Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Supa (finally) Gets Dismissed!

Blogger Fam:

I'ze free! I'ze freee!! (not to be confused with this Free. :)


Supa got her freedom papers today!!! Aww, thank yuh massa! Oh, wait, hold up. Lemme take care of this lil' piece of parting bizness:

Dear Mr. Prosecuting Attorney,

Hey, you. Sorry for leaving the courtroom in such haste today - but I'm sure you understand. There's something about being forced to sit still for mind numbing hours at a time, sans cell phone and computer privileges in too-close proximity with complete strangers that drives this chick absolutely insane....but I digress. I must say, it's been rather fun ogling over you these last few days..But our short time together has come to an end....thank you for smiling at me on my way out. A wink or a sexy tongue thrust would've been more exciting, but hey - you were in court trying to pick out a jury, I understand. And upon closer inspection, I kinda noticed that you're not as cute as Clive, but that's not your fault. And your head really is huge. But enough of all that. It's been real, yo.


Juror #886

So, now I can blab about the case... (sticking my tongue out at P) Well. Long story short, the brotha was being tried for murder, attempted robbery, and attempting kidnapping for ransom; some kind of drug deal gone bad. The case also involved California's felony murder clause: which basically means, if during the commission of any felony, if someone ends up dead even if it wasn't your intent - your stupid ass will be held responsible for the murder - even if you didn't physically pull the trigger. Um. So. Yeah.

The second after the charges were read, I raised my hand. Just couldn't do it. Even though I noted my apprehension early on, I still had to sit through the voir dire process, let them ask me questions, and then offer my reason about not being able to sit on the case. When I FINALLY got the chance to meet with the judge, the defense attorney, and Mr. Prosecutor in chambers (that was kinda fun!), I just kept it real and told them that I'm in an emotionally volatile/vulnerable frame of mind because of this, and there was no fucking way I could give this dude a fair shake due to my own personal issues. So, they let me go. And I gotta tell you, the last few days have been entirely draining for me, a preview of things to come. Not looking forward to being in court come September for my sis' murder trial. Nope. Nope nope nope nope. (deep breath)

So who knows if this dude did it or not, but yeah DPM, they'll give the brotha a fair trial before they hang him.

Some of the more humorous statements Supa heard, in the effort to get out of serving on the case:

"I think lawyers are scum."

"I hate the po-lease"

"I've got a doctor's appointment next week"

"I don't believe in the felony murder rule. If he killed a drug dealer, then he's all right with me"


So hey! Supa's looking forward to catching up on your blog musings, fo sho! TIA - just looked at your email, you are a GEM!! (thank you, sis) And Mwabi, I'ma research what you asked me in your email. Thanks blogger fam, for walking alongside me during my jury duty drama. And my mace is BACK on my keychain where it friggin belongs!!

Up shortly: Supa on Flics: The Interpreter movie review. (and real quick: I really liked Constant Gardner, I really LOVE Interpreter...stay tuned)

Peace. Out! Happy..whatever day it is today...


Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad that you are freeee from that daily "B.S", and I don't mean that in an educational sense. Although, your daily updates kept me in stitches. I really know the type of FOOL you can be. Keep your head to the sky. Give me a holla when you're ready for lunch.
-Love Ya! Ms.Nomo

Me said...

congrats ! and sis' I am so sorry for your lost..

dpm said...

Welcome back Sup'. Continue.


Anonymous said...


Sangindiva said...

Ain't no feelin' like bein free!!
Don't it feel good to tell da massa
to kiss yo natural black ASS?? and then
get yo' MACE BACK!!!??
I didn't know about your sister...damn.
God gotz a purpose/plan for yo' life FO' SHO'!!!
I'm watching it unfold- and it's GRAND...
so glad to see and be apart of it :)
P.S. I got a roller (*wink*)

P said...

I missed out on this? I can't believe I wasn't served for something as delicious as this.

I'm disappointed.

P said...

That by no means is humor aimed to direct attention from the pain that you feel with your sisters loss.

That reminds me of my cousin Vanessa. She was a Senior in high school. She was at the bus stopped and someone snatched her from the bus stop, pulled her into the bushes, and well, you know the rest of the story. I was only six at the time. I didn't fully understand what had happened, but I know that everyone was devastated. I think that was my first experience with 'murder' so to speak. That was also the first time I had heard the word 'rape'.

I remember thinking that Vanessa was so Nice, and (in my six year old mind). Maybe it was an accident.

And I've never had anyone THAT close (as you have) something like that happen. This was my first reading of it, and I'm sorry to hear about it, too. Very.

That Girl Tam said...

Even though the process is painful (as I'm sure it will be MORE painful to sit thru the trial), I DO believe justice will be served and even though your sister and unborn baby will be forever missed, their souls will finally be able to rest in peace and hopefully you will be able to piece your life back together...


free..like.. said...

This is Mwabi.

Got a new blog.


Glad you's free. Wanted to call you today but thought Massa had you on lock. Must feel good to be free :)

onecoolhoney said...

ROLLIN @ yo silly ass 'bout BigHead Mr. Prosecutor!! LMAO!! Girl, you a H.A.M. fa sho!!

You're welcome (re: the trips in e-mail)! You already know I got ya back.

Sidenote: Took my blog offline completely this evening. Time to flip the script. Will let you know when it's live again.

Free said...

I'm glad you're baaaack!!! Gonna miss hearing about the cutie prosecutor, but you got ALL my respect for even being there. (And maybe the press don't care about our missing and murdered, but know that we do). Pease, sister