Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feeling Supa!!!!


...who toiled away for the last month, despite encountering a WICKED case of the "I-Can't-Do-This," yet still managed to complete research paper/essay she's been stressing and obsessing about since January?

...who escaped the C.S.S. in barely enough time to run home, order pizza for the kids, walk the dog, shower, change clothes, relocate keys, fight traffic to the University, park, wander the campus, then miraculously arrive five minutes early to lecture hall?

....who had the mind-blowing experience of presenting her work in person to her bona fide academic crush, who's career she's followed and admired since college, only to have said intellectual heavyweight read her essay during lecture break, and have said intellectual heavyweight comment that her essay and research were "excellent" in front of the entire class?????

....who had the opportunity to share, build, feedback with said academic crush for an hour after lecture ended, and was given the suggestion that she should seriously consider attending the Educational Tour of Egypt at the First World Conference being held in July???

Dr. Ernie Smith and yours truly!

Pepperdine University, February 13th, 2006

Yes!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!! I'm on such a high right now, 'caint nobody talk to me!!! I strolled up in here LATE as usual, and I'm walking around like "Dr. Smith, yo! He gave me props on my word skills, wha!?! whaaat!!! You can't even talk to me, son, I'm a literary gangsta, what what!!!!"


My mommy and sis were truly smiling down on me from above.

Full details to come!

(Shout out to Mwabi, SingleMom, One Cool Sis, Tam, Cocoa Girl, Sexy Petite Diva, Cinq, Jones, Auntie, Jude, the Ruff Ryders, and everyone who gave me love, encouragement, guidance, support, and positive energy during this process, especially when I caught the evil flu then had an emotional meltdown and didn't think I could pull things together in time)

Happy Valentine's Day, Blogger Fam!!!!

Supa's Playlist for Today:

Feelin' Good - Nina Simone
I 'Aint No Joke - Eric B. and Rakim
Hot Damn - The Clipse
I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross
Fu-gee-la - Fugees
Samba de Bencao -- Bebel Gilberto
Umi Says - Mos Def
Everyday I Write the Book - Elvis Costello
Cleva - E. Badu
Dynamite - Ms. Dy-na-mit-tee-hee
The Life - Mystic
Run Into the Sun - N.E.R.D.S.
Touch the Sky - Kanye
Smile - 2Pac
Ether - Nas
The Specialist - Ali Vegas
Through the Wire - K. Weezie
The Next Movement - The Roots
Say How I Feel - Rhian Benson
Beautiful Struggle - Talib Kweli


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!! Congrats, girl! BTW, love that "Literary gangsta...what? what?"

Now get back to work!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm back!!! Come see me!

African girl, American world said...


I'm so proud of you and Ima call you!!!!

I hope you're considering Egypt :)

Happy Valentine's Day and great picture!!!

Ja said...

Congratulations baby girl. I however am not surprised in the least. I know what kind of skills you have, I know your passion, and I know your talent.

There is something about academia once you complete that last paper, or tweak and fine tune the last dreaft of a dissertation before you release it to the ethers to determine your fate. It is like floating on after burn of the etherial academic high. That shit it great! The bottom line is, you already knew, we already knew you could do it.

So Ketel One up, enjoy you V-Day and do the damn thang baby! Ima try to get up North soon. I'm in deep right now. Mad love from Dago "guhl."

Oh yeah do I hear someone contemplating rejoing the ranks of higher ed?

Me said...

Congrats Sis !!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations, ms. sharif,
you were like new york city
at midnight on new year's eve.

glowing . glowing. glowing.

i'm happy for you!

Supa said...

Thank you thank you, good peeps!

Whaa what what what! :) Look at me actin' all crunk - I'ma be in bed by 8 PM tonight. lol

That Girl Tam said...

YAY!! I'm so proud of you and so EXTRA happy!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!! Literary gangsta, huh? HAHAHAHA ok...

obifromsouthlondon said...

who my supa girl? whaat? lol! you doing good sweetheart

happy valentines x

Zlogical said...

Ah-hah I got through the library's blocker on your blogger--what's up lady--you do that thang. I had more to same but there's a glitch or something...go to Egypt, too.

Knockout Zed said...

Who's this cat touchin' up on my woman again?

Good shit, mama. Way to write!


Single Ma said...

Aww man, I feel like I'm late to the hottest party of the year. Damn Supa, I'm soooooooo proud of you!! Work it, work it!! Do yo thang gurl! I'm so happy for you.

So are you going to Egypt? It looks a little pricey, but I'm sure you can get some sponsorship. Hell, I'll even chip in the collection plate (lol). It'll be a great experience for you.

William H. said...

give me our mailing address and I will send you a few CD's with some great music.

I LOVE Bebel G. too!

Supa said...

William H - Bebel be the bomb. Hit me up on email supa_sister@yahoo.com

SingleMa - you are such a sweetie!! Taking up a collection for moi. :) We'll see, I'd LOVE to go this year.

Brotha Z - hey! Thanks for the shout!! Get back online soon.

Zed - You stoopid. Thanx babe. :)

Obi - dis Yankee girl trynta do her thing! :) Thx sweetheart.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Girl you are so pretty!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Miss Ahmad said...

Congrats Sis, girl you looking good there! do your thug writing thing!

Supa said...

Ms. Ahmad - Aw, thank ya sis! Thug writin', ha! Jimmy Frey 'aint got NOTHIN on me! lol. I'm feelin' your new image. :) Power to the Soul Sistas.

Nic - You are too, Nic! Thanks babe.

Auntie said...


Great and so are you. You know you have the right stuff and Dr. Smith knows it. How about Egypt? I think you should do it.

Chat with you later.

Again, congratulations !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok - you know I'm not the most detail oriented...I JUST saw the Egypt link. Girl, that is PHAT!!! I'd chip in for you, too (seriously). It would be an amazing experience for you! I hope you're considering it!

onecoolhoney said...

Go SUPA SISTA!! I knew you would shine!! Gotta admit I'm kinda torn about the Egypt trip--okay okay I'm bein' selfish. If you go to Egypt, that would probably mean you ain't comin to Dallas for July 14-16. :( Well, whatever you do, you know I'll support you. Guess if you go to Egypt, I need to be getting to LA to visit you sometime beforehand huh.

Shawn said...

Your skills are undeniable sistah! I knew he would be impressed.

I love your hair! Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday.

Miss Ahmad said...

oh and girl get your Egypt on! If we have to have a fish fry, a "i gotta go to Africa" fundraiser....make that happen i'm sure it will change your life!

jameil1922 said...

wow! get it girl!!! i'm tryin to re-connect w/my intellectual idol! that's hot.

P said...

I'm just trying to come up on that shirt you got on.

PS: Looks like you've got some bluetooth compatible friends yourself.

Happy Belated Valentines, mama.

DPM said...

Who? You. That's who.

Do your thingy thang. Congrats on your movement.


Single Ma said...

LOL @ "i gotta go to Africa" fundraiser

I got $5 on it! LMAO

obifromsouthlondon said...

i can already hear that playlist in my head. Ms Dy-na-mit-tee-hee