Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday's Gumbo!

Whas gwaan, Blogger Fam??

Supa's a little shaken this morning, got word that a sista co-worker died of cancer last night...Just like my Supa Mom, she was just too young, man. SO. Guess the message is, we've gotta take care of ourselves.. (as in, GOTS TO) The OG hip-hop generation is fast approaching middle age, and these are fast times we're living in. (wink goes out to One Cool Sis & SPD) Physical, emotional, spiritual health all goes hand in hand.....we owe it to ourselves and the people who love us, to be present and active and healthy so we can ENJOY this journey called life.

I've added a healthy living motivational message to the blog called The Daily Om. (scroll down, look on the left hand column) Check it out, there's a new message daily.

So hey! What's happening out there in the world??

First the Shawn and Nasir collabo..

then Bush and Osama's peeps are makin' deals.

Hell, what's next???!! Never mind, don't think I wanna know. Re: Bush - For the love of God/Jah/Allah/Osiris/Jehovah - who's gonna stop this man?!?

Did anyone happen to catch TV's Illest Minority Moments on VH1? Anyone? Anyone? And if you don't already watch Best Week Ever - ya trippin'.

Hey DPM, we can say what we want about Fiddy
least he sticks with the sistas.... he's no gangster on the verge! (yet) Oh, but wait a minute..he's not even a gangsta. Neva mind.

Some hot blogs to check:
Aside from Supa's already established group of favorite BOMB BLOGGERS (look to the left), she's also stumbled upon some new folk who are doing their thizzle:

Sangin' Diva - She's fabulous, she's talented, she's a singin' Diva! She's currently flexing her singing skills in Tokyo, Japan. She's keeping her blog updated while she travels and roams the world. Check her out!

Those Angry Black Folks - She's fearless, she's smart, she's the ruler of the universe, and she's angry! Now that's hot. (no homo) lol

Cornbread & Curry - A meeting place for African-Americans, Indians, and Arabs.

A Girl Named Shawn - a fellow writer, hailing from the LBC, who gave us something to look at & talk about this week!!

Happy Thursday, ya'll!

Supa, out.


P said...

Hey, Sista, Lemme try to go in order.

I am really sorry about your co-worker. Stuff like that always snaps me back into a health conscious reality. Oft times you can work hard and still be dinged with something, but I can at least give it my damndest try.

I peeped out all those blogs, what rock did those climb out from under, they are great! I haven't really had the opp to go on the hunt for more. . .But the fellow El Bee Cee-er. Yah. Well, that post was, um, arousing.

(Speaking out, check out Msnhim's post today)

Speaking of, that gumbo made me hongray!

PS: I'm so happy I'm first. I am such an attention whore.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares that you were first ... that just means your a cyber stalker... :-P

Just kidding! Supa - thanks for the shot outs with the new bloggers!

P said...


U Got jokes!

Supa said...

Ya'll both silly. How bout that.


and Pat - don't start set trippin' all up on DPM's blog, talking bout LYNWOOD and all that. Take your rah rah elsewhere!


Me said...

Sorry about your friend sweetie..

I lost my mom and dad to cancer the same year ! Thats why I joined the gym girl and am gettin my health together ..

Damn that gumbo look good ! I gotta learn how to cook like that

Shawn said...

Girl! People are emailing me about that damn picture. LOL! Sighs. I want to be a coward and erase all the posts but I refuse to go out like that. :/

Shawn said...

p.s. Thanks for the shout out.

DPM said...

Sorry to hear about your co-worker..

As for 50. I'm not mad him. Although I can't stand some of his music. I'll always give him props for rolling with a dime. Ain't he married?

Supa said...

@ Me: Wow. Two parents in the same year? That's rough!! My sympathies to you and your fam. You're a strong sis. I feel like I lost my mom TOO young. *sigh*

@ Shawn: Oops! Sorry. I was just trying to "spread the love.."

@ DPM: Nah, I think Fiddy's rollin' solo.

Anonymous said...

I've been asking the question "when Bush is going to be impeach" since he started this fake war.

I love Best Week Ever. It's so so funny

angry black girl. said...


*calms down a lil*


Life is definitely something to be valued. It's precious. Fragile. Priceless.

May she rest in peace.

African girl, American world said...

hey gurl...sorry to hear about the death....cancer is something else. My aunt dies of breast cancer and she was a doctor doing research on it *sigh*

gotta check these blogs out!

hope your Thursday is going well

African girl, American world said...

yall know I don't review my entries, damn! she died....

Sangindiva said...

DAMN! Sorry to hear about your co-worker...
Cancer ain't NO JOKE...

Thanx for the shout!!!
I'm about to get my voyeurism on with the new blogs!!

@BUSH all I can do is *shake my head*
I can't STAND him... BOO.

ANNND... if you're makin' gumbo put some in the freezer!

ddsprncs said...

I love Best week ever and the soup that guy kills me. did you see that show called "thats what I'm talking about" its on tv land. you might like it

Miss Ahmad said...

Supa-sorry about your loss. I lost 7 people I knew in one year to cancer. Thus I stopped smoking cigarettes.

Cancer is a monster!

that gumbo looks good. i owe someone some gumbo, i'm 'bout to put a pot together before it gets too damn hot to be in the kitchen!

Miss Ahmad said...

by the way Sis, did you see what happened to your boy? his publisher dumped him!

Shawn said...

Sorry about your lost Supa.

People tease me about being a hypochondriac, but I don't play with health. Sistahs really need to take care of their reproductive health. Usually when we find out we have reproductive cancer, it's too late.

jameil1922 said...

omg i LOOOOOOOOOVE illest minority moments and its friends race-o-rama. did you see that series? CLASSIC! sign me up! where can i buy it?! lolololol

Supa said...

Miss Ahmad - JUST heard about Jimmy Frey's book deal going bye-bye...ooohhh...i'm worried about that boy.

And what a blow to know that many people to pass in one year. Yes, cancer IS a monstor. Glad you're off the ciggies.

@ Jameil - Need to check out Race-o-Rama!

sexy petite diva said...


keep moving forward. i'm proud of what you have accomplished just in the past month. granddaddy said "either you use it or you lose it". he was talking about your body as well as your mind. I've committed to exercise 3 days this week. pray for me:). check with me on friday to see what i did.