Monday, March 27, 2006

Pooch Update

So hey, Blogger Fam!! Supa's glad to report, that Sassy is on the mend. Her x-rays aren't till this weekend, but she's been taking her meds without much of a hassle, and has been enjoying her stress-free lifestyle of eating, shitting, and lounging in her bed while watching Animal Planet, while Supa goes out and brings home them Doggie Chow dollas.

(pic of Pooch, plotting her next move)

And before ya'll ask, yes, I leave the t.v. on for her, on a channel which I think is most suitable to her mental health and enjoyment. I don't leave it on CNN or Tyra anymore. Upsets her mood, I've noticed. Starts humping her toy more than usual. Stress, I guess...

So yeah, my stress levels have been kinda high, trying to keep her from jumping off furniture, carrying her to and fro, and making sure she doesn't go chasing those stray cats down the street when she goes outside to take a shit. She's got some kind of wack-ass turf war going on with these alley cats that hang out in our back yard. And I'm saying - I try to school her, tell her real calm-like that those cats'll smooth fuck her up; they 'aint the type to be messed with. I mean, they're like twice her size, and I've seen 'em in action, they kinda gully. But I keep forgetting, even though Sassy's all diva-fied & pampered nowadays, underneath it all, she's still from the streets. You can't take it out of 'em. ('aint that right, Alexa??)

(The Pooch, demanding a tummy rub)

So meanwhile, Supa's been trying to quell the intra-species beef going down around her pad. 'Cause you know, stop the violence, we all from the same gang, peace on the streets, and all that jazz....

I know, I know.

Sassy be punkin' me, big time. But just look into those eyes and try to stay hardcore. Feel me??

Signing off,

"Sassy's Bitch"


dpm said...

Awe. Sassy. Fiznurst!

Miss Ahmad said...

i'm not a dog person, or an animal person for that matter, but that's a cute pooch!

Supa said...

She'll turn ya into a sucker. Trust and believe!

Single Ma said...

Awww she is soooo cute. I'm glad she's feelin better.

LOL @ turf war

I don't understand Precious and her gangsta wanna be self. She's a straight punk around cats and other dogs her size but she'll bark like hell at rottweilers, pitt bulls, and other dogs with heads the size of her whole body.

She must be sniffin on sumthin when I aint home. I swear, she's crazy man!

Supa said...

lol @ Precious "gangsta wanna be"

her & Sassy from the same gang!

Shawn said...

Tyra used to upset my mood when I was off. Sassy is such a cutie and Moe (my cat)wishes her well on her recovery.

Non-pet people don't understand how much we love and care for our pets.

The vet though Moe needed surgery and it was going to cost a couple grand. I was ready to write the check without batting an eye.

African girl, American world said...


Leaving the tv on for the pooch...Sassy needs to give seminars with the way she handles y'all. Even the boy under Sassy's spell...Lawd!!

*read full blown jealousy*

Anonymous said...

Stop hating, Mwabi! LOL

Supa - Alexa 'preciates the shout out! She stays showing her street side. Her favorite toy is a left over plastic bag from Petco. Her second favorite toy? A small paper bag from the Bodega that once housed a small coffee.

I love Sassy, too. Her eyes are SO wonderful. Glad to know that she's doing better.

And, PLEASE, find a way to help her realize that those cats will eff her up!