Friday, June 30, 2006

I Got Five On it: Showin' Some Love

A bit back...of few of us Supa Chicks decided to compile a List of Magnificence...Supa's been holding hers since the Blogger On Crack Era...but alas..

Here it is! (and Happy Fuckin' Friday!)

Five Things I Like About My Chick Tia-Style:

1) She's like, some kind of genius. No really. Sistas mind and abilities are downright scary sometimes. Otha day when we were IM'n, she was writing with one hand, typing with the other! I am in constant amazement about how her mind works. From multi-tasking family, career, school, side-businesses & organizations, to handing down all kinds of technical and web advice, to givin' me the breakdown on the physics of the Downey Ball - Tia has that shit on lock!

2) I have mad love and appreciation for what she's done with the Black Writers Alliance. (formerly known as the AAOWG - yeah, I took it waaaay back!) She has created a resource and an invaluable community for African-American writers nationwide, and she also has a sincere desire to assist others in perfecting their craft and obtaining their goals.

3) She is a true sisterfriend. We have known each other through some real challenges, and Tia has always been there to lend an ear, send me a thoughtful email, reach out on the telephone (even when I don't answer..), offer her prayers and words of encouragement, and embrace me with her caring spirit.

4) She hails from USC. (University of South Central). That means we're homegirls from the block. And believe me - she represents. A true gangstress. (and that's all I'ma say about that..)

5) She's funny as hell, with her country talking ass. And she's radiant and ultra-witty. Perfect example of brains and beauty and booty. (dude - no homo!) And Halle aka STORM 'aint got shit on my girl

Five Things I dig about Mwabi:

1) She is a dope personification of an "African Girl in an American World." She shares her world with us from her unique perspective, and no matter what, she keeps it all "sista."

2) She has one of the most beautiful, calming smiles I've ever seen! (again - no homo)

3) She holds down her family of men - from the two little ones to the big one! Only a Queen can handle such a task..and still find time to blog!!!

4) I don't think she knows this, but she brought tears to my eyes when she did a review of my book on her blog, and mentioned how because of it, she felt inspired.. (awwww!)

5) She's a gifted writer in her own right. Check her out!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Supa Says: Summer Break is Evil! (script)


Close in slowly on SUPA, mumbling and cursing under her breath, while bringing in bags of groceries. (Second time this week, okay? As in, Supa went to the store on SUNDAY. Today's Wednesday.)

SUPA walks in, drops bags on floor, fumbles to pull out grocery receipt. Startles BOY SPAWN, who happens to be settled on sofa. Chillin' like a villian.


Man...Either you stop eatin'....or I'ma kill you!!!


Well, mom...if I stop eating..then I'll die....

SUPA and BOY SPAWN stare blankly at one another.


Hey. Life is full of decisions, son. MAKE ONE. So what's it gonna be??? Either you stop eatin, or I"ma kill ya. CHOOSE.


I'll..try to stop eating so much.


Good. Now go bring the rest of those bags in the house!


I'm too hungry.... What you cooking for breakfast? I want some turkey bacon and potatoes. Did you get some plums? And we outta orange juice. Did you remember to get some? Where the Hansen's at???

SUPA reaches in bag; throws roll of paper towels at BOY SPAWN's dome, as he laughs while going to retrieve bags....


SO...what'll ya'll think? Could sell this as a film short spec script or somethin'?? Supa needs chedda to keep feeding these kids!!!!! Word...


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fucking Shit Man...

Typed an entire, well-thought out, delightfully witty post about quotes, and Blogger ate it. Greedy bitch.

Sigh. Whatever.

Supa's quote of the week:

There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A person's whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue.

(So..guess I won't pursue my lost post. Growl.)

What's your favorite quote? Share. Gimme.

Supa, out!
*still toiling away on book proofs*

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthday Exploits: Finale!

Hey Blogger Fam! I know, I know - Supa's all hella late with the birthday wrap-up! But yo, a chick's been going over final book proofs (yay!!), plus The Girl graduated this week and had a party and you don't wanna know all the preparation and drama involved with all that, not to mention having been in hard-core mommy-mode, cooking and cleaning and entertaining and fussin' n shit, on account of these chillren being out on summer break and not going to day camp 'till next week.

Okay, so remember Exploits One and Two, right? Well, after alla that, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a gallery opening, and take in the provocative, soul-stirring work of some very talented artists. Check out some of the photographs I purchased:

"Two Splits" Bissau, Guinea 1992

"Goatee" Senegal, 1992

This picture haunted me, yo. When I initially held it, I was overcome with the sense of struggle, desperation, strength, pain, and sadness that was captured in this man's face. Completely overwhelmed, I put the photograph down....then 20 minutes later decided it was something I couldn't be without. Get more info on the bomb ass photographer here.

So okay, speaking on moving pieces of art, check out my birthday present from my favorite power couple:

A coffee table book: The Illustrated Life of Bob Marley - which includes rare memorabilia, handwritten lyrics, original posters, audio cd, and !more!. How fucking cool...

All Supa's peeps already know: she believes Robert Nesta Marley to be one of the finest, most soulful, revolutionary, talented, compassionate, spiritual, finest, prophetic, (did I say foine?) black men to ever bless this earth. Yeah, I know he spread his seed far and wide and had like five hundred babies...but I'll give him a pass... Some days I think I'da signed up to be one of Rita's sista wives, Big Love style, knowhatimsayin?? Just let me get my monthly ration on, and it's all goodie... (HA! Not really, but...yeah)

Next: Supa's own birthday present to herself: Something that she's had an obsession over since she was a shorty, on account of spending her summer nights in Silver Springs, Maryland, drifting to sleep under the stars while trying to figure out which one she fell from...

That's right, boys and girls: Introducing my hammock!

Purchased just in time too, considering all this heat. Though of course I've had difficulty keeping my spawn out the damn thing.

Exhibit One: A hammock fight between The Boy and The Girl:

Supa says: Get ya'll's lil' asses outta my hammock and GO CLEAN UP YOUR ROOMS!!

So. On another, more real note: Supa was driving home on her birthday, a suddenly found herself making a turn into the cemetary where her friend Karen was buried. Now ya'll gotta know, I don't do cemetaries. Don't believe in them. Think they're more for the living than for the departed; I know that the people who passed are not "there" - just their earthly remains. Plus, my tolerance of the idea of decomposing bodies and bones and graves and shit has decreased greatly since this. Feel me.

But - I went to talk to my friend Karen. It was my birthday and I know, just everything. Guess I'm still grieving, along with the fact that Karen and I never had the opportunity to build on our "last" conversation. We'd been playing phone tag for over a month, our lives so busy with work and family and children and The, I sat down "beside" her and got caught up on our last convo..laughed and cried, assured her that I'd keep the promised we made to each other (life is too short not to pursue an authentic life), picked myself up...and got to executing Birthday Exploits #1. Like that.

Rest in peace, Miss K.

And since then, the Supa Friends collective have been callin' me Kunta, 'cause I been a lil' child runnin' wild in these streets like a runaway slave who just got some bootleg freedom papers. But I 'aint Kunta, cause homie got his foot choppeded off and had them crackas callin' him Toby. Supa be mo' like...Harriet mufuckinTubman, mobbing on that underground railroad, following the North Star..toward a life full of good times, big dreams...and chilled Vodka. (babe - hush!)

I'ze free! I'ze free! (And I'm Bossy...)

Hope you is too, Blogger Fam!

Supa, out...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Birthday Exploits, Interrupted ....

So Supa can showcase her newest kicks!!! Look:

Aw hell. Lemme put 'em on...

Some may call J-Lo a lot of thangs - but her shoe designer is all right with me! Just had to get these fly lil' mommas - the colors are awesome, right? All island-ish lookin n shit... The perfect summertime steps! Huh. I'm Bossy....!! (bos-say!)

And don't laugh 'cause I was modeling them in the back yard. It was hot!

Next installment on the way... :)

Update: I knew ya'll had style!! For the sake of Nikki's nipples, here's the link for the JLo Shoes.

I'm bossy!/I'm the sis y'all love to hate/I'm the chick that's raised the stake/ I told young stunna he should switch to bape/ I'm back with an 808/ cause i'm bossy! (this song is my shiznit! - let's see if the video works)

'Cause I'm a boss!

Some Of Us Are Brave (Radio Program for Black Women)

An FYI item Supa tried to post when Blogger was on the crack:

Finally: A Black Women’s Radio Program is up and running on the Internet!

Some of Us Are Brave: A Black Women's Radio Program (SOUAB) began on June 10, 2003 at KPFK in Los Angeles, CA. It takes its name from the ground-breaking book, All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave, edited by Gloria T. Hull, Patricia Bell Scott, and Barbara Smith and published in 1982.
The current cyberspace incarnation of SOUAB is a project of the newly-formed Ida B. Wells Institute based in Atlanta, Georgia. Its purpose is three-fold:

= To provide a space for the voices and perspectives of Black women, since our voices and perspectives are silenced in much of the media;
= To raise the level of dialogue and analysis on issues of importance to Black women wherever they may be; and
= To provide food for the minds of Black women as opposed to simply playing music for the hearts and souls of Black women

Check out the original SOUAB every Thursday at 2:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on KPFK (90.7 FM in Los Angeles, 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara, or, and check out Some of Us Are Brave … South at

Peace! BLOG

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hot Chile in the Next City: Birthday Exploits, Part Two!

Wake up Saturday morning and i got a headache
I can't believe that I'm sick from all the shit that i drank
last nite - soon as i felt it comin' on, I shoulda quit
it's true that a drunk ain't shit...
~"Tonite," DJ Quik

Get caught up, yo...Birthday Exploits, Part One!

Okay, so: Since basking in the wonderful clarity of 20/20 hindsight, Supa has been analyzing her actions straight CSI style, to properly identify all the variables and what-nots which led up to her becoming supa slammed.

Quick crime timeline as follows:

7:30 PM: Arrive at LAX for departing flight. After all the homeland security bullshit, decide to sit self down at airport bar to have a martini & watch the Heat/Mavericks game. It's all goodie. (Drank #1) Yay Miami!

8:30 PM: Learn flight is delayed an hour. Having a good time chatting it up with fellow bar patrons; turn down offers from random Something New's wantin to buy Supa a drink. (no dice) Supa buys self her own next drink. (like that) Another Ketel One martini with xtra olives. (Drank #2)

9:50 PM: Board plane. Sit next to couple who just eloped. They are ultra excited, and proceed to cell up everyone in their speed dial to report. Generally, Supa likes happy affectionate couples; but Supa could have done without hearing the blow-by-blow details of their relationship, and how her mother was gonna shit her pants once she found out. Ole girl was just a bit too bubbly. And there was no escape. She kept yappin' till the flight attendant came by and told her to shut it down. I gave her a look like: Bitch, turn your cell phone off. You want us to crash?

10:15 PM: Finally coasting at 30 thou. Feelin' a bit...woozy. Shouldn't have had that 2nd martini...(?) Proceed to nap, and maybe accidently elbow ole 'girl. She simply would not shut the fuck up.

11:00 PM: Touch down! Flight lands. Supa's Something Special comes and scoops her. (hey now). What you wanna do, babygirl? Let's hit some spots, daddy-o! We roll out. Supa feelin' kinda nice. The Birthday celebration continues!

'Round Midnight: Arrive at Spot #1. Settle in, have a drank (Drank #3 & 4, actually), talk, touch, take in the sights. Bounce over to the dance floor, groove for a bit, comment on the happy gheys and pre-op transsexuals in our midst. Good times!

'Round 1 AM: Bounce on over to Spot #2. Your regular depressing negro dive. Only there to pick-up some uhhh, refreshments. SUPA DID NOT have a drink at this spot! Though she did take a whiz in the nastiest, foul-smelling, most revolting ladies restroom Supa has seen since using the loo in at a rawdog dancehall club in a third world country. Wow. This may have actually racked up some nausea points...

Losing Track Of Time at This Point: Bounce to Spot #3. Feeling good, as Nina would say. Grown, sexy, and free. (Hot child!) Post up at the bar, take in the sights, yuck it up with the bartender, order our drinks. (Drank # 5). Supa & Something Special get to debating the hype going on about Patron. Supa suggests they do a shot. Inhale the shot, get to movin back in on the martini. Uuuuhhhhhh wooooo!!! Look at...all the pretty lights....what's that chick in the mirror staring at?!?! Aww, snap, that's me......whooo hooo....Slide off the bar stool, and go sit on one of the pretty lounge chairs. Would like very much to go to sleep now.....Ms. Mary mack mack mack, all dressed in black black black....Something Special nudges me, we walk across the street to Spot # 4..........

Time? What's time? That's just some shit the white man made up: Spot #4. Meet up with a cool relative of Something Special's, who happens to be there playing pool. Supa grabs pool stick from cool relative and attempts to hit ball with pool stick. Supa fails miserably, but acts as if she's just achieved a monumental feat. Laughter. Raised eyebrows. The Tender Trio decides to vacate spot, and go outside to partake in the uuhh, refreshments.

Next: Tender Trio decides to call it a night. Cool relative departs, Supa & Something Special head home. Supa and Something Special are suddenly in the pad, despite the fact Supa doesn't remember the drive home, exiting the vehicle, or walking inside...

Umm..the rest of the evening

For a variety of reasons - this is my updated story and I'm stickin' to it..

More to come..

A White Girl Pass..

After the Anderson Cooper interview: Supa's really starting to admire this chick. As a woman, mother, & humanitarian. Her quest and determination reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

"I am only one
but I am one
I cannot do everything,
but I can do something
and I will not refuse
to do the something
I can do."

It's always been my dream/objective to be of service to those in need - here and abroad. (Africa, in particular) Though watching the horror and pain of people of certain regions, I begin to doubt the ability of my effectiveness...the images damn near annihilate me emotionally. Perhaps the strength comes in one simple, brave, compassionate act at a time...we'll see.

I use to think I could save the world
now I'm simply trying
to save myself.....

Let's strive to pay it forward, blogger fam....

Interesting relevant article: "Africa with African-Americans"

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Block is Hot..'s hot. Yep. I said it. This coming from the chick who loves the heat. Who claims to live for dem rays of de sun (it's Juneteeth so I'm workin mah slave speak). Who sincerely believes she was a sunflower in a past life, who wants to live out the rest of her days on a hot ass, Jamaican white sand beach, and that type of shit.

But, yo. It's fucking hawt.

Like, this some new kinda heat. Feel me? This some get ready, 'cuz the world 'bout to get eatin' up by the sun kinda heat. This some hotter than them '92 riot flames that came thisclose to 3rd degreeing my ass type a heat....This some wonderin' how the fuck did we pick cotton and have enough energy to kill massa afterwards kinda heat...some sleepin three inches away from the fan on high kinda heat. The I gotta keep lotioning my skins 'cuz I been takin' three and fo' showers a day kinda heat, the if I gotta get up and get dressed do I hafta wear a bra/undies/clothes kinda heat. This some I need a vitamin water IV drip kinda heat, the bad temper muthafucka, what? kinda heat, the yes dammit it's a sammich again for dinner kinda heat. The take yo ass on 'cause it's too hot for whatever you going through kinda heat.

In essence - Supa's hot.

Note: Please know- the last person who suggested I'm might be going thru some kinda of womanly hot flash type ish, recieved the mufucka what response; then got hung up on.

It's too hot to even be entertaining that sort of madness, kinda heat.

Stay cool, Blogger Fam...

Hot Chile in the City...(Birthday Exploits, Part One)

danger in the shape of something wild
stranger, dressed in black
she's a hungry child....
I don't know where she came from
or what her game is....
~"Hot Child In the City" Nick Gilder

So okay, ya'll can take that post title one of two ways: I've been a hot chile, as in - Supa been bein' fast, or, as in - Supa's a hot child because it's been fucking hot outside.

Hmmmm. Give up?

Answer: Supa's been bein' fast AND it's been hot as hell outside. (90+ degrees in La La Land yesterday) So how's that for a delightful double entendre!! Yeah!

Man, I bullshit you not....Supa's been hot to trot and seems like the chick!can't!stop! Been doin' it big as someone would say...but let's start at the beginning, shall we?

So, okay. Back to Wednesday eve.. (the actual night of Supa's birthday, right? If ya gonna stay with the story, you gots to keep up) So, that night, my favorite power couple takes me to my spot of choice for dinner and dranks...which happened to be The Standard Hotel in Downtown City of Angels. Supa's been trying to get there since forever - on account of the rooftop bar, live DJ, funky decor, and it being billed as "the best 360 views of Downtown LA in the city."

Check it:

Hunh? Right.

So me and the Power Couple and my ex-brother-in-law (we all still cool, yo) mob up to the spot: and lemme just say this - this joint is the business. Where the hell have I been?

Great drinks, live-ass atmosphere, along with an eclectic mix of folks. Think: corporate sharks, industry peeps, the LA-type bohemian set, a professional baller or two or twenty, the wanna be actors slash producers slash rappers slash"I'll-fuck-anybody-to-get-ahead" types, and the good-ole-regular folk who get a kick out of parlaying with (and crackin' on) all of the above. Good shit, yo. Oh, and Vanity Fair mag claims, "On the hotel roof, things get slightly kinky." Supa didn't witness any outright kinkiness - but the potential is most definitely there. Trust....

Addendum: While cocktailing, we had the most delightful streams of convo; ranging from what's really up with Scary Terry McMillan, to the in-depth pros/cons of Jigga Man's rhyming style/skills, to breaking down the old man in the club syndrome, to wondering why sistas in LA seem to be jumpin on the fake titties bandwagon, to pondering the realities of love and marriage and relationships in the 21st century and if/how they can be positively/spiritually/soulfully maintained without (or despite?) (a) getting on each other's nerves/nagging each other to fucking death (b) losing one's self/identity and (c) becoming the "dining dead." (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind reference)

So, in short - us negroes was waxing philisophical about some shit. Might blog more about it. Maybe not.

Yeah. Okay, so next...

It's Thursday...and Supa decides not to be salty - 'cuz even though her bd falls in the middle of the funky week, she's got some time off. Which means: there's a small window of time/opportunity in which Supa could sneak into some fun! Without much debate, she decideds to hop her ass on a plane and take an impromptu trip - to have a lil' mo' fun, and to see what else she can see....

Now. Let's cut to the chase and get down to the real:

Realness #1: Mixing alcoholic drinks is a general no-no; especially when Patron is in any way involved; and:

Realness#2: A chic will truly find out to what extent a guy is feeling her, once she gets ultra-tipsy, real mouthy, smokes some lah, does an evil shot of Patron, then basically does something that (at this point) they'd both really like to forget... Where's Dr. Howard Mierzwiak when you need him?

Exploits, part two. To be continued..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Big Daddy Love!

Supa wants to give a big ups to all the BIG POPPAS out there - who hold theirs down for the family and the kids, who get up and out and stay on the grind and do what it takes to handle that daddy biz, even when the shit 'aint fun, even if/when they feel misunderstood and maligned and plotted against and/or unappreciated, even when that shit is just downright haaaard....This is for all the down ass black daddies who carry the torch of righteous fatherhood for their children, who live and lead by example, and this is ESPECIALLY for those daddies who pushed past their own inherited, less-than-stellar, limited bullshit examples of fatherhood, who went inside and healed and grew and vowed to become the MEN their own fathers never could be, this is for the daddies who help feed, nurture, praise, hold down, hug, hold, and love their beautiful black babies and children and would rather DIE than do any other mufuckin' thing!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006


gettin' my birthday thug thizzle on....ya'll stop threatening me! I'm outta town, on a quick, spontaneous, oh-why-the-fuck-not, it's-still-my-birthday-week, delicious/debaucherous trip. Supa just LOVES those. (don't you?)

Full disclosure to come!

And remember: A pear can be a peach if I fucking want it to be. (ha!)

P.S. - Patron is the devil.

Supa, out!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My Earth Day!! It's My Birthday!!!!

this is for eyes
who cry, like mine
but learn to smile again
(rise above the pain)
this is for you
and all your crew, who'll always love you
no matter what you
~ Mystic, Cuts for Luck, Scars for Freedom

Man....It's a beautiful day!! And not just cause it's 85 degrees in La La land, and it just so happens to be the day I busted fresh on Planet Earth as a little black girl with big bright dreams...aside from alla that - it's a beautiful day 'cause I'm alive and I'm here! (credit that quote to Celie, a la Color Purple)

SO! Enjoy this day, Blogger Fam! I'll be doing the same...I had some "moments" last night. The bittersweet kind when happiness is present, yet beautifully mixed in with the sadness and longing of not being able to share with loved ones who have transcended to the other side. Yeah. The shit is still tough. But I know God 'aint brought me this far so she could drop me off here, do I make myself clear! And hey! I know there are angels who have my back, and they've also sent me YA'LL Blogger Fam - 'cause there hasn't been a time since I started keeping this blog, that you haven't been right along with me to share in all the laughter, pain, ups, downs, unsuredness, and silliness that makes life what it is. (is "unsuredness" a word? If not, fuck it. It's my birthday!!!)

Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life!

Do it big!! (wink)

(Special shout out to T and K and Auntie and the RR's who already helped start my day off supa right.) :)

YAY! Just YAY!!

Supa's theme music today: I'm Bossy! ~Kelis

Monday, June 12, 2006

Countdown to Earth Day, Part Two!

Note: For everyone who asked, my birfday is tomorrow! Holla...

So get caught up on the first installment....yeah.

So okay. The Supa Clan bounces down to Venice Beach, and proceeds to get their roll on...Sexy Petite Diva and I decide to do our flossin' on the blades, while the RR gang (sans The Boy, he's too cool for all this shit) opts for the bikes. Cool! See?

(Supa, pozin)

Oh, and for those who were thinking I fell on my ass - nah. Ya girl glides like a brown stallion horse with skates on/smooth like a hot comb on nappy ass hair! Thought you knew...

(The Girl was so damn excited!) The rest of the clan, in preparation......

So the weather was nice, and we took in the sights, such as:

The wanted poster for Osama Bush Laden...

The sign letting us know the bike path was under construction...(tagged up Southern Cali graffiti style)

The famous Venice basketball courts, where they be hardcore street ballin'.....

And the crowded Venice Boardwalk.

Now here's Supa and SPD lookin' all windblown! (we were takin' a break).

And, check this out. Notice the SUPA t-shirt I was rockin'? Well, whenever I skated past some fool, all I heard was "SOOUUPPAAAA!"

Surprised the hell outta me, because (a) I was purposely skating with a great amount of speed so folks wouldn't have time to read my titties, and (b) seeing as how most of those fools looked functionally illiterate, I was pleasantly surprised they could actually read.

I'm just sayin'.

Now, lemme say this. Ladies, ya'll already know - as women, we are constantly approached, propositioned, macked to, popped at - all the time. Just how it is. We accept it. Right? Most times we handle that shit graciously. We cool about it. You know, play the game, engage in harmless banter, launch a few polite disses, send the fool on. (and admittedly, I am a vicious flirt..)

What the fellas gotta to realize, that on any given day, by about 12 noon, at least 200 otha fools have already approached the sista you *think* you're about to throw your fresh mack down on. Now...

The first 2...or 5...or even, let's say 10 fools who approach, we cool. By the time Fool# 298 approaches, our shit's gonna be markedly less amicable. 'Cuz... we tired. Tired of gettin' popped at with unoriginal lines. You know. So by that time, our responses will be a lil' more simple. Basic. Short. Dry. Evil. Feel me? So sometimes, it 'aint you - just bad timing. But then again, sometimes it IS you. And a lot of the times, we don't feel like explaining the difference.

Case in point: Supa was admiring a piece of artwork being displayed, and a fool slithers beside her and says:

Fool: Six five two twenty.

Supa: *straight ignoring*

Fool: Six five two twenty.

Supa: Damn. Can I help you?

Fool: Baby I'm 6'5", 220, with braids and tatts. I'm all the man you'll ever need..

Supa: Yeah? Well I fucking hate men. I'm into girls. Now excuse me, I think I see my wife.....


Anyway. Would you give this man a dollar?

This fool is dancing for his supper, on the boardwalk, in a leaopard print speedo, ankle socks, and tennies. I took a picture of him, but I 'aint have a dollar.

So Kish and her dude took another pic, and gave him some cheddar.

It was another April-ish day in LA.

Gotta love it!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Countdown to Earth Day, Part One...

On the real Blogger Fam, it's always been Supa's practice to celebrate every day like it's ya damn birthday, but when the actual date of when you first busted fresh on this planet rolls around - she truly believes the hotness of it all can't be limited to a silly ole day...

Yes! Supa truly believes in celebrating birthday weeks! And if she's really in the mood - the whole damn month. One day is just too limiting...feel me? Besides, it leaves too much to chance. I mean, look what happened to this diva on her birthday. (yikes!) Big shout out to fellow Gemini Shannon! Hope you're still celebrating, ma!

But for reals...Supa started the countdown this weekend, and it can only! get! better!

Quick rundown: One of the Supa Friends, (Sexy Petite Diva aka Kishie Poo), flew in from the J (Jersey) along with her hubby, to be present for the Supa festivities! Yaay! Supa really misses her girl...'cause a few years back she fell in love and got married and relinquished her West Coast roots and moved three thousand freakin' miles away...(big sniff) - but I 'aint frettin' 'cause her and her dude (who are my most favoritist power couple, btw - think Bey and Jay) are big ballin' in such a way that whenever either one of us gets pitiful, she can just hop on a plane and be back on the Wesside in an instant. Here she go:

(Kishie Poo, on her wedding day, Jamaica, 2004)

Anywho, she and hubby and Auntie rolled through on Saturday eve, and helped kick off the countdown with Supa and the RR's - straight house party style. I'm talkin', fresh lobster, salad, mojitos, jazz, and unrestricted foolishness. Can you say par-lay? It was good, good times!

( me, Auntie, and Kish; at least 2 mojitos deep...)

So okay, it was the kind of soiree where folks ended up passed out on the couch 'till the next morn...('aint sayin' no names...*cough*auntie*cough*) :)

And then, come Sunday, The Power Couple Extraordinaire called Supa up and said: "Hey! Let's go rollerblading at Venice Beach today!!" Hell yeah, yo! Supa 'aint been to Venice in a minute, and besides she's been wanting to get there to purchase one of these.... not for me, but for one of my, uhh, friends....

Ahhh, Venice Beach, (home of Muscle Beach and the infamous Venice Courts) where every freak, outcast, hippie, side show, vaudeville act, street performer, derelict, wanna-be rapper, video ho/model, throwback 70's pimp, and/or Pelican Bay parollee is on beautiful display - Supa use to ditch school and observe and hang out with all of the above, back in the day... (good times, good times...)

So yeah! Supa hits the beach!

So...does she coast around Venice on her blades like a true dancing queen, or does she play herself and fall on flat on her ass???

Does she catch the eye of some bootleg modeling agent and get propostioned to model in Fantasy Flesh 2006???

Does she donate a dolla to the special needs lookin' brotha who dances on the boardwalk in a leopard printed speedo, or does she pass him by??

Does she add a few new entries to her catalog of polite disses?

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Hope ya'll had a bomb weekend, and/or at least made bail in time for work....

Supa, out!

PS - There were more pics, but Blogger is still on crack. And apparently sleeping with infected prostitutes.

I Can't Watch....

Down by 18 in the 4th? The fuck??? Shaq, baby. You're breaking my heart!!!!!
*heading to the freezer for more Ketel One*
sniff sniff

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Fucking Friday!

Off top, let's take this moment to show our gratitude to Blogger - not to berate or curse or threaten, 'cause on the real, I've already done all those things. But let's just give a shout out to our favorite, free, flawed blogging provider, because they made a salient point by illustrating how fucked we are when this shit actually ceases to work. So, in essence, they gave us an opportunity to be thankful for and appreciative of the free, flawed blogging provider that we obviously take for granted. So thank you, you slow, borderline incompetent muthafuckers with your janky ass servers. Thank you. No really. Thank you....

Okay. I'm typing this post hella quick just in case Blogger picks up the crack pipe again....Wassup, Blogger Fam!!! Hope all has been well in your on and offline worlds! Actually, it's been a good, productive week for me, so I can't complain...(too much)

AND, I would like you to direct your attention to the new cute little box posted up right under my profile - it's a Stylehive wish list, which is really cool 'cause you can surf the web and gather up all the fly shit you want and display it, using their software - and I'm kinda feeling it because it's countdown time to Supa's Big! Supa! Dupa! Birthday next Wednesday (more Gemini madness), and it's a cool way of showing friends and fam your wishlist so they don't have to drag you to Sephora or Pier One or Nordstroms or Circuit City and tell you to pick out your own present, and hurry the fuck up 'cause they got other shit to do. (See how they do me? They say I've got a princess complex, but don't believe 'em....)


Happy Fucking Friday!!

PS - I've got about 5 new posts waiting, so be ready


Is this shit actually working now??

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No Shit, Blogger...

Down for Maintenance
Blogger is temporarily unavailable due to an unexpected problem.
We will be back up as soon as possible.

(funny, how we get all indignant n shit on services we don't even pay for..)

But I STILL can't load images. Hello?

Oh well.

Carry on...

10 Greatest Moments in Hip-Hop History

So my boy Cinq hooked me to this FiyaStarter site, and it's pretty damn ai'ight. Check out this countdown for the Ten Greatest Moment's in Hip-Hop History:

(Blogger started to suck big donkey balls in the middle of this post, so I couldn't display ALL the pics..)

10. MC Ren's, If It Ain’t Ruff & The D.O.C.'s, The Formula being played at a public skating rink.
It was the first time I realized that gangsta rappers were much more than the profane and crude guys the media had been solely portraying them as. They were also lyricists with as much flow as the next reputable MC.

Take a little time, choose the topic and drop it/Release it, the science of makin' dope beats with/Rhythmic American poetry/Shipped it to stations, now many people know of me/I'm the D. into the O. and the O. into the C. /and the C. into the period/Suckers are fearing' this…

Rhythmic American poetry, indeed, Doc.

9. ODB running on stage during a Roots performance / ODB at the Grammys exclaiming "Wu-Tang is for the children."

Can’t pick; both were equally jaw dropping and rewind worthy. Dirty was obviously drunk and/or high for both of these outbursts, but that’s beside the point. This nigga got on stage twice, once in front of the whole world and made everyone cringe like He-Man’s cat before he pulled that big ass sword out. After further reviewing those clips, I still chuckle every time I see Black Thought just concede the stage to ODB for a second and I laugh out loud every single time Big Baby Jesus exclaims, “I went out today and bought an outfit that costed a lot of money, today...” Russell Jones was the greatest entertainer in the history of Hip-Hop and if this ain’t proof enough, I’m sorry but you need to update your criteria for entertainment, chief.

8. Jay-Z's Big Pimpin' video.
This is probably the first time (*Note: either this or number 1) I heard about how much a video cost to make before I even saw the damn clip. “You heard Jay dropped $1 mil for that Big Pimpin’ joint?” One million dollars for 4:44 of bragging? Now that’s some unnecessary nigga shit, now that’s --Hip-Hop! You’ve got your scantily clad women, Cristal, jewelry, beach, boat, Cohiba’s, ignorant entourage and anything else you could think of, right? Maybe that’s not so groundbreaking, I dunno, but the variable that secured this moment in Hip-Hop history was Damon Dash. He’s such an asshole. You just find yourself mad at him half the time, but [Rev] Keep it funky [/Run], the other half of the time, you’re laughing your ass off because he’s doing something you’d probably do if you could get away with it. That double fisted grind dance is gold, but when Dame poured that champagne on that chick I didn’t even mind Gloria Velez wasn’t on the screen the whole video.

Brian Baby Williams moment of reflection on B.E.T.’s How I’m Livin.

In case you’re in one of the three or so markets that don’t receive B.E.T., here’s the deal; they have a MTV Cribs rip-off called How I’m Livin, where your favorite rappers and singers get to brag for 30-minutes. Alright, so this is The Birdman's episode and he’s talking about his cars and big house with expensive rugs and top of the line Jacuzzi equipment, when he walks out to the back yard, looked out over his acre or so of land and experienced that moment of serenity where he calmly says, "I like to just relax and watch the birds...the way they just swoop down and catch a fish." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, he really said it, just like that! You couldn’t make that shit up if you tried. Baby made it and I’m happy for him.

6. DJ Pooh leaning back in Ice Cube's Who's The Mack? video.
We refer to it all the time here, so it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s on the list. Maybe this honor should go or at least be shared with the director of the video, because his flawless editing on the piece made it perfect. Just as Ice Cube is saying, When he tell you that he can go buck wild For a girl like you and make it feel good You know it's drama but it sound real good
Pooh leans back on one arm and pumps the air four times as the chick he’s trying to entice is falling victim to her inhibitions. Everyone who has ever seen the video, knows and anticipates that moment without fail. Again, the sync of the scene was perfect, but Pooh made it legendary.

5. Biggie: "We Did It Brooklyn!" / Suge Knight: "If you don't want your CEO dancing aaaaalll in your videos, ComeTaDeathRow!" at the 1995 Source Awards.
My aunt used to eat pickles with peppermints. I thought it was the most disgusting thing in the world, but she said it was a perfect union of sweet and sour offsetting each other. I still refuse to try that nasty shit, but after viewing the 1995 Source Awards, I tabbed it a “pickle and peppermint moment.” With Biggie happily celebrating his win and Suge conniving and planting an evil seed within the Hip-Hop nation, it signified the triumph and struggle of the culture we love so much. While we probably all wish the murders of Biggie & ‘Pac could be reversed, I don’t at all wish these two moments to be reversed.

4. Tupac spitting on the camera / walking out of court like George Jefferson.
If you haven’t noticed, the greatest moments in Hip-Hop are largely based upon the brashness and rebelliousness of MC’s that raises the concerns of suburban middle America. Perhaps Hip-Hop’s most important and memorable figure took those concerns and turned them into a nightmare with his behavior every time he saw a camera. I can just see some 40-something dad in Omaha sitting down for some corn beef and hash seeing this guy spitting on a camera in front of a courtroom. He probably shit himself.

3. Nas Leaking Ether on Jay-Z's birthday. (Hee!)
If I had to choose an MC to head a special tactics unit in battle, it’d be Nasir Jones, easily. Upon getting fucking creamed by Jay-Z and his release of Takeover, no one and I mean not even Jungle Jones, thought Nas would comeback in such a resounding fashion. Never mind Ether being one of the greatest diss records ever in rap history; never mind it becoming part of rap’s dialect (ex: “He got Ether’d, yo!”); and never mind the buzz it created being unmatched by a diss song since, but the fact that Nas leaked the napalm bomb into the streets on Jay’s birthday prompting Shawn Corey Carter to double time it to Baseline Studios and come up with a "response" to attempt to stop the bleeding was just incredible. It’s the underdog knocking the self proclaimed people’s champ the fuck off his rocker on his born day. How calculating, how egotistical, how cruel, how…Hip-Hop.

2. Run DMC collaborating with Aerosmith on Walk This Way.
This was THE breakthrough for Hip-Hop. Before this record, no one knew for sure if the genre could crossover and if that larger mass would buy it. I think it’s the most important song in the history of Hip-Hop. Maybe not the best, but the most important, without a doubt. It made people other than the ones inherent the culture take notice. Just look at its effect on the world of music today, everything is a friggin collaboration.

1. Puffy spitting Cristal at the camera twice during the Hate Me Now video.
There’s no way you could convince me this isn’t the greatest moment in Hip-Hop history. You might be asking what separates this overpriced champagne moment from Damon Dash’s in the Big Pimpin’ video and it’s so obvious; the randomness. Puff spits that shit out of nowhere. One second he’s laughing next to Nas, and the next he’s having a damn fit spitting at the camera. “For what?” I asked, when I first saw it. “Good lord, he’s a world class asshole. Why is a guy with all this money, fame and choice of female spitting at the camera with such venom for no damn reason?” And the answer is simply, because it’s what he wants to do and he can. That’s what Hip-Hop is all about, doing what you want, when you want at the drop of a dime. It’s why every other rapper has a conscious song followed by a strip club anthem, why in every other interview MC whoeverthefuck says they love their momma right after they say they don’t love no hoe’s and why even the most calculated humble rapper is a complete asshole every time you see them out in public. This is the culture and it is what it is. Don’t be mad because Puff let us in on how it really is. And if you didn’t know before, this IS how it is; it’s cocky, kind, arrogant, angry, funny, friendly and changes like southern California weather from afternoon to evening. Like it or not, this IS Hip-Hop, and it won’t stop, "eh-eh, eh-eh."

Note: This post has been swagga jacked from! Enjoy!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Gemini Madness..

Happy Earthday, mini-Supa in training!

So it was The Girl's Birthday this weekend - The Big 1-2. As you can see, she was her usual, vibrant (goofy) (demanding) self, and the entire weekend was spent fulfilling her birthday wishes, which in short included everything except flying to the fucking moon. I'm sure she'll request that next year....(Mommy, I wanna ride the space shuttle, or some shyt)..But that's Supa's girl. And seeing how she's an honor roll kid and consistently pulling down straight A's, the Supa Fam has gotta hold her down!

New post to come, after recuperating from all the !fun!. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS - Blogger is on the pipe again, I see...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Life Soundtrack

Few years back, one of the members of the writing crew suggested that as a creative exercise, we should all create our life soundtracks: Meaning, we'd compile all the music that had influenced us from childhood to present, and create a personal catalog. Additionally, we would each swap our music catalogs, so that each member would have the other's life soundtrack. Kind of like a musical yearbook between us, of sorts..

Cool ass idea. Though at first, I resisted. The suggestion came at a time where "my life" seemed broken & beyond repair, and I was in a very dark place: I'd just lost my mother after a 10 year struggle with breast cancer, I was feeling overwhelmed in my roles of motherhood and womanhood, as a human being, and a citizen on this planet in general - I'd been unable to write, and my anxiety and depression had peaked to a level to where I'd taken some time off work, in the basic need to collapse and grieve and try to regroup and see if even felt like pushing on.

(Who'd want to listen to that music, the soundtrack of a breakdown in process?)

After some gentle prodding (eternal thanks, D & A), I sat down with the project. And yes it was painful, but it was also...healing. Fun. Restorative. Inspiring. A testament; a personal badge of honor.

Creating and listening to my life soundtrack gave me a personal, vibrating landscape of all the memories, the highs & lows, and defining moments that created me. I still bump them on the regular. Initially, I started out with four volumes (4 CD's, approx. 16 tracks each), and now I'm feeling the need to create the next volume or two.

Some excerpts from mine are:

Volume I: (the early years)

Bad Girls - Donna Summer (think I had to be around 7 or 8 when I first heard this song - didn't know exactly what a "bad girl" was, but I had the sneaky suspicion I was one..)
I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross
Atlantis - Isleys (memories of those old school house parties momma and auntie and uncles usta throw)
Don't Stop the Music - Yarbrough and Peoples (see above)
Planet Rock - Afrika Babattaa (Say WHAT? I think I still remember the dance routine me and my girls made up to this!)
Benny & The Jets - Elton John (I'd listen repeatedly)
Rapture - Blondie (down ass white girl)
Pass the Dutchie - Musical Youth (what happened to those kids?)
Sucker MC - Run DMC
Do For Love - Bobby Caldwell

Volume II: (Gettin' Grown)

You're the One for Me - D Train (
Heartbreaker - Zapp (Ohio in the house)
Slow Down - Brand Nubian (mad crush on Lord Jamar)
In A Sentimental Mood - John Coltrane
Hearbreak Hotel - Black Michael Jackson
Momma Use to Say - Junior (straight up old school jam)
It's A Man's World - James Brown
Funkin' for Jamaica - Tom Browne (still hot, to this day!)
Tumble 4 Ya - Culture Club
Wake Me Up (befor you go) - WHAM

Volume III: (Gettin Growner)

Runnin' Away - Pharcyde (loved these cats)
Fly Girl - Boogie Boys
My Stick - The Time ("I been driving baby, since the age 13....")
Walkin' In LA - Missing Persons (this some LA shyt)
Rio - Duran Duran
Pop Life - Prince
Tender Love - Force MD's
Microphone Fiend - Erik B & Rakim

Volume IV: (last installment, kind of a hodgepodge mix)

Nothing Can Come Between Us - Sade (always my girl)
No Half Steppin - Big Daddy Kane
Can't Trust It - Pubic Enemy
Umi Says - Mos Def
Spirits in the Material World - The Police
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls (beautiful song)
Feelin' Good - Nina Simone
Dynamite - Ms. Dynamite
(cause I'm Ms. Dy-na-mi-tee-hee)
All About the Benji's - Puffy/BIG
So Many Tearz - Pac (oh, Pac...)
T.R.O.Y. - Pete Rock (missing loved ones)
Ex-Factor - Lauryn (no explanation needed)
Every Day I Write The Book - Elvis Costello
Cupid - 112
(my lil' sis loved this song)
Heaven - Nas (song Nas wrote when lost his mom, dope dope lyrics)
Love of My Life - E. Badu (ode to hip-hop)

So - what are some of the songs that would appear on your life soundtrack, and why?