Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New South African Flic: Tsotsi

Synopsis: Set amidst the sprawling Johannesburg township of Soweto -- where survival is the primary objective - "Tsotsi" traces six days in the life of a ruthless young gang leader who ends up caring for a baby accidentally kidnapped during a car-jacking.

Tsotsi is already being compared to my favorite all-time flic, City of God. I believe it's a limited release film. Check it out if you're able, sounds interesting.


Miss Ahmad said...


ha ha ha...that movie is Oscar nominated, it's on my list of five movies I'm trying to see this week!

Supa said...

Hahaha! Being the first to post is like reaching base while playing hide n seek!! lol

What are your other movies, Glam?

I'm trying to see:


still debating on Broke Butt

16 Blocks (Mos Def, Bruce Willis)

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

Anonymous said...

Thanks....I fed wanna check this one out. NO Broke Butt for me, still.

BTW, Alexa IS on the site...go back! I was FINALLY able to post mah Apprentice recap, too. Damn NBC!

P said...

Hey girl.

I haven't seen this, but I would like to.

I am going to put it in my Netflix quere, as soon as I find my other two movies to send back. HAHA!

Miss Ahmad said...

Girl I'm seeing Dave Chapelle's Block party somewhere with some black people so I can really enjoy it! No Arc Light for that one!

Broke Butt..(still scared)

Transamerica-love Felicity

Capote-My old neighbor has a big role in it

okay well that's only 4!

Single Ma said...

You are a true movie buff. Haven't seen this one either. Girl I gotta catch up!

Knockout Zed said...

If it's being compared to City of God, you know I'm there, right?


Supa said...

I know, Zeddie! Right? You, me, and the Tender Trio.

Zlogical said...

Thanks Supa--as always your culture involvement runs deep. Thanks for the up's. Have you heard of the Black Covenant with America ?http://www.covenantwithblackamerica.com/
I have been following the tour on CSPAN, and I must say that the panel is well versed and opinionated about the the "New Deal" for Black people in America. The Honorable Minister Louis Farakhan and Harry Belafonte set the stage on fire! Check it out

dpm said...

I plan on seeing it this weekend.

onecoolhoney said...

That does sound rather good. Good lookin' out!

African girl, American world said...

gurl I gotta wait for it on dvd but you know it got quequed 2 weeks ago :)

I found a whole list of cool black movies from Sundance and PAAF - will e-mail them to you.

And did you check out that Bobby/Damian video I sent you?

EmergingPhoenix said...

I will definitely be checking this one out! The SO and I loved City of God!

Genesis said...

oh stop puhlayin! city of god? nuh uh....thats my movie.....i watched it the other night. there were some pictures of the premiere or something of it...and jurnee smollett...my fave child actress was there. Shes hot...pause no brokeback.

@mwabi can u sen me the title to those black movies too?

African girl, American world said...


African girl, American world said...


Supa said...

@ DOC - lmao @ "no brokeback". :) I hear it now about 50 times a day, and the shyt is funny every time.

Thanks Mwabi!!

African girl, American world said...