Monday, March 13, 2006

The A,B,C's of Supa *Updated*

Tag, (guess) I'm it...My girl Singin' Diva tagged me awhile frustratingly typical Supa Sister style, I'm just now getting to it! (It's a hard gig, runnin' ya own world, lemme tell ya....)

The A,B,C's of Supa.....

Accent - Refined USC (University of South Central), laced with a distinct midwestern twang. Proper Boughetto. Round-the-way intellectual-esque.
Bra size - Dat's info only for the privileged
Chore I hate - Cleaning up Sassy's shit
Dad's name -(sperm donor) Kenneth (aka "Mister" from Color Purple.)
Essential make-up - Lip gloss, baby. Gotta keep a luscious pucker.
Favorite perfume - Issey Miyake, Donna Karan
Gold or Silver? - Silver. Gold. Diamonds. Precious stones. Baubles. Whatever.
Hometown - Columbus, Ohio (born) Inglewood, Cali (raised)
Insomnia - Yes. Hence; Wine, chronic, Ambien when I can score...
Job Title - Queen of the MuhFuckin Universe
Kids - No, thank you. But yeah, I got a couple. My ex-husband date raped me. Twice. (Kidding! Hey Supa Ex!...)
Living Arrangement - Happily & Enthusiastically Solo!
Mom's Birthplace - Ohio
Number of Sexual Partners - the fuck kinda survey is this?!?!
Overnight Hospital Stays - When I had either one of them kids; when I broke my elbow, ribs, etc. during my years as a gymnast
Phobia(s) - Elevators, dying in an airplane crash, marriage, pine cones, unevolved boring-ass guys, not being able to buy more shoes....
Quote - There are years that ask questions, and years that answer. (Zora Neale Hurston)
Religion - Spirituality
Siblings - 1 brother, 1 sister
Two I'm tagging - Zeddie and Free
Unnatural hair colors I've worn - No comment. It was the '80's.
Vegetable I refuse to eat - Brussel Sprouts
Worst habit - Smartassed-ness, vile sarcasm, saying "fuck" a whole fucking lot, impatience, not returning phone calls
X-rays I've had - Dental. And some other shit. Can't remember.
Yummy foods I make - the best damn sugar cookies with the sprinkle joints on top. And a mean pan of veggie lasagne.
Zodiac sign - Triple Gemini. (Be afraid. No, really. RUN)

My tag-ees complied. Check out Knockout Zed and Free's!

Feel free to use this on your blog, and tag whoever the fuck ya want.

Supa, out!


Sangindiva said...

I'm lovin' your quote...
I think I'm still in my question years :)

Free said...

You know you're just wrong, dontcha? lol. Okay - I'm going to get on this, since you tagged my ass - but don't blame me if the font's too small to SEE it!

Genesis said...

u gave something 2 do for my blog.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

LOL…girl I did the exact same post today! Yours is Hilarious!

You are killing me with that “Mister from the Color Purple”

Knockout Zed said...

How the fuck am I gonna do this? This takes creativity and patience, the two attributes I lack sorely. I'll do my best. I owe you one, Sexy Hotness.


jameil1922 said...

"not being able to buy more shoes" is that really a phobia? lololol!!

and also at "My ex-husband date raped me. Twice." hahahaha!! you're crazy!! good ish right there!

Free said...

All right - I'ma quit lyin'. The tag was FUN! Shoot. Tag me any time, with my talking ass. Gave me about ten more ideas for posts I can do. LOL.

You still the chick (even tho I know it was you who worked a root on my damn template! lol)


tpdiva said...

I BELIEVE IN MY HEART THAT THE BRUSSEL SPROUT IS THE TRUE VEGETABLE OF THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!( sorry- just had a flash back from my chilhood....)

Supa said...


@ Free: Whatchutalkinbout, Free?! :)

@ Zeddie: We all anxiously await your A,B,C's...substitute bra size for shoe size.

P said...

How you gone run the mofo universe when you ain't even from tha real Wood?

Supa said...

P: *sigh* You betta bown down, before you get chin checked...

Oh shoot..Tam said you're 6ft sans heels (damn Glamazon!)

So OK, bow down before you get stomach checked!!!! 'Dis Inglewood, fool! LOL

Naw. 'Aint no set trippin' up in here, Lynwood....

Anonymous said...

Zed...stop trying to hit on Supa! Ya freak!

Supa said...

@ CG - Girl, Zed's a lost cause. Just let him be, and don't get too close to his d*ck...

Heeey Zeddie..

Free said...

Girl - DPM's avoiding me! lol
Love the Caz African American template.. . so I'm going to have to get that one. Thanks for the tip!