Sunday, June 25, 2006

Birthday Exploits: Finale!

Hey Blogger Fam! I know, I know - Supa's all hella late with the birthday wrap-up! But yo, a chick's been going over final book proofs (yay!!), plus The Girl graduated this week and had a party and you don't wanna know all the preparation and drama involved with all that, not to mention having been in hard-core mommy-mode, cooking and cleaning and entertaining and fussin' n shit, on account of these chillren being out on summer break and not going to day camp 'till next week.

Okay, so remember Exploits One and Two, right? Well, after alla that, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a gallery opening, and take in the provocative, soul-stirring work of some very talented artists. Check out some of the photographs I purchased:

"Two Splits" Bissau, Guinea 1992

"Goatee" Senegal, 1992

This picture haunted me, yo. When I initially held it, I was overcome with the sense of struggle, desperation, strength, pain, and sadness that was captured in this man's face. Completely overwhelmed, I put the photograph down....then 20 minutes later decided it was something I couldn't be without. Get more info on the bomb ass photographer here.

So okay, speaking on moving pieces of art, check out my birthday present from my favorite power couple:

A coffee table book: The Illustrated Life of Bob Marley - which includes rare memorabilia, handwritten lyrics, original posters, audio cd, and !more!. How fucking cool...

All Supa's peeps already know: she believes Robert Nesta Marley to be one of the finest, most soulful, revolutionary, talented, compassionate, spiritual, finest, prophetic, (did I say foine?) black men to ever bless this earth. Yeah, I know he spread his seed far and wide and had like five hundred babies...but I'll give him a pass... Some days I think I'da signed up to be one of Rita's sista wives, Big Love style, knowhatimsayin?? Just let me get my monthly ration on, and it's all goodie... (HA! Not really, but...yeah)

Next: Supa's own birthday present to herself: Something that she's had an obsession over since she was a shorty, on account of spending her summer nights in Silver Springs, Maryland, drifting to sleep under the stars while trying to figure out which one she fell from...

That's right, boys and girls: Introducing my hammock!

Purchased just in time too, considering all this heat. Though of course I've had difficulty keeping my spawn out the damn thing.

Exhibit One: A hammock fight between The Boy and The Girl:

Supa says: Get ya'll's lil' asses outta my hammock and GO CLEAN UP YOUR ROOMS!!

So. On another, more real note: Supa was driving home on her birthday, a suddenly found herself making a turn into the cemetary where her friend Karen was buried. Now ya'll gotta know, I don't do cemetaries. Don't believe in them. Think they're more for the living than for the departed; I know that the people who passed are not "there" - just their earthly remains. Plus, my tolerance of the idea of decomposing bodies and bones and graves and shit has decreased greatly since this. Feel me.

But - I went to talk to my friend Karen. It was my birthday and I know, just everything. Guess I'm still grieving, along with the fact that Karen and I never had the opportunity to build on our "last" conversation. We'd been playing phone tag for over a month, our lives so busy with work and family and children and The, I sat down "beside" her and got caught up on our last convo..laughed and cried, assured her that I'd keep the promised we made to each other (life is too short not to pursue an authentic life), picked myself up...and got to executing Birthday Exploits #1. Like that.

Rest in peace, Miss K.

And since then, the Supa Friends collective have been callin' me Kunta, 'cause I been a lil' child runnin' wild in these streets like a runaway slave who just got some bootleg freedom papers. But I 'aint Kunta, cause homie got his foot choppeded off and had them crackas callin' him Toby. Supa be mo' like...Harriet mufuckinTubman, mobbing on that underground railroad, following the North Star..toward a life full of good times, big dreams...and chilled Vodka. (babe - hush!)

I'ze free! I'ze free! (And I'm Bossy...)

Hope you is too, Blogger Fam!

Supa, out...


obifromsouthlondon said...

feeling your wrap-up. great pictures. keba armand konte is a very talented photographer. dude's gotta come to london (if he hasnt already). will be a big hit.

Rita's sista wives? lol! thats what i'm talking about. was gonna go muslim but i think i'll opt for rasta. irie

Anonymous said...

Seems like your birthday *week* was well-lived:) Happy Birthday again, Supa.

Much Love from NYC:)

Supa said...

@ Obie: HI OBS!! Indeed, Keba is mad talented. So...what's it gonna be, Muslim or Rasta? Make up your mind! :)

@ Cocoa: Thanks, ma! I still owe u an email. Lovin' the pics. :)

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

You missed a great night out...but I'm SURE there was MORE FUN at YOUR house than at Bubba Gump's!

African girl, American world said...

girl, where to begin.

FIRST, Thanks for your help! Much appreciated and your input means the world to me Miss Supa Author!

Now that hammack is the bomb, treat yourself honey and yeah tell the spawn to let you have time on it...LOL!

Robert Nesta Marley....lawd have mercy! ditto on everything you said. I wanted to hate him when I read Rita's autobiography but couldn't cause hell she didn't.

Tha art work is BEAUTIFUL, gotta check it out.

And that pic of Karen always gets me, she was/is beautiful and her spirit shines bright.

Miss Ahmad said...

hey girl sounds like you have a great weekend or week!

you were missed this weekend but it sounds like your plate is full of fun!

Single Ma said...

I see the Supa family is doing their thang!

Congrats on the final book proof! Supa congrats to The Girl on her graduation! They grow up so fast.

P said...

LMAO @ "'cause I been a lil' child runnin' wild in these streets like a runaway slave who just got some bootleg freedom papers."

The hammock looks luxurious. I have always wanted one and look forward to the purchase someday. How cool is that.

And. . .As for your friend. I've done it, felt it experienced it. Yes, we know those are only thier earthly suits, but it's just something about being there, especially when it JUST happened. And, not that YOU don't already know this IN PARTICULAR, the feeling never goes away. I wouldn't even classify it as becoming manageable, only just finally parks at a resting place in your heart.

dpm said...

Word. Keba is the brother I never asked for... I've been watching his career closly since it's infancy.

Anonymous said...

BTW, how could I not mention the final book proof...



Can't wait to get it...

Supa said...

Thanks er'body!! And thanks for your kind words, P.

Cocoa Girl - Yay!! You're next. :)

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

damn that hammock did look comfortable...
************BET AWARDS TONITE********

Sangindiva said...

Congrats Supa!!
On the book, on celebratin' the birthday, on being a mama,
on the bomb ass photos... girl on everyhang!!

HI SUPA!!! *waving*

Delaleuverses said...

First off sorry to hear about your friend Karen, I didn't read about what happened if you ever did talk about it.

The hammock fight between boy and girl is really cute, it looks more like a greeting card or poster. You know the second pic you purchased from Keba Konte is intense, powerful eyes that speaks of a sad history. I would have purchased the same pic. Congrats on your book, I'm next in line with my poetry book due out around September. Great post.

Free said...

You are SUCH a mess & I dig you deep (no-homo, as we say). I want you to PROMISE me that one day we'll both get t-shirts that say "Fearless & Peerless." (Don't nobody go stealing my shit neither! That motto is my shared birthday present to me and Supa.) Now, get your little hot Harriet Tubman ass somewhere and BREATHE! LOL

"life is too short not to pursue an authentic life." (Can I add to my favorite quotes now?) I'm glad you got to talk to Karen.

Now I have to get over and check out more of this artwork. Those photos just weeped into my heart.