Sunday, June 18, 2006

Big Daddy Love!

Supa wants to give a big ups to all the BIG POPPAS out there - who hold theirs down for the family and the kids, who get up and out and stay on the grind and do what it takes to handle that daddy biz, even when the shit 'aint fun, even if/when they feel misunderstood and maligned and plotted against and/or unappreciated, even when that shit is just downright haaaard....This is for all the down ass black daddies who carry the torch of righteous fatherhood for their children, who live and lead by example, and this is ESPECIALLY for those daddies who pushed past their own inherited, less-than-stellar, limited bullshit examples of fatherhood, who went inside and healed and grew and vowed to become the MEN their own fathers never could be, this is for the daddies who help feed, nurture, praise, hold down, hug, hold, and love their beautiful black babies and children and would rather DIE than do any other mufuckin' thing!

Happy Father's Day!!!!


jameil1922 said...

yay good daddies!!!!!!

P said...


dpm said...

See... Don't nobody care abt "Daddy." However I do appreciate the gesture.