Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Supa Sister on Flics

I Love Huckabees

Plot Outline: A husband-and-wife team play detective, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, the happy duo helps others solve their existential issues, the kind that keep you up at night, wondering what it all means.
“How come we only ask ourselves the really big questions when something bad happens?”

“If the forms of this world die, which is more real, the me that dies or the me that's infinite? Can I trust my habitual mind or do I need to learn to look beneath those things?”

This movie is full of so many good quotes, Supa could hardly contain herself! And honestly, she didn’t think there was a movie that could come along and rival the other existential flics like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or What The Bleep Do We Know, but it’s happened. To think Supa stayed away from this movie so long because of the corny title. Tragic.

At any rate, I Heart (Love) Huckabees is an existential comedy/satire, and I gotta say, this is one of the most hilarously innovative and thought-provoking movies to hit Hollywood in quite awhile. It’s got some great performances, a bomb soundtrack, and it tackles the question folks really want to know – what is the meaning of my life? Or – is life simply meaningless; identity an illusion; and are we all simply atoms within an infinite universe caught up in a never-ending cycle?

Don’t know about you, but Supa Sister loves any book or movie that (fiction or non) tackles philosophy, quantam physics, metaphysical studies, and ‘what-am-I-really-supposed-to-be-doing-here on-planet-earth’ kind of thought processes.

This movie has a clever premise: imagine if you hired an existential detective agency to track your every movement, thought, internal conversation, etc., and forced you to analyze all those things, in order to help you discover the true meaning of your life? What ensues in this movie, as we watch each character try to “figure out” their lives, is pure comedy and dramatic gold.

There's nothing too small. You know when police find the slightest piece of DNA and build a case on it? If we see you floss or masturbate, that could be the key to your entire reality.”

Albert was one of my favorite characters. He instantly won my heart, because he’s the neurotic poet. And one of his classically delivered lines sounds like an internal monologue Supa has going on inside her head 90% of the time:

“Motherfucking cocksucker motherfucking shit fucker what am I doing? What am I doing? I don't know what I'm doing. I'm doing the best that I can. I know that's all I can ask of myself. Is that good enough? Is my work doing any good? Is anybody paying attention? Is it hopeless to try and change things? The African guy is a sign, right? Because if he isn't, than nothing in this world makes any sense to me. I'm fucked! Maybe I should quit. Don't quit! Maybe I should just fucking quit. Don't fucking quit! I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to fucking do anymore! Fucker! Fuck shit!”

Also – Supa was completely intrigued by Mark Wahlberg’s acting ability in this flic. (Yes, that Marky Mark) He definitely brought the funny, passion, and frustration alive in his character. And Supa Sister even though he was actually kinda cute….for a white boy.

Holla back if you see this flic, I’d love to build on it.


African girl, American world said...

The title did nothing for me so I haven't but I will watch it and get back at ya.

My husband is still raving about what the bleep do we know.

Skinnyman said...

Yeah Supa Sister! I loved it too. I thought Marky Mark was great, and Dustin Hoffman and Jude Law were both outstanding as always. From the opening credits, when Albert is walking around that maze of an office building, right to the last line (Tommy: "Should we bring our own chains?" Albert: "We always do"), this was such an original, quirky, entertaining, thought-provoking flick. BTW, the soundtrack was done by Jon Brion (Eternal Sunshine)

African girl, American world said...

Now I remember why I didn't rush out to rent it - JUDE LAW! That boy got on my last nerve when I watched Alfie, Closer and 2 other movies he was in in one night - Chris Rock was right about him!

Supa said...

Skinnyman - Ok, so I'm late on this one! Jon Brion is the bomb.

Mwabi - Yeah, Jude will always be a wuss for me, every since I fell in love with "CLOSER"! Didn't like him in Alfie...what did Chris rock say about him?

African girl, American world said...

Chris Rock made a joke when he hosted the oscars about Who is Jude Law? cause dude was in like 10 movies back to back to back. I felt Chris cause dude came out of nowhere. But you know white folk missed the joke and came out and said shit like Jude Law is a wonderful guy blah blah blah - take a joke people!

Yeah but watching Closer and Alfie back to back was a bad idea....I'm off Jude Law cold turkey!