Monday, June 12, 2006

Countdown to Earth Day, Part Two!

Note: For everyone who asked, my birfday is tomorrow! Holla...

So get caught up on the first installment....yeah.

So okay. The Supa Clan bounces down to Venice Beach, and proceeds to get their roll on...Sexy Petite Diva and I decide to do our flossin' on the blades, while the RR gang (sans The Boy, he's too cool for all this shit) opts for the bikes. Cool! See?

(Supa, pozin)

Oh, and for those who were thinking I fell on my ass - nah. Ya girl glides like a brown stallion horse with skates on/smooth like a hot comb on nappy ass hair! Thought you knew...

(The Girl was so damn excited!) The rest of the clan, in preparation......

So the weather was nice, and we took in the sights, such as:

The wanted poster for Osama Bush Laden...

The sign letting us know the bike path was under construction...(tagged up Southern Cali graffiti style)

The famous Venice basketball courts, where they be hardcore street ballin'.....

And the crowded Venice Boardwalk.

Now here's Supa and SPD lookin' all windblown! (we were takin' a break).

And, check this out. Notice the SUPA t-shirt I was rockin'? Well, whenever I skated past some fool, all I heard was "SOOUUPPAAAA!"

Surprised the hell outta me, because (a) I was purposely skating with a great amount of speed so folks wouldn't have time to read my titties, and (b) seeing as how most of those fools looked functionally illiterate, I was pleasantly surprised they could actually read.

I'm just sayin'.

Now, lemme say this. Ladies, ya'll already know - as women, we are constantly approached, propositioned, macked to, popped at - all the time. Just how it is. We accept it. Right? Most times we handle that shit graciously. We cool about it. You know, play the game, engage in harmless banter, launch a few polite disses, send the fool on. (and admittedly, I am a vicious flirt..)

What the fellas gotta to realize, that on any given day, by about 12 noon, at least 200 otha fools have already approached the sista you *think* you're about to throw your fresh mack down on. Now...

The first 2...or 5...or even, let's say 10 fools who approach, we cool. By the time Fool# 298 approaches, our shit's gonna be markedly less amicable. 'Cuz... we tired. Tired of gettin' popped at with unoriginal lines. You know. So by that time, our responses will be a lil' more simple. Basic. Short. Dry. Evil. Feel me? So sometimes, it 'aint you - just bad timing. But then again, sometimes it IS you. And a lot of the times, we don't feel like explaining the difference.

Case in point: Supa was admiring a piece of artwork being displayed, and a fool slithers beside her and says:

Fool: Six five two twenty.

Supa: *straight ignoring*

Fool: Six five two twenty.

Supa: Damn. Can I help you?

Fool: Baby I'm 6'5", 220, with braids and tatts. I'm all the man you'll ever need..

Supa: Yeah? Well I fucking hate men. I'm into girls. Now excuse me, I think I see my wife.....


Anyway. Would you give this man a dollar?

This fool is dancing for his supper, on the boardwalk, in a leaopard print speedo, ankle socks, and tennies. I took a picture of him, but I 'aint have a dollar.

So Kish and her dude took another pic, and gave him some cheddar.

It was another April-ish day in LA.

Gotta love it!


P said...

Isn't Sup's birth a National Holiday?

Happy Birthday, Ma.

First in line, bitches.

Supa said...

@ P - It IS a National Holiday! Flag Day. :(

HEY P!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You make me want to move to Cali!

I always wanted to learn how to roller blade.

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Dang, now I remember why I DON'T go to no likey weird people and I DAMN SURE don't feel like being bothered with dudes all in my grill...that shit BOTHERS ME!! blogger gonna be a big enough space for your ego tomorrow???

Happy Earth Day!!

Supa said...

Me? Ego? Wha happened?


Sangindiva said...

Where is your official Birthday post?!?!
You know with all the bell whistles and picctures?
Where is your wish list? Likka list? 5's you collectin'
for the 20 twin- twin off of Normandie an' Western?!!
Don't make me roll through the hood and call you OUT-
I'm up to NO GOOD! ( you know where I live!!)

Sangindiva said...

I know it's tomorrow
I'm just giving suggestions on what
I'mma need to see posted!
SOMEBODY has to have a good Gemini birthday and represent!!

Supa said...

I'ma do my best DIVA!!! :)

P said...

That's not the holiday that I was referring to.

I think Supa Sistas birthday SHOULD be a National Holiday!

Miss Ahmad said... got a picture of the weird snake guy in his chones...he's my personal venice favorite.

I don't do venice any more b/c all of the white folks and their damn dogs!

African girl, American world said...

we're texting and I'm posting LOL :) your wife...the surprise that brothas can read....too funny! I'm the same way tho I get so proud when I see certain brothas reading. And that brotha kilt me with the ankle socks and shoes.

African girl, American world said...

oh and go see my girl Nikki @ or check my blogroll for infinite ink - she's got some sick men folk lists!!!

bunny said...

Happy, Happy Supa. Love the T girl!

I know you are enjoying your day, week, month.

This round of mojitos is on me, drank up!

Single Ma said...

Only in California...

Gawd, that last pic is cah-ray-zee!! I'd have a ball just going to Venice Beach to people watch. LOL

Delaleuverses said...

I miss Venice Beach, I can't wait to be there when I visit Cali in August, the pics are awesome dude, lol, right on!!

Diva (in Demand) said...

Happy Birthday Supa (yeah I know I'm late....hush) LOL

Sounds like it was interesting as all get out.

OneSexyBajan said...

(horns blowing, trumpets blaring, bells ringing. . .)
a day late, a dolla short - but then again you are celebrating for the entire week!!!

Supa said...

Ya'll silly - TODAY's my birfday - you're right on time!! (Diva and OneSexyBajan!) Thanks. :)

@ Bunny - Just ONE round of mojitos?!?! LOL

*waving at Single Ma, Glam, Mwabi, P and Dela*

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

is that a TATOO w/muscles...i'd paid him to leave me the hell alone...