Wednesday, January 25, 2006

10 Things Supa has Learned While Being Sick

1. The flu is evil.

2. The human body can contain unbelievable amounts of mucus.

3. When you run out of rum, Theraflu tastes just as good with a shot of vodka in it.

4. Daytime television can make one suicidal. Or homicidal.

5. Cingular calls me at home to inform me of my past due balance.

6. My Pooch gets really salty because I'm at home and apparently infringing on her quiet time.

7. My mailman sings Motown tunes when he comes up the walk.

8. The ghetto bird (police helicopter) comes out during the daytime, too.

9. The Vicks-slathered-under-the-nose practice still works.

10. Being feverish can cause surprising reactions, such as: braiding your hair Pippi Longstocking-style and leaving it like that for five days, regretting ever saying "'aint nothing wrong with your ass, get up" to your friends/relatives when they were sick, starting to believe that you actually miss your co-workers, making outlandish promises to ex-boyfriends in order to get them to bring you chicken-soup and take out your trash, counting how many steps there actually are between your bed and the bathroom, your bed and the kitchen, etc.

Hey Blogger Fam!! I'm at the office for a few hours, still sick and feverish, but the truth is the contractors working on my house are so damn noisy I simply COULD NOT get any rest at home. And I thought I was doing much better today, but now that I'm at work, I see that's not the case....

SO, I'm headed back home in a few hours, after I get a few priority items cleared off my desk (read: check my emails, sip tea, update my blog, etc.) ....Guess I'll take some Tylenol PM once back at the pad and try to zone out...But I did read your comments, you guys are so sweet! Glamazon, I'ma try that Zicam. Sexy Petite Diva, Cocoa Girl, Southern Gal, One Cool Sis; thanks for the love! Ya'll my girls!! Mwabi and Motor City Hot Girl, awwww, hope you guys are feeling better soon, too! JA, we're going to get the pooches together and JOG, soon as I'm back on my game. Single Mom, you're so right, shoulda been resting instead of being a Dr. Smith groupie!!! LOL Knockout Zed, I think my co-workers started it. And thanks, P!!

I'll be catching up on all of your blogs tonight!!! I'm so sad being out of the blog loop... :(


Anonymous said...

Aww, girl...feel betta! And get back to work (officially) soon. I *cough* hear unemployment insurance only runs $411/mo.

Supa said...

$411 a month?? That won't even cover...mani/pedi's, a new pair of shoes and a night out!! lol

Shawn said...

I've gone through three boxes of Kleenex and my nose is starting to peel! I have to blow. I don't understand stand people who sniff and don't blow. Don't they know they're swallowing snot? Yuck!

onecoolhoney said...

So um, what you promise the ex-men? And are you gon' deliver? hehehehe oh