Friday, January 06, 2006

Straight Reminiscin': Supa's Top 20

So Supa and one of her Supa Friends were chattin' yesterday, about how it's 2006 and how we and the rest of our Supa Crew are all good and grown, but that it seemed just yesterday we were all hanging out on the block, smacking gum, double-dutching and spouting our big-girl dreams, or rollin' down Crenshaw Blvd. in our Nissan Sentras, rockin' our asymmetrical haircuts and dolphin earrings....

So of course we got all nostalgic and dug up all of our old memories, experiences, and exploits of growing up in Cali during the 80's. And then I instantly knew what my blog topic was going to be today! Now some of this stuff I'm about to drop is strictly cultural, generational and maybe even regional, and even if we do flow from the same era, we most definitely have our own preferences.

So Supa's 'bout to get old school, and ya'll holla back with your choices, and any other memories as you see fit. Happy Fucking Friday!

Old School Quiz: Were you down with...

1) Big Wheels or Kick-N-Go's ?

2) Sorry
or Lite Brites?

3) Lemon Heads or Now-a-laters?

4) Pop Rocks or PEZ?

5) Freeze Tag or Red Light, Green Light?

6) Cereal Sandwich or Syrup Sandwich?

7) Double Dutch or Hopscotch?

8) Atari or Sega Genesis ?

9) Pac-Man or Asteroids ?

10) Good Times or What's Happenin'?

11)Chuck's or Shell toes's (couldn't find a cool enough Adidas picture!)

12)Koolaid: Red or Grape??

13)Lucky Charms or Capn' Crunch ?

14)Gold Chains or Africa Medallions??

15)Sergio's or Jordache or Levi's jeans?

16) NWA or Public Enemy ?

17) Breakfast Club or Pretty In Pink ?

18) LL Cool J or Big Daddy Kane ?

19) Chubb Rock or Heavy D

20) Nas or Jay-Z ?


The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

you should watch i love the '80's on VH1, everytime it comes on me and mrs.sarccastik always talk about how fun it was....we crack up everytime...

onecoolhoney said...

1) Big Wheels
2) Sorry (Lite Brite was ghey!hehehe oh)
3) Now n Laters!! What you know bout that Mystery Mix!
4) Pop Rocks (and open your mouth all kinda ways and angles for sound effects)
6) Nah...but hook me up wit a mayonnaise sammich tho
7)Double dutch double-time!!
8) Atari
9) That's MS Pac Man to y'all
10) BOTH
11) Chucks
12) GRAPE!
13) I STILL keep me some Lucky Charms and Cap'n Crunch. What you know bout that Count Chocula tho? or the ORIGINAL Trix formula!!

Anonymous said...

Cereal sandwich???!?! Sorry, gurl, but WTF?!?! LOL. What about the mayonaise joints w/ sugar sprinkled on top? Or the pickle with the Now & Later in the middle, Chico Stix, Dip Sticks or ring candy. LOL

I obviously grew up very project-y, as my diet steadily consisted of nothing but refined sugar and breads! Makes me vomit to even think about it everything I used to consume!


Supa said...

Okay here goes!
1)Big wheel baby
2)Lite Brite
3)Lemon Heads
4)Pop Rocks
5)Freeze Tag like a mug
6)Syrup Sandwich
7)Double-dutch, fool!
9)MS PAC MAN!!! Still play it!!
10) Both
11)Chucks. Still rock em
12) Red!!
13) Luck Charms.
14) Africa medallion
15) ALL
16) BOTH
17) Pretty in Pink!
19) Heavy D
20) NAS 4 ever

Supa said...

Sarccastik - I'm already there withcha, bro! I'm tivo-ing I love the 90's as we speak!

CG - "grew up very project-y" LOL And you 'aint neva had a ceral sandwich?? Shame!! We usta put peppermint sticks in the middle of our pickles....

Shawn said...

1. Big Wheel
2. Sorry
3. Nowlaters (you know it was all one word).
4. Pop Ricks
5. Freeze Tag
6. Syrup Sandwiches behind my grannies back. She didn't play meatless sandwiches.
7. Double Dutch
8. Atari
9. Pac Man
10. What's Happening! That Damn Dwayne was too fine.
11. Shell Toes for sure!
12.Red Koolaid
13. Cap N' Crunch
14. Gold Chains
15. Sergios
17. Pretty in Pink
18. LL Cool J
19. Heavy D
20. Nas

Supa said...

OCS - Lite Brite WAS NOT gay!

onecoolhoney said...

LMAO!! I KNEW you were a Lite Brite head!! LOL!!

Supa said...

One Cool Sis - shut up! Finish taking the quiz, punk! You stoppeed at #13!Don't have me crip walkin up in this piece

African girl, American world said...

Seeing as I'm from a whole nother continent I can only answer some:

1 - Big Wheels
6 - Syrup sandwich
7 - Hopscotch
9 - Pac-man
10 - Good times
14 - African Medallions
16 - Public Enemy
17 - both
18 - LL
19 - Heavy D
20 - Nas

you got a special shout out in today's post

That Girl Tam said...

OMG....I love this one!!!
1. Kick n go
2. Lite Brite
3. Lemonheads and HOT TAMALES (I know that ain't on the list, but those were the BOMB)
4. Pez
5. Freeze Tag (and the nasty girls played Hide And Go-Get-it)
6. Syrup Sammich
7. Wasn't coordinated enough for double dutch, but I could skate my ass off...
8. Atari (even though I didn't have one)
10. good times
11. Chucks
13. Crunch Berries! Hey, yall remember Smurf cereal?? That shit was the bomb!
14. NWA BABY!!!! I used to LOVE me some Cube...
15. Gold chains and bamboo earrings...don't forget the E.K.s
17. Dang...I loved both movies...but definitely Pretty in Pink (and 16 Candles - don't forget St. Elmo's Fire)
18. Big Daddy Kane...smooth operator
19. Dang, I loved Heavy D (the girls, the girls they love ME "he's the overweight lova Heavy D!") but Chubb Rock knew how to "treat me right" hehehe...
20. Yanno...I wasn't really diggin on either of those two...but give me some X-Clan, DJ Quik or 2ndIINone and we can roll!

That Girl Tam said...

oops...I missed a me all confused going back and forth....SERGIO BABY!!!!!

"Uh OH! SERGIO! Sergio Valente! Sergio Valente JEANS! Uh OH! SERGIO! OooooooooOoooo SER-GIOOOoooo...Sergio Valente! Sergio Valente JEANS!"

YEAH BABY...what you know about THAT???? Hey, and don't front on the BLACK Gloria Vanderbilt's...those were all the rave!

Supa said...

TAM, u is CRAZY!!!!!! In the good way. :) I thought I was the only one who remembered how the Sergio Valente jeans ad went!!!

Ha ha, you takin me back!!!

And wait - I heard AMG this morning on my way to work - B!tch Betta Have My Money --- I was ashamed that I was rockin' to it..ashamed, I say!!

That Girl Tam said...

Ok, then I should be ashamed to admit that I dated him once...for about 2 name is Jason.

Shawn said...

You aint got to be ashamed of. That was the anthem in the late 80s! They did a 2000 version, it was whack.

Zamounde said...

What up Supa Sister--It's Z

Now I got all teary eye LOL naw but for real you hit a memory bank with your survey. I can't answer them all right now. I was a Big Wheelin' fool eatin' Pop Rocks and Capt Crunch, tortured by Lemon Heads and loved Now and Laters but I could never save them for later so I called them Now's. I enjoyed freeze tag, and hide and go seek (not on the list). I drank any Koolaid until the sugar was gone then I find substitutes--any thing sugary to mix with it shoo I didn't care. Back in the day I preferred gold chains and this girl Lisa who I was in love with never gave me back the chain she borrowed when I walked he home one day--sucker or what? Back in the days I listened to whatever came on the radio or made me get up on the dance floor at basement parties or while sitting in my friend's step dad's van smoking dreams. Sergio's and Jordache seemed gay to me so I wore Levi's, and that's all I have to say about that...I got nothing but love for you baby (like the song). Peace--the Footstepper.

Anonymous said...

I love this kinda stuff. Yeah it takes me way back, back down memory lane (feelin' me some Minnie Ripperton!)

Ok I was a big girl so my parents didn't buy me a Big Wheel or aKick-N-Go. Sorry was cool but Simon was cooler. Lemon Heads yeah and Boston baked beans and Nowlaters,as someone upthread said you know it was one word. We used to eat Pop Rocks all the time before the rumor came out that they would make your stomach explode, remember that one? Freeze Tag, Red Light,Green Light, Mother may I and red rover,red rover send Nee Nee right over, hell yeah!! Cereal Sandwich for sure. It took me years to learn how to jump Double dutch, I was the chubby uncoordinated girl!! Atari at my friends house clicking that damn ball back and forth for hours. It didn't take much to keep us occupied. Loved Pac-Man my mom bought me a hand held pac man game, blisters for days on my fingers. Good Times and What's Happenin' Hey, Hey, Hey ala Dwayne!! Chuck's or Shell toes's, didn't rock neither of those and I don't really remember what type of sneakers I wore except for K-Swiss in the mid to late 80's and that's what's on my feet still. I loves my K-Swiss. Red koolaid baby!! Capn' Crunch used to make the roof of my mouth hurt but I still ate it!! I didn't like marshmallows so lucky charms were yucky!! Gold Chains yeah! Levi's jeans and my friend would stitch up the leg so they were extremely straight legs. NWA or Public Enemy didn't get into either of these I was into rock music at the time. Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink, and anything else the Brat Pack was in LL Cool J or Big Daddy Kane neither. Chubb Rock or Heavy D, Heavy was cool. Nas or Jay-Z these dudes weren't in the 80's were they?

Trent Jackson said...

Itz a great welcome to your blog! It was cool remembering some of the stuff on the list!! You forgot to mention the dances though...the wop, the snake, the troop, the Bobby Brown & The Roger Rabbit!!! and what is the 80's in L.A. without 1580 K-Day?

Hot list though...I'll be back to check it out some more...thanks for hittin me up!

Me said...

ok i liked all of them LOL

i been reading ur blog for awhile now ..

Ur so Supa !

Supa said...

Brotha Z - u still remember the girl who didn't give you back your chain?? awwww!!

Anyway, great reply! Thanks

Supa said...

Trent - 1580 K-DAY, no doubt!!! These young bucks don't remember it when it was on the AM dial.

LOL @ the dances you mentioned!!

Genesis said...

stop playin with me. u took it back man.

i remember this hand clappin game that went like this.

candy girl
all my world
looks so sweet
special treat
this is the way we do the salt n pepa
candy girl
do the salt n pepa
all my world
salt and pepa
look so sweet
salt and pepa
special treat
salt and pepa

i was playing super nintendo, nintendo, sega genesis...
atari...i dont think i remember.

onecoolhoney said...

Oh snap...I ain't tryna get c-walked up on!!

14. Gold chains--first it was ropes then I got hooked on thick herringbones
15.Levi's 501s--perfect for my lil' narrow-hipped self
16. NWA!!!!!
17. Pretty in Pink
18. Ain't no way I could choose between Kane and LL!!
19. Heavy D -- had longevity!
20. Nas -- but he kinda wack, huh.

Lāā said...

I know that I'm late and all but had to get in on it too.

1. big wheels
2. Sorry
3. lemon heads
4. Pez
5. freeze tag
6. neither mayonnaise sammich
7. hopscotch
8. atari
9. pac-man
10. Good Times
11. Chuck's
12. Red
13. Cap'n Crunch
14. African medallions
15. Jordache
16. PE
17. Breakfast Club
18. LL
19. Chubb Rock
20. Jay-Z

Supa said...

LaaLaa - MAYO sammich?? ewwwwww

sexy petite diva said...

my choices
1.) neither: i was advanced in my riding skills so I was rockin a ten speed in the 2nd grade!
2.) we loved sorry!
3.) now and laters!
4.) pop rocks
5.) red light...
6.) syrup sandwich!
7.) both: double and hop
8.) i played pong. was that atari?
9.) ms. pacman
10.) both: good times and what's happ...
11.) shell toes of course
12.) neither. pops didn't want us having all that sugar so we were fortunate enough to get chemically processed orange peelings otherwise known as Sunny Delight! yuck!
13.) neither; fruit loops
14.) african medallions. they use to sell them at West LA Community College aka 2nd High School.
15.)PE in 1987 NWA was next!
16.)Breakfast Club
17.)Loved LL and BIG Daddy Kane! Too bad for BDK.
18.)Chubb Rock had the great club song with that great line: "in your mind never forget yusef"...Heavy D had staying power.Love the overweight lova
19.)always liked nas. couldn't appreciate jay because of the east coast thing. but know i respect him for his talent and business acumen

the end!