Monday, January 02, 2006

It's 2006

Hey everybody! Here's to fabulous fucking things in the '06!!

Supa Sister sat here and almost actually got nostalgic about this being her first post of the year. She quickly got over it. It's like January 2nd now, and dude, the "new year" shit is already getting kinda old. For the last 48 hours, everyone (including me) has been all like, Happy New Year! and I Can't Believe it's 2006! and Where has the time gone!, and really - my life has been one big dramatic blur since I graduated high school about a zillion years ago, so hey - I rather not dwell on new beginnings and shit like that. Let's just keep it moving, shall we!

So I haven't been blogging the last few days, because Supa Sister discovered she kinda sorta has somewhat of a social life. Imagine that. Among other things, last week she went out happy houring with the same debaucherous crew (shout out to Cocoa Girl!) from that fated holiday luncheon, and had quite the lovely time. VIP reservations in a lively bar overlooking the Pacific, trustworthy male co-workers with whom Supa Sister felt comfortable wouldn't attempt to molest her while intoxicated, scrumptious appetizers, and of course, jaw-dropping conversation. One co-worker revealed that years ago she worked undercover as a stripper, another had an illegitimate child from a one night stand. Supa Sister sure has some whorish ass co-workers. The fact that I was planning a naughty make-out session with my married ex-boyfriend/high school sweetheart didn't seem so trifling. In comparison, I mean.

Alas, Supa Sister will fill you in on the other stuff later. On account of it's raining, and I keep losing the damn DSL connection. Not that those two things have anything at all to do with each other, but Cali folks tend to blame everything on the rain. It's the catch-all excuse...I can't come see you, it's raining outside. I can't possibly go to work, it's raining outside. Sorry son, I can't take you to the emergency room just because you're having a lethal asthma attack, don't you see it's raining outside?! Yeah. Cali folks can be downright trifling about some inclement weather.

That 'aint gonna stop Supa Sister's ass from getting to that mall, though. Trust and believe!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year SS! It's nice to see someone is actually blogging on the "day off." Since my site is about working/the office world, I take liberty to skip a post every time we skip the office. LOL

BTW, your coworkers must have been pretty lit to start divulging a one-night stand child and stripper ish!


Shawn said...

Happy New Year Supa Sister! Don't you love it when co-workers spill their guts? It kinda helps you understand the dumb shyt that they do all the time...LOL.

ddsprncs said...

I have not gone any where except church because... it's raining.
(I live in the bay area)
-talking about secrets, I was thinking about doing a tell (alomst) all post .. we shall see.

and a happy new year to you!

Supa said...

@ Cocoa & Shawn: my co-workers are straight lushes! Trying to act all professional in the office and shit.... lol

@ DD - Don't let the rain stop you from that post! lol. Happy New Year as well.