your cell, pages you, then your home number, then your cell again and leaves a message asking you why you're not answering, and then sends you a text message or 2 or 3 and says he's worried, are you ok, "y aint u answering"--LIKE YOU CAN'T JUST NOT ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!!! He all worried like he's my daddy or sumn, like he bout to lose his mind if he don't get in touch with me SOON! Got up out his bed and drove 25 miles to get to me one time...just popped up at my house bout to have a heart attack! Cuz I wouldn't answer the phone. Dude is a trip, Mally.

But damn, chick! 45 messages? LMAO!

Supa said...

OCS - Now THAT's funny! And if my kids don't wanna get fussed at, they KNOW not to pick up the phone. They're in screening training. :)

So..baby drove 25 miles just 'cause you wouldn't answer, hunh..somebody's BOING (sprung)

but that's real cute. :)

Anonymous said...

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