Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pixelations, as Promised

Downtown Los Angeles
(the US Bank Building is to the far left)
That's the one they "claim" was targeted.

The high-rise to the right is the Library Tower
(I'm pretty sure)

Help me out, Ms. Ahmad, Tam, or P.
(Or any other SoCal readers....)

More skyline photos....

(there was light rain yesterday, that's why the pics look so grimy)

The bane of my existence. Los Angeles Traffic. Everyday. All the time.

Some of Supa's coworkers....

Not the best picture, but don't worry.
You 'aint missin' nothin.....

My STILL unfinished living room!

(It's coming together, though)

Trying to get Sassy to smile.

(She's like: B, please. Put me down.)

Supa, clowning and delirious right before bed, after the Dr. Smith lecture night!!!

PS - Blogger was straight PMS'n this a.m.!! Ohhh, Blogger - go take some Midol and spare us the drama!!


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Blogger was tripping with me too! I hope to visit LA once; never been.

Sassy is cute. I always see cute little dogs but I'm not a pet person.

dal p. said...

Why did I think that there was gonna be a nude shot at the end of that reel?


Supa said...

Southern Gal - Never thought I was a dog person, 'till I got my lil' Pooch. Now I'm stone cold crazy 'bout that mutt. :)

Dallas - Again - you stoopid! 'N don't be postin' my head on top of some H.A.M.'s body and postin' it on ur site! ha ha.

Cocoa Girl said...

Hell Nah, Dallas! LMBAO! I thought the buildings in LA would for some reason be taller...must be all of that fabulousness of the unmatched NYC creeping into the psyche...LOL!

That Girl Tam said...

Maaaaaaaaan...the last time I posted pics of my lovely L.A. skyline, folks were HATIN on me!! HAHAHA no

That traffic is the exact reason why I take the train...FUCK SOME TRAFFIC!!! The BLUE LINE ROCKS!!

That Girl Tam said...

LMAO @ Onecoolsista for the "no homo" line...sounding like Dallas Penn! HAHAHAHA Too funny

onecoolhoney said...

Guhl, you just too flyyy and pretty for Blogger! That's why it be trippin'!! (no homo) LOL!

Okay, the US Bank Tower used to be called Library Tower, so it's one and the same. But that one on the right is not it. The US Bank Tower has what looks like a crown on the top. Here ... lemme find a pic of the US Bank Tower

ok, here's one

Supa said...

Okay, hold up. *Sound of Supa taking her coat off, in order to handle some thangs..*

First off - Cocoa Girl!! With all that "unmatched fabulousness of NYC." You may as well have just said - Nah nanny na nah! Well - least we have SPACE and LAND out here in Cali! Humph.

Tam - Traffic is getting worse, innit!?

One Cool Sis - Now, why you trying to confuddle a sista? That's the same building - mine is shot from a different angle. The US Bank Bldg use to be the First Interstate Building - The Library tower is across the street. Isn't it?? *small voice*

Supa said...

And Cocoa Girl, that's not the entire skyline, but the only view I could get from the 10 freeway!!!

Supa said...

OK- The US Bank Building was RENAMED the Library Tower. It's the tallest building in the US, west of the Mississippi River, 73 stories. (according to

Can somebody tell me how to post a freakin' link in here? (*cough*ONECOOLSIS*cough*) Geez!

onecoolhoney said...

Oh well see wha had happened wuz I couldn't hardly see that building wayyyyy off in the damn-me hazy ass smog-riddled distance, but it looked like it gets too narrow at the top and has too many horizontal lines up there to be the one we lookin' fo'. Look at this pic and you can see both buildings--the third one from the left in your pic and the US Bank Tower.

But nah, the US Bank Tower is the same as the Library Tower. Was named Library Tower cuz it's located right next to the main library; they wanted to keep the library open right where it was. And yes the First Interstate World Center was the name of it before it was Library Tower.

onecoolhoney said...

LOL! Okay, yeah, sis, I'll send you linking info--via e-mail though. If I post it here it's gon look a mess. I need to answer your e-mail from yesterday too, so I'll cover all that.

Oh hey, here's a new pic of my sweetie that you have gots ta see, girl. Taken this past weekend at his video shoot. woo lawdy!!

Supa said...

lmao @ "the hazy ass smog-riddled distance"! Hey, hey! Don't be bad-mouthin' OUR city!

First Interstate, then Liberry Tower, then US Building, then, awwwwwwwwww fuck it.

That big ass building right THERE *pointing*

onecoolhoney said...

You know no matter where I'm at, I will ALWAYS love our city, girl!!

onecoolhoney said...

@ Tam...dang, I'm just now seeing your post to me. How da hell blogger gon post your response earlier than what you were responding to?! wtf!!! LMAO!

Is Dallas Penn in Dallas? We wear that phrase out down here!! LOL

Zlogical said...

Supa I didn't have anything to add about the survey but I did want to say what's up lady...comment on a few thangs.

I can finally get through to your site at the library. Also I've been out of commission over the week with tooth surgery etc, but I did manage to go with my wife and buy bookoo window bling-blings (treatments)for our new house, and a new mattress for the bed (inspired by your previous bedroom blog). I see you're still working on the renovation project--once all the dust is clear I hope it's what'd you envisioned.


African girl, American world said...

you're too funny talking bout your co-workers like that.

I ahve to leave your page immeadiately b4 I cry...I wanted my own Sassy but these 3 menfolk in my house wouldn't have it!

Sadly I realize that this is another thing I missed out on during my single carefree days :)

*wiping tear*

Miss Ahmad said...

a good day in LA is a good day!

That Girl Tam said...

Dallas Penn is in NEW YORK! I love that man...he da bomb!

Single Ma said...

Awww Sassy is sooo cute! Her and my precious are prolly cousins (lol).

And luv the hair! If I wasn't tender headed and they didn't take so freakin long, I'd wear my hair like that all the time. Tried it twice, luved the style but hated gettin 'em in AND taking 'em out.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

That skyline is beautiful. I would love to visit LA.

Your hair is so cute!