Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jimmy Frey Gets the Gas Face

So, I'm here chillin' beneath my 'lectric blanket, with a steaming mug of Theraflu at my side, checking in on the Blogworld, off work for the rest of the week, feeling kinda cozy. Then Cocoa Girl hits me up with the info that The Memoirist aka James Frey, will be on Oprah today!!! Read this article. Oprah says she feels duped, and she will apologize to her viewers for initially backing Frey during that Larry King Live episode.

The Memoirist now admits: "All the way through the book, I altered details about every one of the characters," Frey said. "Every one of the characters was altered," including himself.
Ooohh......he's in trouble..... Me thinks like Glamazon...Frey's got an amazing career ahead of him as a ghostwriter/gangsta rapper...

We shall see how this all goes down, but my question do you think this will affect Frey's career and future gigs? 'Cause as far as I know, Jayson Blair's rep is ruined fo' life. Who thinks the world will give this wanna-be gangsta white boy a stay of execution, long as he confesses to Opie?

I do.

Update: Okay, so I watched the show.

First thoughts: James Frey is on suicide watch. Either that, or he's about to start hittin' the pipe again. If he ever really smoked crack, that is. Guess we'll never know...At any rate, as I watched the show, I really began to feel sorry for this dude...because he fell victim to a very human trait...the EGO. He embellished his "true story", and the shit blew up in his face. Big time. Most of us have the comfort of facing our fuck-ups within the confines of our own non-public lives, this dude has annihilated himself in front of the world, and committed a major sin by dragging Oprah into it. And we all know - don't fuck with Aunty O. (as Mwabi says)

Whatever weakness dude had/has to make him spin these outrageous tales - I can't call it. But he's paying the price. The panel Oprah had on today basically slaughtered him, ridiculed him to his face, and all dude could do was hang his head and admit he was wrong. If you've lived long enough, you know how difficult it is to be called on your own shit. Umm..yeah.

I'm not excusing what he did, 'cause as a writer, I still think the shit was pretty heinous. But on a human level - bless him, 'cause he's got some issues to work through.

There's a quote that goes: The fault you find in others, be sure to correct in yourself.

And on that note, lemme go scan my manuscript and make sure my lies are airtight. (kidding!)

Supa Sister, out!


Ja said...

Yes well as we assessed earlier, one can only walk around with a wet bag of poop so long before it bursts. I don't watch O on the regular but I guess I will today.

Get better Sis. And get Sassy out that dayum bed. :-) They are such good cuddlers.

Supa said...

Thanks, JA!

and Sassy is such a bed hog, it's a damn shame. :)

Anonymous said...

Dang...hope his newly found bad rep doesn't send him back to the drugs! Life's a b!tch, yet based on all the redemption he says he received, he should have known better. We, as humans, always bring ish on ourselves. Damn.

After what I read on the Chappelle theory, he might be a marked man...LOL

Anonymous said...

BTW, I don't feel bad for Jayson Blair. We were in the same Journalism program at UMCP together and dude was seriously, seriously arrogant (especially for a four-foot eleven cat). He had this above-man air about him that never really sat right with most folk. I just don't understand how some folks heads can get so big based on's not like they're really, truly great NOR as talented as they purport. The human mind is a fargan trip!

Supa said...

"send him back to the drugs" LOL, Cocoa Girl!

I don't know why, but I'm feeling a tad sorry for this cat...

Miss Ahmad said...

It ain't over until the former fat lady sings....

I knew that it would come to this, Oprah, unlike Star Jones, has too much money on the line to be made to look like an every day fool!

He's in trouble now! I hope she does something gangster like halt all press on his book, after she made his publishing company almost 2 million dollars, she damn near owns that boy!

African girl, American world said...

ok I watched the show and I'm MAD! Let me make a post of my thoughts. I'm mad adt Oprah....

I predict James will be back on drugs real soon with the way your Aunty all of sudden switched sides and went at him like she was in the ring!

Supa said...

Mwabi - it's just about to come on for me. Why you mad at Aunty?? You knew this was coming..I was mad when she didn't blast him from jump!

African girl, American world said...

i'm mad because she's coming off fickle....what she did today is what she should have done on King...and only reason she going off today is cause so many people let her have it in the it isn't even about what she really thinks..people pleasing at its best.

you on IM?

angry black girl. said...

I'm just mad that he lied to Oprah. You don't lie to Oprah. She's OPRAH!

Never mind the literary integrity and all that other fancy garbage.


No excuses.

African girl, American world said...

oh please - people lie to Oprah on the daily to her face!

Chick swore she hadn't had plastic surgery and her whole left side couldn't move cause of Botox.

Oprah is not God - people needed that wake up call!

And yes Jimmy is on suicide watch...I hope this doesn't have a sad ending cause I'm not ready for those Oprah shows where she goes on and on about her guilt!

Anonymous said...

I actually do feel bad for him too, yall. BTW, why were you up so damn late...did ya'll catch the 1a viewing. LOL

Anyhoo, I feel bad for dude, too. But we reap what we sow. Again, considering everything he claims to have been delivered from he should have known better. I too predict the return to the white horse REAL SOON. Too bad.

O betta help him get in rehab. Besides, her defending him on air was her fault, cuz as a former PR pro, I KNOW her PR team did not tell her ass to call in to that show!!!


jameil1922 said...

oh boo. i so didn't care. its a BOOK. no one really believed that ish anyway!! lololol. i just want to read a good book. i could care less if its true. is it good?

P said...


Although. . .Truth is absolute and we should try to stick to it. I said this very same thing on Mwabi's blog, I don't like the way Oprah hoo-banged on him. If she had not opened up her big piehole so soon, she would have not had to try and save face (which by the way, was the same thing he was trying to do)

Even though we all make mistakes (most of which get slammed back in our face).

Supa said...

P - Opie did who-bang on ol' boy, didn't she! (I 4got you're an OG West Coaster!) Frey looked like he wanted to throw back a bottle of sleepy pill. Poor thing.

Jameil - I started reading the book before Oprah selected it for her club. I couldn't finish it. It was just overkill, IMO. It's like 460 pages.

jameil1922 said...

oh noooooooo that's too long. but i might check it out at the library. i wonder if this will make it more in demand or less??