Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Heart LA

Weekend update: Supa loves her city!

Never mind the love/hate tip she’s usually on. Sure, we’ve got unbearable traffic, a ridiculously overblown real estate market and overall cost of living, earthquakes, flash floods, wildfires, landslides, riots, gangs, a thuggish-ass police department, a defunct school district, virtually no culture (unless superficiality counts), mounting racial tensions, and random violence popping off from South Central to Beverly Hills -never mind all that! It was 85 fucking degrees this weekend, okay! I mean, why do you think we Angelenos put up with all that other bullshit for, our health?? Hells no! (or "hellous nous" or whatever Mwabi says!) It's because we get summer in the wintertime, that’s why!

Oh my gosh, it was just fucking beautiful. Perfect. Supa was a non-productive employee on Friday. Hear me? Look:

Feet kicked all up on the desk, basking in that Cali sunshine streaming through the blinds. Look again:

That there’s my desk, in my office, where Supa shoulda been. If she wasn’t out taking one of her 2 ½ hour lunch breaks – out eating, visiting with pals, errand running, shopping, and celling while rolling through these city streets with the Bob Marley tunes blaring through the speakers, the sunroof open and windows down. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta! Don't hate!

Then later, after Supa had bounced from the C.S.S. (Corporate Slave Ship), she just couldn’t stop! Scooped up Ruff Ryder #2 and The Pooch, took a drive down to Liemert Park (think: outdoor cultural strolling spot, black owned coffee shops, eateries, cafés, boutiques, bookstores, drumming in the park, etc.) to pick up some eats and walk the Pooch. We ended up getting a passionate lecture from this dude:

About the new Black Panther Party and the ills of capitalism and everything that happened as a result of our ancestors being dragged from Africa to what happened during slavery to (fill in the last one hundred years) to the alarming state of our youth of today. And hey, although he went off on a few completely unrelated tangents, Supa didn’t knock the young brother. He wasn’t sagging, sporting a doo-rag, and proclaiming “All Hail 50 Cent,” so he was alright with her.

Oh, and here goes Supa off on her on tangent – she use to be deathly afraid of these:

We saw one while walking in the park. Supa made The Girl hold it up so she could take a pic. Yes, it’s a freaking pine cone. When I was a Little Supa, I use to think pine cones were proof of alien life here on earth. Had some strange notion that if I picked one up, all the little aliens would come out, run up my arm, attack me, and strangle me to death. Don’t ask.

Wait! Supa wasn’t done! Back home, she got a call from one of her supa guy friends, who told her she really oughta jump on the back of his Harley and take a spin, since it was such a nice night. Look:

Okay, they’re kinda blurry, but the sun was setting and there’s no flash option on my Palm digital cam, but you get the idea.

Saturday was "just the girls" day. (Note: Ruff Ryder#1 is much too cool to be seen in public with Supa Sis, The Girl, and The Pooch) So we had our manicure/pedicures, Supa got freshly Brazilian waxed (ouch!) and facial-ed (aaahh!) and Pooch had her beautification appointment at the groomer's. We lunched, we lounged, we shopped.

Simply. Fucking. Fabulous!

Sunday - more lounging, more basking....then back into Ms. Mom mode, getting the household ready for the week - grocery shopping, laundry, homework checking, etc, Supa promising herself she'll get to work on time this week....

So, that’s Supa’s wrap-up. Hope all ya’ll had a cool (or hot!) weekend….

SS, out!


Genesis said...

my weekend was different than the last...well actually it was...i was in queens bringin in the new year. anyways, glad u and "the girl" had a nice time.

Ja said...

Real estate is over priced, gas is over priced, traffic is mad! In the words of Chris Tucker "I don't give a f***! All I can say is THANK GOD for Southern California period!

I Love the posting especially after ten days in the "Dirty South." I am still doing research and undercover work to determine if I am really related to these people who say they are my family.

Once I got back to Socal, my blood pressure dropped, my heart stoppeed palpitating, my appetite returned, my little poodle started back eating and the older poodle stopped asking for Prozac in doggie language.

All in all I did leave Dallas Fort Worth with some hellified characters for a new screenplay. If there was a country sighting, I saw it, I met it, and a couple of days I was it. Cali. Woohoo!

Zamounde said...

Your Palm camera works? What kind is it? My wife bought me one last year--call me stupid but it just won't work. I think it's a programming problem because there's something missing in the setup disk. If you can send me a copy of your disk I'd appreciate it (hit me on my email for the address).
Back to your comments you're a trip lady, but I could feel your stroll through the park. I enjoy walking my kids dog, too. If you asked them I hate him though, but I just want them to take care of the dog more than me. The brother in the park on the BP tip is speaking to the wind in today's society so I'm glad you lent an ear. Supa I enjoy reading you for real. I mean after all these years of poetic spittin', school house sittin' and procrastinatin' in between you have been my temptation, my motivation when I was slippin', my poetic friend, and what else could I say to pump more air into the balloon. I'm still your number one fan,too. Desperately awaiting your novel.
You must be on salary to show up late to work habitually LOL.

On a tangent Lou Rawls past and I must say that he will be missed, and I appreciate the songs he left with us, and his great UNCF efforts.

onecoolhoney said...

Oh Lawd Nooooooo, you were NOT scared of pine cones! lmao!!!

We had 85 degree weather here too this weekend! Everybody's wonderin' what in the world is up with that!?

Cuuuuuuuute bike pics! Go, girl! And the shoes are too damn flyyy!

African girl, American world said...

SHOWOFF! hmph!

ok now I see where the girl gets her posing from - her Mama!

And I'm loving those shoes girl...take a picture of your closet -I can only imagine the shoes!

Cocoa Girl said...

LOL to Ja's truly is crazy. You see, I feel the same way as ya'll but I live in NYC...the ORIGINAL "[heart] to love" city!!! LOL

And, Supa, could you PLEASE stop being so damn productive on the weekend? I don't need to see you did all this sh!t on Monday mornings, which is when I am thinking about all the stuff that I did NOT get done! j/k

Trent Jackson said...


This was too funny. I live in Leimert you should have stopped by!

Hot articulation though...waiting to hear part two

Supa said...

@ DOC - what up!

JA - welcome back sis!! YES that's your crazy ass family!! LOL. Get crackin on that screenplay, I wanna read.

@ Zamounde - awww, thanks so much, Footstepper. Ima hit u back on email.

Supa said...

One Cool Sis - yes I was. Pine cones. I was crazy even as a kid!!!

@ Mwabi - LOL!! I'ma take some more shoe pics. :)

@ Cocoa Girl - oh hush up! LMAO - Yeah, you're in the "original city"..but ya'll cold, though. :)

@ Trent - Leimert's the spot, 'aint it!!

That Girl Tam said...

My grandmother used to own the hair salon in Leimert Park "back in the day"...and then my aunt took over after she passed...the one above the beauty school (if it's still there). I'm a South Bay/LB girl I don't travel that way much anymore...but I HAVE TO SAY...I am SOOOOooo MAD that you took a picture of that dusty lookin mutha fucka! OMG!!! Lookin like one of them dudes on the train that are always messin with me wanting to take a pic of my view from my office now...I'm lookin at the Hollywood sign and Observatory...

Supa said...

Sounds like you have a nice view, TAM. Show us the pics - you show us all the train shots, so why not!!

African girl, American world said...

hey Sis - I emailed you in a hurry this morning. I don't have e-mail access at work so leave me a comment at the blog and I'll get to work on today's post - YOU :) said...

Oh! I am soooo jealous! It is 20 degrees in Iowa! My feet are still cold from coming in this morning!
Look at ya'll wearing tank tops!!! I have a tank top on 2...under 2 layers of other shirts I'm wearing on top of it! Whateva! ;)

African girl, American world said...

ok girl, I'm posting - couldn't wait :)

Cool AC said...

I heart LA too! I need to visit soon.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Supa Sista you are a funny azz mess girl!

Miss Ahmad said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice the bootleg Black Panther Party members in Liemert Park. They kind of trip me out, black rebels with no cause and a tip jar...I mean I may not be an accountant but it's gonna take more than a tip jar to fund a revolution, especially with these republicans in office!

Supa said...

Ms Ahmad - "Black rebels with no cause and a tip jar" bwaaaahhhh!


sexy petite diva said...

you look so good! it really is the weather! I'm so happy you had a good weekend.!!! i need to be waxed, pedicured, facialed and permed!!! but i'm still fly!