Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holiday Antics, Part III

So catch up on antic installments One and Two before you proceed…

So after that horrible flic, Supa and The Girl exit theater around nine p.m. Supa Sister stomps all the way back to the parking garage, anxious to shake the spot. Not that she had any New Year’s eve plans to hurry off to whatsoever, but because the forced two hour viewing of No Negroes in Narnia propelled her to the edge of a mild panic attack. Seriously. When Supa Sister perceives (irrationally or otherwise) that she is in a place or circumstance where she cannot bone the fuck out when she gets good and ready, she will kinda nut up. Doesn’t matter if she’s in traffic, an airplane, elevator, grocery store, court, marriage - whatever. Very, very claustrophobic tendencies and control issues working here. Never ever denied it. Working on it.

So. Drive home. Settle in. The Girl informs that she’s going to play her PSP or log onto dollzmania.com or create a new dance routine or work on a cure for spina bifida or something like that, so Supa Sis then attempts to calm her own high level of anxiety by getting cozy with a bottle of Pinot. It was Supa’s plan to just chill around the house, watch the ball drop, and head on off to her all time favorite fabulous spot – her bed.

But...when midnight came, Supa coulda sworn she had been magically transported from a cozy palm tree-lined street in black middle-class Los Angeles to fucking war torn Fallujah. WTF? Now Supa might be off her ammo game a little, but those weren’t some flimsy ole fireworks or .22’s or even some garden-variety Glock rounds popping off, that mess sounded like some air-to-missile rocket launchers or grenades were being launched directly offa Crenshaw Blvd aka the Gaza Strip

Huh. Suddenly the no negroes in Narnia motif didn’t sound so bad….

Good luck to the LAPD trying to disarm those fools…I hear the young insane knuckleheads are still upset over Tookie

Meanwhile, the Girl ended up peacefully falling to sleep on the sofa (dreaming about gnomes, no doubt) while Supa bounced Happy New Year text messages back and forth to her peeps ‘till about 2 am. And her phone keep ringing off the hook with other nice thoughts and well wishes. And Supa couldn't even be grouchy about that.

See, boys and girls! Supa does kinda sort have a life. Kinda. Sorta...

Hope everyone had a safe, non-Narnia, non-bullet-riddled New Year!

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African girl, American world said...

reading the book..I could comment daily as I go along or should I wait till the end?