Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday's Tidbits

Okay, late to work again. Told ya’ll it was chronic. This time I’ve got One Cool Sis to attest, because when she hit me on the cellie this a.m. to tell me her great news, I was fresh out the shower, tripping over the Pooch, ironing and trying to style my hair. And it was already like, 7:40. Umm yeah. Speaking of which, CNN just reported that multi-tasking actually makes you less productive, and to really maximize your shit you must do one thing at a time and do it well, versus trying to tackle a cazillion tasks at once ‘cause you’ll just end up doing a half-ass mediocre crappy job at everything. Will have to cite those statistics next time boss tries to push multiple projects with varying deadlines on Supa’s desk. Heh.

On to Tuesday’s Tidbits:

Paul Giamatti: Supa loved you in "American Splendor" and “Sideways,”
so trust her when she says this is not a flattering look for you:

Not a good look for you either,Ahhhnold:

One crooked muthafuck*r down

....the rest of the Republican Party to go…..

Anyone else wanna nominate this negro for the racial draft?
Anyone? Anyone?

Now...a few of Supa’s pretend celebrity boyfriends :

P.S. - I had more, but the server kept going down. This morning's post was straight tedious! Good lookin' out, Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back, Supa! BTW, is that really herpes on Arnold's lips??? That photo HAS to be photoshopped. So disgusting! Eww!!!

BTW, I am so tired of Terrence Howard and am about to start an official "Hoe, Sit Down" site for him alone. Talk about overexposure...

Ja said...

Supa...get yo azz out that dayum bed! What the hell? And look here as long as you are not jockeying Idris Elba aka Stringer Bell...I don't give a fat rat's ass bout the rest of them boyz. Now if you get near "Stringer" Ima hafta cut ya or better yet...shoot off your pinkie toe.

Again....LOVING... being back in Cali and about to get my run on. Hit ya later. By the way, my pooches are looking forward to their play date with Sassy. Roadtrip?

African girl, American world said...

Girl them my pretend babydaddies - put your dukes up!!!

Terrance DeShon Howard - I have tried loving you - you had me at best when you played Q but this right here is over exposure to the MAX. Give us some time to miss you so go on somewhere for a few months!

Supa said...

Cocoa - Ahhhhnnold fell off his motorcyle and needed 15 stitches for his lip. Still gross.

JA - Definite playdate for the poochies. Heading to your blog right now!!

Mwabi - ahhh, girl! We gon' fight! :) And ditto re: Terrance...he needs to go sit down!!!!

That Girl Tam said...

Ok, I ain't gonna be mad about your pretend boyfriends because Richard T. Jones ain't on the list...he's the only pretend man in my life at the moment! HAHAHAH!

onecoolhoney said...

Hahaha! My po' late friend. Lawd, what us gon' do. lol

That is true though, about multitasking. How do you think I managed to run the writers organization, manage the site, produce the conference, work full-time, freelance edit, and do everything else I've always done seemingly simultaneously?! ;)

And you can have all them menzzz. I ain't mad. The rest of the world ain't been introduced to my superstar suga yet. I'll wait till everybody start sweatin' him along with all the rest of the sexy celebrity hotties--then I'll start throwin' bows. lol

Butta said...

CTFU @ Terrence Howard in the racial draft. He is truly on the verge of having his Brother Card revoked.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Late!? (shaking my heading) Girl, why I'm I on the verge of getting back into my old habit of being late and this is only my 4th week at the new job, LOL? I have not gotten ridiculous......yet!

I believe that multi-tasking actually makes you less productive. That’s why I have like 10 damn “unfinished” projects on my desk at work.

I’m so in love with two of your celebrity boyfriends. First is that dude (I don’t know his name) that plays on Grey’s Anatomy. OMG I’ve been feeling him for a minute.

My other dream lover is Method Man, LOL.

Now why am I mad at myself for not realizing that you had a book until today?!?!?! WTF have I been doing? I’m on your blog quite a bit so I can’t believe I didn’t realize that!

Girl you are a true SUPA HERO!!!!!!!!!!!

Supa said...

Cool Sis - throwin 'bows' LMAO!

Butta - He needs it revoked ASAP!!

Nic - Isaiah Washington is figgity fine. So under-rated. (Grey's Anatomy) Method is my thug love. :)

Didn't know about my book?? it's right over there on the side under the "about supa sis" links. You so silly. Thanks boo!! You a "supa star-uh" too!

Genesis said...

u know its bad when actors get over-exposed. because u hardly see them except when they do have a movie out, or when theyre up for an award. he done did 1,2,3,4, and i think 5 movies this year. gooooooley

sexy petite diva said...

what about kobe? do you like terrance howard or are you just annoyed at him for Hustle...?