Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A White Girl Pass..

After the Anderson Cooper interview: Supa's really starting to admire this chick. As a woman, mother, & humanitarian. Her quest and determination reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

"I am only one
but I am one
I cannot do everything,
but I can do something
and I will not refuse
to do the something
I can do."

It's always been my dream/objective to be of service to those in need - here and abroad. (Africa, in particular) Though watching the horror and pain of people of certain regions, I begin to doubt the ability of my effectiveness...the images damn near annihilate me emotionally. Perhaps the strength comes in one simple, brave, compassionate act at a time...we'll see.

I use to think I could save the world
now I'm simply trying
to save myself.....

Let's strive to pay it forward, blogger fam....

Interesting relevant article: "Africa with African-Americans"


dpm said...

She white?

Supa said...

She 'aint black..

Is she a mix??? Let me know.. I seent her momma and her daddy - and they white. Totally.

African girl, American world said...

Her Mama is French.
Now, I've loved this girl forever and she is rubbing off on young people and Hollywood. And like she said she makes a STUPID salary!
What I'm saying is why it got to be white folk - her and Bono doing the most for the motherland? It ain't right!!!

Oprah doesn't count :)

And I love the quotes.

Nichelle said...

Why doesnt' Oprah count? She may be one person, but hey, Angelina hasn't caught up with her yet.

Angelina...I've got mixed feelings about her. I believe she is genuine in her humanitarian efforts. I also believe that she genuinely enjoys being photographed and the immense attention she receives.

I think her adoption of kids of different backrounds is great. And like other white celebrities, she's gotten a lot of publicity off of it based on the media's perception that they have done something different or started a trend.

But even that reminds me of Josephine Baker's "Rainbow Tribe." Josephine adopted 12 children - each of a different race - back in the 30s and 40s when Hollywood wanted her to put aside her superstar status and play maids. She also helped France in WWII.

Also, while I don't believe there are enough black celebrities participating in humanitarian efforts, when they do participate, they don't get even a quarter of the publicity white celebrities do for walking down the street. Wyclef Jean in his native Haiti and Alek Wek in Sudan (pre-George Clooney/Barack Obama) come to mind.

The only time I remember a black celebrity getting attention for paying attention to Africa was Stevie Wonder back in the 80s (S. African apartheid) However, once the white celebs came in it suddenly became more of a "story."

Supa said...

@ Mwabi: Last time I checked, French is still white.... lol

@ Mwabs & Nichelle: Agree w/both of your insights..yes it's a damn shame that "our own" don't get as much coverage when doing humanitarian work for "our own". Thing is - I know it's being done, no matter how many times the media skips over it and pushed Bono or Angelina in our faces.

Granted I hadn't paid too much to
Angelina in the past - just refused to jump on the hype bandwagaon - but I was really touched by her interview re: her travels and what she's witnessed & how all of this has changed her world view...can't be mad at her. I saw genuine pain and compassion in her eyes....I don't give a damn WHO or HOW awareness is raised, I'm just satisfied when its done.

And I'm totally in love with Zahara...I just wanna know are they feeding that baby?? She been the same size for like 10 months now....

PS - Auntie O is doing her thing, as well, especially in South Africa. Alas, though - I 'aint a BIG Opie fan...but I'm not mad at her either, she's using her resources (fame, money, etc) toward a decent cause.

That's what they all should be doing, whether the cameras are there or not. Hell, that's what WE all should be doing, strive to do....

Tiffany said...

I think her humanitarian work is great BUT... she was dating a married man. I can't let it go. Help others in a different country but she doesn't close her legs for a married man?

African girl, American world said...

I said Oprah didn't count cause she's beyond paid!

I agree that Wyclef and Alek do their thing even Liya does BUTit sadddens me that Angelina can openly say she gives a third of what she makes while 'our' celebrities don't...not a third but damn something! I mean damn can we get a Shaq center up in Zimbabwe or something?

I'm just saying......

Supa said...

I'ma do some research on black celebrities & their contributions to causes in Africa.

Cause I know a lot more of it goes on than what we "hear". Of course, it's info we gotta dig for.

dpm said...

I'm trying to think if any Blacl celebs have contributed to my fund?.....

Nichelle said...

@Mwabi - I hear you on Oprah. And I forgot about Liya - I like her too.

As for other black celebrities, I don't know about Shaq (Congrats to the Heat!) but I do know that Dikembe Mutombo has been trying to raise money and awareness to build a hospital in his native country (Congo). I also recall that he complained that he had a hard time getting NBA players to contribute.

I'm not too suprised by that because part of having compassion for Africa is knowing your history. And too often, black Americans don't know enough black American history - let alone anything real about Africa.

@Tiffany - I hear you too. Not to get on a soapbox or anything, but I recall seeing stories about Zahara's mother still being alive (floated in the European press.) It's not as if she was an orphan.

My thing with Angelina - if that is true - why not help out Zahara's mother and adopt a child that has no parents?

I'm sorry, but in each thing she does, there always seems to be an undercurrent of shadiness that no one seems to want to touch.

Supa said...

@ Nichelle: You know...I take Chick Angelina on some serious face value type ish. If I start to dissect any celebrity's personal life and their levels of "shadiness," I'm sure I'll find pleennnty of cause & have reservations/opinions on how they handle their personal shit.

For the most part (unless they're pissin' on young gals, settin' back the black race 200+ years, are openly violent, are criminals, etc) I 'aint even studying them that hard.

Personally, I KNOW I've made some "questionable" decisions during my time & being completely aware of this, it serves to keep me in check before I want to "speak on" somebody else's shade. So is Angelina an opportunist? A homewrecker...an unrepentant ho?? Ehhh..maybe. Still 'aint mad at her. In the end, I always think it's a matter of "do our good (pure) deeds outweigh the bad"..

I also heard the "rumors" about Zahara's momma still being alive..

African girl, American world said...

- she was dating a married man...
- kirk franklin 'used' to love him some porn
- Kobe cheated and got caught
- Britney's baby daddy left his 7 month pregnant girlfriend for her
- July Essence has a story on sistas on their affairs with married pastors
- as I type some little boy is being molested by a grown ass man posing at being a family friend


Supa said...

@ Mwabs:

Sowhatchusayingis: All celebrities are stank ho's? And don't leave your son alone with the family friend....

And hey! We don't use the "K"(obe) word on this blog!!

Nichelle said...

I hear ya Supa, but I'm not talking about dissecting - just asking a friggin' question (Anderson Cooper on CNN). These celebrities are treated with kid gloves 99% of the time - until they fall off hard enough to lose their "protected" status. The rest of the time, they're playing the game - especially when they claim they're not.

And I'm definitely not claiming any high ground here - but the whole "Isn't Angelina a goddess?" thing in particular is a little off-putting to me. And she seems to eat it up.

P said...

I'm actually w/Nichelle on this chick.

I don't truss her azz.

And Anderson Cooper. He's the former friggin host of "The Mole", and his momma brand name used to be branded on the back of Janet's Jeans on Three's Company.

Supa said...

@ Nichelle: Whoa whoa! Angelina is a goddess? I don't know 'bout all that. I just said the bitch doin' good work.... lol

@ P: When u bringing yo ass back to the Best Side?

Nichelle said...

LOL P! You sound like you're looking at Angelina out of the corner of your eye with a balled fist! And Anderson's mama is Gloria Vanderbilt (ain't that a trip!)

And LOL @Supa! I know you didn't say that because you've got a whole lotta sense - just the media basically. I once worked at a celebrity mag (shhh!) Trust me, whomever they are obsessed with is who they choose to write about and claim that "America" is obsessed. It's a vicious (but lucrative) cycle.

Where's your tag by the way? Is Supa getting a new cartoon?

Anonymous said...

So, I'm hella late on this, but will comment nonetheless.

As I live life a little bit more, I've learned a few things that I think apply to this girl:

- Do not throw stones when living in a glass house
- Just as people do the wrong things for the right reasons (a la Robin Hood), many folks doe the right things for the wrong reasons, too. Sure, Angelina might be a publicity ho, but she is raising awareness nonethless.
- A person can suck personally and still do great things in their life.
- We all make poor decisions, therefore, folks should really cease judging others so critically, all the damn time. Besides, there are a lot of Hollywood celebs who have NOT slept with married men, but AIN'T lifting a damn finger to help ANY cause...are they somehow better than Angelina??

Don't get me wrong, I'm Christian as the day is long and I do believe that Angelina and Brad were wrong and sinful. Yet, as I come into my religion and study the bible more and more, God used EVERYONE to carry out His work....from adulturers to perscuters to everyone. He even used folks with their own agendas to advance his plan.

All this to say that this girl's inability to keep her hands off a married man or her alleged publicity-seeking status ain't got sheyot to do with her good works!

At least she is doing something, which is way more than I've ever done.

Supa said...

Chuuuch, Cocoa!!

@ Nichelle: Same tag. I was just too lazy to log in when I posted that last comment...

African girl, American world said...

Amen Cocoa!!!!!!